Season 3 Episode 4

Over My Head

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2012 on Syfy

Episode Recap

When a woman is murdered at an ATM machine, Nathan and his new officer, Tommy Bowen, head to the scene. They check the ATM footage and confirm that a hooded man killed the victim with a bolt gun, and town coroner Dr. Lucassi informs them that the killer scalped his victim. Tommy wonders if the killer is Troubled but Nathan figures that it's an uncursed serial killer. When Nathan wonders if Tommy regrets moving to Haven and having strange cases, Tommy says that the strange cases are why he decided to move. As they go over the footage again, Tommy gets a glimpse of the maze tattoo on the killer's arm and points out that Nathan has one just like it, but in a different position. Nathan refuses to explain it, saying only that it's a townie thing. He then tells Tommy to take point on the investigation and refuses to say why Audrey isn't available.

Audrey is meeting with Claire, who is trying to use regression hypnosis with the aid of Lucy's necklace. It doesn't work and Audrey remembers nothing of when she was on the beach in 1983 with an eight-year-old Duke. Audrey gets impatient and Claire admits that it will take time, but Audrey doesn't want to wait. The psychiatrist asks if Audrey told Nathan about the fact that she will disappear and Audrey admits that she didn't. Audrey is more upset that she had to ask Duke to kill Harry Nix, but she insists that there was no choice even if it wasn't fair to her friend. She wants to help as many Troubled as she can before she disappears, but Claire warns her that there's only so much that one person can do.

At the Haven swim center, substitute instructor Alice Hargrove is trying to persuade Frank Bentley to get into the water and swim. He refuses and she asks what could possibly happen... just as something grabs her and pulls her underwater as blood spurts everywhere.

The police are called in and Nathan and Dr. Lucassi check the corpse, which appears to have been attacked by a shark. Audrey questions Frank, who explains that Alice was substituting for Daphne, the regular swim instructor. Frank doesn't appear to be Troubled and says that his parents were sailors. Duke enters the pool area and insists that he wants to help with the investigation. Nathan isn't thrilled to have him there and complains to Audrey that Duke just killed a man. Audrey reminds her partner that she was the one who convinced Duke to do it, but Nathan doesn't think that lets Duke off the hook. He warns Audrey that whether Duke likes it or not, he gets a rush from killing.

Back at the station, Nathan finds Dave and Vince waiting for him in his office. They want what he knows about the serial killer, but Nathan tells them that they days of one-way information are gone. He asks about the tattooed people and the Teagues reluctantly tell him that they call themselves the Guard and have been in Haven for generations. They defend the Trouble, doing whatever it takes up to and including murder. When Nathan asks how he can contact the Guard, Vince says that he can talk to a Jordan McKee at the Gun & Rose Diner during the lunch shift. The Teagues return to the serial killer topic and Nathan will only tell them that the killer had the maze tattoo. He refuses to give them anything else and orders them out. Once they leave, the Teagues figure that they can get Tommy to tell them what they want since he's running the investigation... whether he wants to or not.

Audrey talks to Claire about Frank and she confirms that she was treating him for his hydrophobia, and sent him to Daphne for swimming lessons. However, she doesn't believe that Frank is Troubled. As Claire gives Audrey Lucy's necklace back, Audrey suddenly freezes as she's overwhelmed by a memory of herself as Lucy, on the beach near the Colorado Kid's body. As she snaps out of it, Nathan comes in and Claire decides to leave them alone to talk. He shows Audrey the shark tooth that Lucassi dug out of Alice's body and they realize that a Troubled person must have been responsible. Nathan then asks how things are going with Claire but Audrey refuses to talk to him about it. The dead women wasn't connected to the other two bolt-gun murders and she wasn't Troubled. Nathan tells Audrey that he's going to talk to Jordan and get answers about the Guard. As he walks out, Audrey starts to take his arm but he flinches and leaves as she draws back.

Duke is outside the station waiting for Audrey and Nathan. Nathan still doesn't want him around but Audrey explains that Duke wants to help. She suggests that Nathan tell him about the Guard since Duke had the vision that a man with the tattoo would kill him, but Nathan doesn't want Duke involved. He tells Duke that he doesn't trust him and figures that Duke isn't done killing yet no matter what he claims. However, Duke tells Nathan that he's upset because Audrey trusts him. As they argue, an enormous wave of water washes down the street, striking a car. The trio run to the car and get the driver, Reed Harris, out of the vehicle. He's unharmed but his car is filled with seawater and fish. He does have a small cut on his leg but says that it's nothing, and tells them that he doesn't know Daphne. The station calls to tell Audrey that Frank has been found dead and Duke insists on checking it out. Nathan tells Reed to stop by the station to give a statement and then leaves.

The Teagues are working at the Herald when Tommy comes by and tells them that he's received word from a friend on the Boston force that someone is poking around his history. The brothers say that they just want to interview him since he's the newest citizen in town. However, Tommy tells them to drop their investigation and leaves. Satisfied that they've struck a nerve, the Teagues go back to digging.

Nathan, Duke, and Audrey go to the morgue and Lucassi shows them that Frank's lungs are filled with water. Audrey and Duke have talked to Frank's widow and she confirmed that he wasn't Troubled. The only unusual thing she noted was that Frank tried to call Daphne repeatedly. They figure that the swim instructor is involved somehow and they head to Daphne's house. Nathan hangs back with Audrey and tells her that he has to meet Jordan during the lunch shift so he can't go with them. He agrees to have Audrey take Duke with her and she promises to find out why Duke has decided to hang around with them. As Nathan leaves for the diner, Audrey gives Duke Daphne's cellphone number and tells him to keep calling until he gets through to her.

