Season 3 Episode 7

Magic Hour (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2012 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Parents Dan and Rica Hamilton are at home as sunset approaches. They are watching their daughter Lizzie, who is lying on the kitchen table, dead of a broken neck. Rica tells her husband to wait but Dan wants to call the police. As he goes to the phone and his wife goes after him, they hear someone knock a glass vase off of the table. When they go back, they discover that Lizzie has gone out on the porch and is now swinging happily on the swing.

At the station, Audrey says goodbye to Nathan as she prepares to leave for her flight to Colorado. When Nathan wonders why she needed two days off, Audrey explains that James Cogan went missing in 1983 and his parents, Paul and June, live in Colorado. Paul died some time ago and June doesn't answer the phone, so she's going out to talk to the mother. Nathan admits that information on James might tell them how to keep Audrey from disappearing in 23 days during the next Hunter meteor shower. Duke comes in and Nathan realizes that he's going with Audrey to Colorado. Despite his animosity toward his former friend, Nathan tells Duke to take care of her.

As Dan and Rica take Lizzie to the pediatric clinic, Dan worries that something isn't right. Rica tells him just to drop it and enjoy the fact that their daughter is alive, and that whoever called them saved Lizzie. As Rica walks across the parking lot, a SUV slams into her and the driver quickly leaves.

When Nathan and Tommy arrive at the scene, they find a broken headlight from the SUV and figure as they can trace it. They watch as Dan calls someone and shout that he can't wait until they get back to him in a day. The officers figure that Dan might be involved with Rica's death and Nathan tells Tommy to follow the husband. When Tommy wonders where Audrey is, Nathan tells him that she will be out of town for a couple of days. Relieved, the former Boston detective says that he'll be glad to take a case that doesn't involve Troubled.

Back at the station, Nathan finds Jordan in his office. She explains that a friend and member of the guard, Grady, went to California few weeks ago to bring a Troubled person back to Haven. Grady disappeared at the same time that the bolt gun killer struck for the first time. Jordan asks to see the evidence they have on the serial killer with the Guard tattoo, and Nathan shows her the photos from the ATM. She recognizes the killer's watch as one she gave to Grady as a gift and asks what the killer did to his victims. When Nathan refuses to tell her, Jordan finds his evidence board and realizes that the killer has been taking parts from each victim. Nathan explains that the killer has apparently been putting together a woman from his victims' body parts, and Jordan asks him to give her 24 hours to bring Grady in, warning that her friend will drop out of sight entirely if the police come after him.

Tommy follows Dan to the Haven Athletic Center. The husband is carrying a briefcase and goes inside, and Tommy calls Nathan to tell him that Dan made a large withdrawal from his bank account. Nathan tells Tommy to call him when Dan makes his next stop and he'll meet him there.

Audrey and Duke arrive in Nederland, CO, and go to the Cogan's former boarding house. Audrey is nervous to talk to them but Duke reassures her and they knock at the door. The current resident, Glen, comes out and confirms that Audrey is a cop. He says that he's never heard of the Cogans and just rents the place. However, once he goes back inside, Duke notices a wooden plaque with the Guard's maze symbol on it. They knock again and Duke grabs Glen and demands answer. Audrey tells the man that they know about the Guard and Glen tells them that he runs a safehouse for the Troubled moving cross-country. He doesn't know anything about the Colorado Kid but tells them that after Paul died of old age, the family had June put into a nursing home.

In Haven, Dan goes to the city morgue and stops Dr. Lucassi from performing an autopsy on Rica. The husband has taken Lucassi and the two paramedics, Noelle and Joseph Brentner, as hostages, threatening them with a scalpel. Nathan arrives and the two officers confront Dan. He agrees to let his hostages go and then looks out the window. Angry, he says that it's sunset and Rica hasn't come back to life. Dan surrenders and Nathan handcuffs him, but Rica starts to move and they realize that Rica has come back from the dead.

Nathan and Tommy take Dan back to the station and Tommy questions him. As Nathan and Claire watch through the one-way mirror, Claire points out that Audrey took Duke instead of Nathan but Nathan refuses to discuss it with her. Meanwhile, Tommy asks if Dan paid someone to resurrect Rica and warns him that now that the extortionist knows Dan will pay, they'll keep on killing him or his wife and getting the other spouse to pay. Dan doesn't believe and explains that they brought LIzzie back for free. When she broke her neck falling out of a tree, someone called him and said that they would bring Lizzie back at sunset. However, Dan doesn't know who the caller was. When the same person called the second time, they demanded money in return for bringing Rica back to life.

