Season 4 Episode 4

Lost and Found

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Lost And Found

    Absolutely ridiculous episode. You could even see Colin Ferguson trying to hold back laughing while talking about the doors and the two worlds.
  • Audrey's back

    Audrey's back, and I can't quite gather enough enthusiasm to be excited.
  • She's finally back but...

    who is she? This was a very good episode. The troubles plot line was interesting and scary but I am having a bit of trouble with this seasons creature creation by the troubles. It is a bit like early episodes of Supernatural where they used mythical monsters for the story line. I think troubles that are less "real" make more sense. Still, it was a good plot line and brought home even more by the plight of the children. But as much a part of the episode was Audrey/Lexie's return. I've never read the Colorado Kid so I'm not sure if this really has anything to do with the base story for the show or not but this barn thing has always seemed a bit odd to me. The escape though from the barn world was fairly well done and Duke and Jennifer's preparations to bring Audrey back were well done. The ending was great and now we have to wait and see if our "Audrey" returns as herself at some point or not. I don't know how they'll continue a good story line if she doesn't.
  • The expected conclusion to the 4 -episode season 4 beginning.

    This episode caps the opening of Season 4, wherein the barn creates a new entity, William (Collin Ferguson). Originally the barn had Agent Howard (Maurice Dean Wint) who was able to leave the barn, but was essentially part of the barn. When Nathan shot Agent Howard at the end of Season 3, the barn began imploding. William exists to convince Audrey that she must leave the bar(n) or be destroyed with it, but William can't come with. We don't get any insight into the barn or its origin. But if the barn is forever destroyed, there seems only one way to permanently end the troubles.

    Nathan thinks his death is the means, and since it hasn't been 27 years since Audrey entered the barn he thinks she will remember him. But she doesn't remember anyone; there is no emotional connection that would make Nathan's death the key to ending the troubles.

    Where is James, the son of an earlier Audrey incarnation and time-traveling Nathan? Was he spit out somewhere like Duke, or destroyed with the barn? Can Nathan and Audrey rekindle love, while knowing she has to kill him to end the troubles? Is the love of a mother for her child stronger, and can she remember James as her child, if he still lives? William told Lexie/Audrey that she could choose to remember who she was. Obviously, I don't have a clue as to where this is going, which is one of the reasons I like this show. This episode was predictable, so it only gets an 8, but I almost never give a perfect rating.
  • Predictable

    Like the majority of episodes this season, "Lost and Found" balances the long-term plot arc of Audrey/Lexie, her fate, and the impact on the whole situation in Haven with the "Trouble of the Week" format. The latter keeps things grounded in familiar territory while the big changes to the 27-year cycle are explored in the former, but it also takes something away from the notion that things are dramatically different than they have been in the past few centuries.

    Unfortunately, much of what happened with Lexie was fairly predictable, and just needed a little time to develop. That time was spent on the A-plot, and there didn't seem to be enough plot to make that case fill the time that it needed to fill. When the story seems to reach a natural conclusion about halfway through the episode, that's not a good sign. I was left waiting for the obvious to take place, or the events with Lexie and Nathan to start dominating the proceedings.

    As I said, much of that was predictable; I don't think anyone was stunned by the revelation that Lexie didn't somehow revert to Audrey. There was simply too much riding on the simplicity of Audrey coming back, killing Nathan, and restoring the cycle to the way it was supposed to be. Instead, we have something far more interesting. Audrey may not even exist anymore, Lexie is the conduit to the power/agency behind the barn, and no one has a connection to Lexie, other than perhaps Jennifer. Oh, and thanks to the third season finale, restoring the cycle is no longer an option. Resolving the Troubles once and for all seems to be the only path forward.
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