Season 3 Episode 8

Magic Hour (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2012 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Audrey and Duke arrive at the cabin and run to Nathan, lying dead on the floor. Tommy, who secretly murdered Nathan, tells them that Noelle shot Nathan and he wounded her as she ran into the woods. Audrey is surprised that Tommy shot at Noelle, reminding him that Noelle can bring Nathan back from the dead. Duke and Audrey go into the woods after Noelle and Tommy reluctantly follows them. Duke picks up Noelle's blood trail and they figure that she'll head for the main road. There's no sign of her when they get there and Tommy reluctantly says that Noelle's boyfriend, paramedic Joseph Brentner, could have picked her up. Audrey calls into the station and has set them up roadblocks. Tommy suggests that she not tell anyone that Nathan is dead, so they won't have questions to answer if they can bring him back. Audrey insists that they will bring him back and Duke points out that the only have two and a half hours left before sunset.

Dave and Vince are at the Herald and realize that Audrey must have learned that the Colorado Kid is her son. Vince is satisfied that Audrey knows since she has a right, but Dave points out that if they figured out what Audrey learned then the bolt gun killer can do so as well. Going over the break-in, the brothers realize that the bolt gun killer deliberately used his weapon on the cabinet to draw their attention away from what he was really looking for.

Audrey, Duke, and Tommy go to Tommy's home and watch him grab a medikit and drive away. As they split up, Audrey tells Tommy to call and have the roadblock let Joseph through. Once he's alone, Tommy tells them that Joseph shot Nathan, figuring that they'll shoot a cop-killer on sight. The signal breaks up but Tommy is satisfied that they'll kill Joseph.

Joseph goes to the house of a family on vacation and calls to Noelle. Tommy and Audrey capture him and have Duke watch Joseph while they search the house. Tommy notices a blood trail next to the cellar door but avoids mentioning it. He volunteers to look downstairs and finds Noelle, bleeding from her wound. He smothers her with a pillow and then brings Audrey and Duke down, claiming that she died of her wound. They put her in the trunk of their car with Nathan and go through her belongings. Among them is a photo of Moira and Audrey realizes that Moira shares her sister's Troubled ability since it's passed through bloodlines. When Tommy points out that Moira was forced to rely on Noelle to raise the dead, Audrey says that they can provoke Moira into revealing her Troubled ability. They go through Moira's notebook and discover that it contains the names and addresses of her housecleaning clients. Audrey figures that Noelle came to the house because she knew the family was on vacation, and Moira will seek out another such house. Audrey prepares to drive to one house while Tommy and Duke leave for another.

Dwight buries Grady in the woods and receives a call from Audrey. She asks him to come to the house and watch over Joseph and he agrees. Jordan calls Nathan's cell phone and Audrey answers it. She avoids Jordan's questions about Nathan and hangs up, and then goes inside and asks Joseph about Noelle. He explains that her Trouble activated when Joseph was clipped by a car and killed. She took on his injury and the two of them healed together. Audrey notices the scar on Joseph's head and he explains that Moira shot him and Noelle brought him back again. When Audrey wonders why Noelle is helping Moira with her extortion scheme, Joseph says that the two sisters share a bond because they're orphans. Their mother died of cancer and their father died in a car accident. He checked the police report and discovered that Moira and Noelle were thrown from the car and survived unharmed.

Vince and Dave go through everything in their office and discover that the killer took one specific key and left a copy. They check the records and confirm that it's the key to their fishing shack.

Audrey goes to one home and finds Moira there. She fire a warning shot and captures Moira, and describes how Nathan was killed based on what Tommy told her. Moira, who secretly witnessed the shooting, tells Audrey that Tommy killed Nathan. Audrey doesn't believe her until Moira describes how Nathan felt no pain at the injury and said that Tommy was the bolt gun killer as he died. Audrey calls Duke and, after warning him not to react, tells him what she's learned. She tells Duke to keep an eye on Tommy and keep him away from the house while she provoke Moira's Trouble into activating. Duke hangs up and, acting casually, tells Tommy that Audrey didn't find anything. He suggests that Moira must be at the house they're searching and asks for a gun. Tommy refuses, citing regulations, and they split up to search the place.

Jordan uses a locator app to track Nathan's phone to the house where Audrey has Moira. She asks to see Nathan and Audrey shows her Nathan's corpse. She tells Nathan's girlfriend that Moira can raise the dead but they have to activate her Trouble and get her to bring Nathan back before sunset. When Jordan points out that it takes a trauma, Audrey says that she plans to traumatize Moira.

Duke picks up a hatched from a woodpile as Tommy comes out and asks what he's doing. Duke says that he wanted some kind of weapon since Tommy wouldn't give him a gun, and Tommy hands him his spare piece.

Audrey and Jordan show Noelle's body to Moira, but the woman sneers in disgusted, saying that Noelle couldn't even save herself. She admits that she feels nothing at the death of her sister, and Jordan and Audrey talk privately. Jordan tells Audrey that a Troubled person doesn't know if their curse has activated until it actually does something, and they can't wait until sunset to see if Nathan comes back to life, even if Moira agrees to touch him. Audrey suggests that they bring Duke back to touch Moira's blood and see if it activates his Trouble. However, she hesitates since it could risk bringing Tommy there, and Jordan wonders why she's hesitating

Duke suggests that they search the storage shed behind the house. As they look around, Tommy asks what they found out about the Colorado Kid during their trip and Duke claims they didn't find out anything. Tommy realizes that he's lying and Duke draws his gun on Tommy. Tommy freely admits that he's the bolt gun killer and asks if they found the Cogans. When Duke wonders why he's interested in a drifter, Tommy angrily tells him to shut up and says that the gun he gave Duke isn't loaded. Duke says that he knows and swings the hatchet that he hid on himself earlier. The two men fight and Duke gets tommy's blood on his hand. His Trouble activates and he realizes that Tommy is Troubled. The now super-powered Duke throws Tommy across the room and Tommy goes for his gun. Jordan arrives and paralyzes him with her pain touch, but he manages to throw Jordan into Duke, causing Duke to scream in pain. Tommy gets out and drives away in Jordan's car before Duke can stop him, and Jordan tells Duke that they need him to save Nathan.