While Nathan watches, Stan the cop tells him that they got a match on the headlight, which is registered to Sophia and Charlie Carter. Nathan texts the information to Tommy, who asks Dan how he knows them. Dan tells him that they're partners in an organic vegetable farm.

Jordan goes to the docks and arranges a meeting with her fellow Guard member, Dwight. She explains that Grady may be the serial killer and that they need to bring him in discreetly before he kills again. They watch Ray, the dockworker that Grady brought to Haven, and then approach the man. When Jordan and Dwight flash their Guard tattoos, Ray wonders why Grady brought him to Haven and then abandoned him without any cash or lodgings. Jordan gives him a number of someone to call and Ray says that Grady took him to the old Kitchener Mill. However, the cops arrived and he had to run off one way while Grady went another.

Audrey and Duke go to the nursing home and talk to June, who has Alzheimer's. However, she is able to recognize Audrey as one of her former lives, Sarah, but without the red hair. June wonders why Sarah came back when she promised not to. A nurse protests and Duke keeps her occupied while Audrey tries to get more information from June, but the old woman lapses into amnesia again. The nurse goes to get security and Duke says that they should figure out another way to get the information and come back later.

Nathan and Tommy drive out to the Carters' farm and find Sophia inside, sitting by her dead husband. He's been stabbed multiple times and Sophia is waiting for the sun to set. When it does, Charlie doesn't come back to life and Sophia tells the officers that someone promised to come and resurrect him. She tells them that the person who killed Charlie was the same one who promised to bring him back.

Later, paramedics Joseph and Noelle take Charlie's body away while Nathan and Tommy confirm that Sophia paid the extortionist. They figure that something went wrong and figure that the extortionist worked for both the Carters and the Hamiltons. Tommy goes to check the employee records while Nathan gets a call from Audrey. She tells him what she's found out and that she was apparently helping move the Troubled across the country when she was Sarah 46 years ago. Nathan agrees and tells her that he just learned about the transfer operation, and then explains about the extortionist. When she wonders if he needs help, Nathan assures her that he has it under control.

As Audrey hangs up in her motel room, Duke comes in and says that he cant get another room because there is a lumberjack convention in town. She tells him to sleep on the couch and then tries to work out why June recognized her as Sarah. Duke shows Audrey the photo album that he stole from June's room and they go through it. They find numerous photos of James, including one where he married a woman named Arla in 1983. Duke suggests that they check the marriage records now that they have a lead.

As Nathan and Tommy question the workers, Sophia brings them coffee. She explains that their housekeeper, Moira, called in sick that day. Nathan realizes that Moira isn't listed in the records and Sophia explains that Moira prefers to be paid off the works. Realizing that she's a suspect, Nathan confirms that Moira works part-time for the Carters and part-time for other rich families such as the Hamiltons.

The two paramedics, Joseph and Noelle, go to Noelle's house and wait for her sister... Moira. Joseph isn't happy that Moira has dragged them into her extortion scheme and Noelle says that if they had got to Charlie before sunset then everything would have been fine. Moira comes in and says that the police are onto them and they have to leave town. Joseph tells Moira to stop punishing her sister for their father's death and Noelle says that she'll stay behind and let Moira take the money and leave town. Disgusted, Moira shoots Joseph in the head and tells her sister to get her passport. Instead, Noelle runs to Joseph and uses her Trouble to cure him, taking the head wound briefly onto herself. As the sun sets, Joseph comes back to life and Moira holds her suffering sister, assuring her that everything will be okay.

The neighbors call in the gunshot and Tommy and Nathan arrive to confirm that Joseph is alive. The paramedic tells them that Moira is the one who set up the extortion scheme using Noelle's Trouble, and Nathan figures that Moira will keep on killing and forcing Noelle to use her ability to make money. He calls in and confirms that the sisters are orphans and that their father had a remote cabin before he died. Nathan warns Tommy that the cabins don't have addresses and that they'll have to search all of them to find the sisters.

