Season 3 Episode 7

Magic Hour (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2012 on Syfy



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    • Duke: Hey. Why're you so nervous?
      Audrey: I've been, what, three other people in my life, and one of them was involved with the Colorado Kid. And he could be on the other side of that door. And all I can think about is, I should've worn my other pants.
      Duke: Audrey, you are officially a girl. But look, let's just pray that he doesn't have a unibrow.

    • Duke: Uh... I lifted this from June Cogan's night table.
      Audrey: You took a photo album from an old woman?
      Duke: Well, it sounds much worse when you say it like that. You can scold me later.

    • Duke: Audrey, I'd do anything you need me to. Hunt down your past, fight your future.
      Audrey: My past is gone. And the future... thank god it is not here yet.

  • Notes

    • Injoke: Trapingus Cove, where the cabin is near, refers to Trapingus County, where the penitentiary in King's The Green Mile is located. Noelle has a similar ability to John Coffeey.

    • Injoke: James Cogan of Nederland is also the name and hometown of the Colorado King in the original Stephen King novella. Arla was his wife's name in the novella as well.

    • Injoke: The dreamcatcher on the porch is a reference to Stephen King's novel Dreamcatcher.

    • Injoke: Kitchener Mill is named after the Kitchener Ironworks in Stephen King's novel It. The Ironworks is one of It's focal points within the town of Derry.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: November 9, 2012 on Showcase
      Latin America: November 12, 2012 on Syfy LA
      UK: November 13, 2012 on Syfy
      Australia: November 15, 2012 on 13th Street Universal

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