Audrey brings in Nathan's body and tells Moira what the need her to do. Moira says that Noelle didn't save their father after the accident, and Audrey realizes that Noelle had her curse the last time the Troubles came to Haven. When she saw Joseph died, Noelle's curse reactivated. A furious Moira says that Noelle could bring back pets, but she claimed she was too afraid to bring back their father when he died in the accident.

Vince and Dave got to their fishing shack and discover that someone has broken in. They get out their guns and go in to investigate.

As sunset approaches, Audrey draws a gun on Moira and says that she's going to hurt the only person that Moira gives a damn about: herself. Moira points out that she can't bring back anyone if she's dead, but Audrey promises to shoot her so she stays alive long enough to bring Nathan back. Moira is sure that Moira isn't a killer but Audrey says that her prisoner has no idea what she is. However, she can't bring herself to do more than shoot into the carpet at Moira's feet. Jordan and Duke arrive and Duke touches Moira's blood, but nothing happens and they realize her Trouble still hasn't activated.

Dave and Vince check the back of the fishing shack and discover that there is a boat tied at the pier. Tommy comes up behind them and orders them to drop their guns. They claim that the just came there to fish but Tommy realizes that they're bluffing and disarms them.

Audrey prepares to shoot Moira for real, saying that she figures Moira didn't suffer trauma because she knew that Audrey wouldn't shoot. Moira says that she knows how Audrey feels about Nathan's death because she felt the same way when her father died. A toolbox hit her in the head during the accident, knocking her out, and when she woke up Noelle refused to bring him back. Audrey remembers what Joseph said about how both sisters were thrown clear and examines the back of Moira's skull. There's a scar there and the same scar is on Noelle's skull, and Audrey tells Moira died in the crash and Noelle brought her back.

Moira realizes that Noelle chose her over her father and tells Audrey that Noelle can't bring back more than one person a day without endangering her own life. Crying, she blames herself for making Noelle's life hell for all of the years since, and says that the wrong one of them is dead. As the sun goes down, Moira throws herself at Nathan and Noelle, touching them both. Nothing happens and Audrey tells Nathan that she was the one who was supposed to go, and that she'll always love him.

Duke touches Moira's blood and this time his Trouble activates. As they realize that her Trouble is working, her chest bleeds from Nathan's wounds and he comes back to life. As Jordan goes to him, Noelle comes back to life as well and realizes that Moira badly hurt herself by resurrecting two people. She goes to her sister and Moira asks why Noelle never told her what she did. Noelle explains that she didn't want Moira to feel guilty and wonders if it was the wrong decision. Before she passes out, Moira says that things would have been better if she had been there for her sister.

Nathan wonders where Tommy is and explains that he figured out that Tommy was the killer when he saw his GPS history. They drive off to check all of the addresses that Tommy visited.

At the fishing shack, Tommy tortures Vince and Dave through the night. They refuse to talk and Tommy tells them that he's going to burn the shack down and leave them to die in the flames. First he asks Dave where he can find the barn. Vince refuses to tell him, saying that only one person can go to the barn and that it always come for the person. Tommy breaks their legs and realizes that they mean Audrey. Nathan and Audrey pull up outside and approach the shack. Tommy leaves in his boat and they fire at him, trying to hit the engine so they can capture him. However, the engine explodes into flames and the boat sinks to the bottom, apparently taking Tommy with it.

Later, Dwight prepares to take Noelle, Joseph, and a comatose Moira out of haven. He stops at the Grey Gull, where Duke is throwing a Taco Tuesday party. Audrey gets them some food for the road and tells them that they can come back safely when the Troubles are over. Once they leave, Duke invites Audrey into the party and she asks if he's okay after what happened between them in Colorado. Duke says that he's fine and goes inside as Claire comes over. She asks about Colorado and Audrey explains that the Colorado Kid is her son by Sarah. Claire points out that Audrey only has three weeks left to find he son and Audrey admits that she's going to be busy.

Nathan comes over to invite them in and Claire tells Audrey that they'll talk more later. Once they're alone, Nathan asks Audrey how things went in Colorado but she ducks the question. He admits that they may never recover Tommy's body, and wonders who the killer in the ATM was since they know it wasn't Tommy. They also don't know what Tommy's Trouble was or his connection to the Colorado Kid. Audrey offers to tell Nathan everything about what happened in Colorado, but Jordan comes out and she hesitates, telling him that it isn't a good time.

As Nathan goes inside with Jordan, Vince joins Audrey and admits that he lied to her so that he could protect her. He apologizes so that she knows it before he disappears and starts to leave. However, Audrey asks him about Sarah and he says that she was tough and independent, just like her successors. Audrey tells Vince that she knows that the Colorado Kid is and asks who the father was, but Vince informs her that Sarah never told anyone.

As they talk, Vince looks out into the harbor and sees the island... with the barn at the top. Audrey notices him looking and turns to see what has caught his attention, but the barn has disappeared. When she wonders if anything is wrong, Vince tells her that everything is just how it's supposed to be and lets Audrey escort him inside.