When they can't get out the roadblocks, Moira takes Noelle to their father's cabin. Moira goes through her list of employers to find someone else they can resurrect for money and Noelle realizes that her sister plans to keep on killing people. Noelle reminds Moira that she can't bring back more than one person a day without endangering herself but Moira tells her to stop whining. She blames Noelle for taking a job as a paramedic since she resurrected Lizzie when she and Joseph were called to the Hamilton home. Moira also blames her younger sister for not curing their father when he was dying and asks if she feels guilty. Noelle doesn't say anything and Moira promises that they're going to keep using her plan until she gets what is coming to her.

In Colorado, Audrey and Duke do some digging and discover that Arla killed herself after James disappeared. Audrey realizes that James was in love with Arla, not Lucy, and comments on how ridiculous things have become since she learned she had at least two past lives, Sarah and Lucy. She comments about all of things that she can't remember and how she has experienced so much since being reborn as Audrey. Duke points out that she's solved the Colorado Kid mystery in the last month and assures her that she can find a way to avoid disappearing like her predecessors. Audrey doesn't believe it and tells Duke that she just wants to live what remains of her life. Duke understands and tells her to do what she has to, and Audrey thanks him for being there for her. He tells her that he'd do anything for each other and Audrey leans forward and kisses her. Duke kisses her back and then starts to undress her, but Audrey backs away and tells him that twenty days isn't long enough to fix their friendship if she screws things up with him. She pulls her shirt back on and goes outside, saying she wants to get some air.

The next morning, Duke comes out with coffee and tells her that he's confirmed their flight back to Haven. He chuckles at the thought of her with red hair and Audrey gets an idea.

As Nathan and Tommy search the cabins, Dwight calls to tell Nathan that he and Jordan found Grady's corpse at Kitchener Mill out on Route 17. The Guard member has been dead for some time and they figure that he isn't the bolt gun killer. Jordan takes the phone and tells Nathan that when Ray last saw Grady, the cops were chasing him. Nathan isn't aware of any cops that were out at Route 17 and Jordan suspects that someone on the Haven police has gone rogue.

Moira prepares to get supplies from the summer cabins that are closed for the season. She reminds Noelle that she's the only family she has left, gives her a gun to protect herself, and leaves.

Audrey finds a red wig to wear and goes back to see June. The old woman asks "Sarah" for another chance and remind Audrey that Sarah brought a baby James to June to raise as her own. Audrey realize that Sarah brought James there as part of the underground network of Troubled, and June promises that she'll protect Sarah's body. As the old woman talks, Audrey realizes that James was Sarah's son.

Once they've found out what they can, Audrey and Duke fly back to Maine and drive to Haven. They get a flat tire on the way and as Duke works on it, he apologizes to Audrey for not finding out more from June. Audrey figures that they've learned the important part and Duke wonders how she feels knowing that she had a son. Audrey tells him that she's having trouble processing it. Nathan calls from Tommy's car and asks Audrey to help him search for the sisters. As he reads her the coordinates off of Tommy's GSP, Nathan realizes that Route 17 is already listed there.

Tommy and Nathan drive Tommy's car to the next cabin and Jordan calls Nathan. Before he can do more then confirm she's the caller, Tommy sees someone moving inside. They split up to cover both doors and Nathan goes inside. Noelle aims the gun at him and says to stay back, and Nathan asks where Moira is. Noelle insists that Moira had it rough since their father died and that she was the one who came up with the extortion scheme. Moira told Noelle that they would bring Charlie back once they had the money, and Nathan tells her that Sophia did pay but Moira lied to Noelle and let Charlie die anyway. Noelle explains that she couldn't get there in time because she had an emergency and Nathan assures her that it wasn't her fault. Tommy comes in behind Noelle and disarms her, and the woman collapses in shock. When she complains about the cold, Nathan realizes that she's in shock and starts to get a blanket from Tommy's car. Tommy says that he'll do it and goes outside.

Nathan brings Noelle out to the car and then sends Tommy back inside to search for any clues to Moira's whereabouts. Once he's alone, Nathan opens the trunk and finds the killer's bolt gun inside. Tommy comes back and admits that he modified it himself, and then shoots Nathan in the chest. He walks over to the dying Nathan, who clutches at him, while Moira watches from the woods. Meanwhile, Noelle slips out of the car and runs, and Tommy fires at her, wounding her. She gets into the woods just as Audrey and Duke arrive. Tommy tells them that Noelle shot Nathan and ran off, and Audrey and Duke go to the dying Nathan.