Season 2 Episode 3

Love Machine

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2011 on Syfy
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While FBI agent Audrey pursues the investigation into the fake Agent Howard, Nathan and Audrey deal with an outbreak of machines with minds of their own... and a desire to kill.

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  • Its incredible

    This episode was so good its ridicilous, i mean more happens here, than in the whole of the crawlind dead all together.
  • 203

    Has there ever been a half hour sci-fi drama? If Haven shortened its episodes to a half hour format then it might be a really good show, but instead it starts to fall apart halfway through week after week. Again, they had a really interesting premise with the machines that were seemingly functioning on their own, but then they ruined it when it turned out that the guy simply did not care about them and he needed to "fix them?" Insanity, absolute insanity, from a show about a town where paranormal is normal.

    Better than usual, but storytelling from start to finish...work on it Haven.moreless
  • Love Machine

    Love Machine was a superb episode of Haven and I enjoyed watching this episode because the other Audrey goes on a mysterious mission and forces Duke to help her. I wonder what she has on Duke and I also wonder how she didn't notice Evi watching her put her stuff in the trunk. The story with the machines was pretty good and reminded me of Stephen King's works a little. I also liked How Nathan took some nails to the back and left them in, haha. This episode did raise more questions about what is going on, and it seems what ever it may be, it is huge! I look forward to watching the next episode of Haven to see what happens.moreless
  • More questions than answers

    First, I have to say that, I don't know what people say but Haven is very, very good this season.

    I wasn't very excited about "machines" going berserk, but into the first 5 minutes of the episode I had this X-files kind of feeling and I just loved it.

    I liked when an episode involves a case and something about the characters' lives. This time, Audrey 2 was the main part and it was just so sad that she had had such a sad ending.

    As part of Team Naudrey, it was nice to see Nathan supporting Audrey and telling her how everything was going to be okay. What Audrey saw, why she had an FBI file with a map of Haven and why the heck that house disappeared is something that we'll have to wait and see later this season... or in season 3 *fingers crossed*.

    I almost cried in the scene of the Audreys. I guess this is why Audrey (1) is kind of the ice queen. She saw this person as her friend, sharing memories just like best friends do and now she's gone. And she has to go back to being alone again, trying to find the answers to her questions.

    Can't wait for next week.

    P.S. I'd love to have Audrey's new place. The view is really nice.moreless
Hugo Speer

Hugo Speer

Louis Pufahl

Guest Star

Kathleen Munroe

Kathleen Munroe

Audrey Parker

Guest Star

Jack Nicholsen

Jack Nicholsen


Guest Star

Vinessa Antoine

Vinessa Antoine

Evi Ryan

Recurring Role

Richard Donat

Richard Donat

Vince Teagues

Recurring Role

John Dunsworth

John Dunsworth

David Teagues

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Halsey is killed by the fork lift and propeller working together, Nathan checks him for a pulse. Nathan can't feel, so he wouldn't be able to tell if the man had a pulse.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Nathan: Well, at least you have somebody to pick an apartment.
      : Yeah. Speaking of, when are you going to move into your dad's office?
      : We weren't speaking of that.

    • Audrey: So we have no motive, and our suspect is a boat.
      : Let's see if it's her first offense.

    • Evi Ryan: Look at you. Getting all domestic.
      : Yeah, well, you know, I, uh, learned it living with you.
      Evi Ryan
      : I cleaned. (Duke looks skeptical) Well, I cooked. (Duke looks skeptical) I was fun.
      : Yeah. You were fun.

    • Marcia: It's a miracle none of them got hit with a puck. They could have gotten killed.
      : Well, when it hits me, at least I won't feel it.
      : Wait... Nathan.
      : What? I'm from Maine. I've been hit by hockey pucks a lot.

    • Audrey Parker: You may be a criminal, but, you know, of all the people I've met in Haven, you may be the closest to normal.
      Duke: I don't know if you realize, but... there is another woman around here with your memories in her head. I'm just saying. Are you sure that you're normal?

    • Audrey: Do you know who you are?
      Audrey Parker: Yes. I am... I... am... Oh, god, I...
      Audrey: It's okay. I'll tell you. Your name is Audrey Parker. You like--you like matinees in empty theaters. You hate runny eggs.
      Audrey Parker: What else?
      Audrey: You're an FBI agent. You became an FBI agent because you felt that if you could help people, help people in trouble, that you could--that you could connect.
      Audrey Parker: I'm sorry, I don't remember any of that.
      Audrey: That's okay. That's okay, because I do.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: August 1, 2011 on Showcase
      Latin America: October 17, 2011 on Syfy LA
      UK: October 18, 2011 on Syfy
      Czech Republic: January 27, 2012 on Universal Channel
      Finland: September 19, 2013 on YLE TV2

    • Injoke: Besides the idea of machines coming to life, which is found in Stephen King's short story "Trucks," one of the machines that threatens Nathan and Audrey in Louis' workshop is a lawnmower. A lawnmower kills a man on its own in King's short story "The Lawnmower Man." Both stories are found in King's 1978 anthology, Night Shift.

    • Music: Your Song (Elton John, covered by Ellie Goulding)