As they approach Daphne's house, Audrey asks Duke why he's following the investigation. He refuses to answer as a neighbor, Bob Harmon, comes over. He tells them that Daphne isn't home and that he usually sees her car parked in front of her house. She's in pharmaceuticals and drives around the state to make sales, but comes home at night. As they talk, Bob starts scratching himself and suddenly hundreds of miniature crabs appear out of nowhere and swarm his body.

At the diner, Nathan realizes that his waitress is Jordan. She wears leather gloves despite her job and the temperature. Nathan shows her his tattoo and invites her to sit, saying that he just wants some information. Jordan reluctantly sits down and Nathan points out that she has the same tattoo. The waitress realizes that he's asking because he doesn't know what it means. Nathan says that when Driscoll tried to turn the normals against the Troubled, he chose sides and went with his own people. He wants to meet the Guard's leader but Jordan points out that he's a cop and refuses to discuss it with him. As they talk, Nathan gets a call about the new incident. He warns Jordan that he can make trouble for her if she doesn't help him and she tells him to come back to the diner that night after closing.

When Nathan gets to the scene, Duke asks where he was and Nathan tells him that it's none of his business. The EMTs are taking Bob away and Audrey assures Nathan that the newest victim will survive. The only connection between three of the victims is Daphne, and they figure that Reed either lied about not knowing her or forgot meeting her. Nathan calls the station and discovers that Reed never came in to give a statement.

The Teagues locate a reference to an Internal Affairs investigation into Tommy, and the brothers figure that Tommy came to Haven to hide out. They plan to get the file and learn what Tommy is hiding and then blackmail him with it to get the murder investigation files.

Nathan, Audrey, and Duke go to Reed's house and discover that all the windows are cracked in the same pattern of impacts. Duke finds Reed's cellphone in the bushes and the screen is cracked in the same way as the windows. Reed is lying by the back door, bleeding heavily from the small cut on his leg. Nathan tells Duke to stay away from the blood and goes to get a first aid kit, and Reed say that he's dying because of karma. He mutters about swerving to avoid a car, and the other car went off a cliff. Audrey watches in horror as Reed dies and realizes that Daphne is the one responsible for all four Troubled incidents.

On a shore at the base of a cliff, Daphne is trapped in her car. Her leg is bleeding from a small cut and miniature crabs are crawling over the dashboard. As a wave washes in, a shark senses the blood and swims closer to the car, but can't get there because the tide is out. Daphne stares up at the windshield, which is cracked in a pattern of impacts, and then tries to reach her nearby cellphone. The phone's screen shows twelve missed calls from Duke Crocker.

Duke is suddenly covered in water and starts choking. As Nathan returns, Audrey gives Duke CPR and he manages to recover. They figure that Daphne is manifesting her fears onto the people that she thinks will help her. She hoped that Alice and Bob would realize that she had disappeared, and that Reed would change his mind and call the police after seeing her car go off the cliff. She fixated on Duke because she saw that he had called her. Nathan and Duke, working together, figure where Daphne had to go off the road, encounter crabs, and see a shark. However, they realize that if they send a rescue team there then they could become Daphne's next intentional victims, so they set off on their own.

As the trio arrives at the crash site, they see Daphne's car down on the rocks with the tide coming in. Audrey prepares to go down first since she's immune to Troubled powers, while Duke ties off the rope to the truck. However, Audrey suddenly blacks out again and sees herself as Lucy on the beach again in 1983. Nathan catches her before she can fall off the cliff. They realize that Duke is climbing down to the car and Nathan figures that Duke plans to kill her. He draws his gun and prepares to shoot, but Audrey stops him, saying that Duke is still the man who Nathan befriended.

Duke gets to the car as the water level rises and Daphne warns him that the rocks are falling. Rocks start to tumble down the cliffside and Duke tries to tell her that she's making it happen but without success. With only seconds left until Daphne drowns, Duke reaches into the bloody water. His eyes go silver as he charges up, and he draws a knife and reaches into the car. Nathan figures that he's going to kill Daphne, but Duke cuts her seatbelt free and then uses his superhuman strength to rip the car door open, carry Daphne out, and climb up the cliff to safety.

That night, Audrey and Claire check on Daphne, who is trying to cope with the fact that she inadvertently killed three people. When Duke arrives, Claire tells Audrey that she invited him and leaves them alone. Audrey thanks him but Duke still isn't happy that he had to kill someone and that she was the one who asked him to do it. She admits that it's her fault but Duke assures her that he made the decision. Since then, he went with them to show that he wouldn't fall victim to his family legacy of cold-blooded killers. Audrey tells him that she understands and leaves. Claire returns and asks Duke if he's worried that Audrey sees him differently. Duke says that he doesn't care what Audrey thinks but the psychiatrist doesn't believe him.

Nathan goes back to the diner after closing and shares a bottle of Scotch with Jordan. He explains that his biological father, Max Hansen, also had the Guard tattoo and Jordan admits that Max was before her time in Haven. When Nathan asks her about the gloves she always wears, Jordan removes one glove and tells him that her touch causes searing pain and that she has no way to control it. As a gesture of good faith, Nathan takes her hand. Jordan tries to withdraw but Nathan understands that his Trouble is that he can't feel anything. He tells Jordan that he'll do anything to prove he can be trusted. A shocked Jordan, still coping with the first human touch that she's had in years, confirms that Audrey isn't involved and then tells him that she'll talk to her people.

The Teagues brothers visit Tommy at the station and hint that they know about a shooting that he committed in Boston. When they insinuate that they will expose him, Tommy just smiles and says that he's done his own investigation and confirmed that they own half the commercial property in town. Further, they have a lot of unaccounted-for cash and Tommy doesn't believe their claim that they inherited it. He asks for an explanation but they refuse and Tommy suggests that they stop investigating him and in return he'll stop investigating them. They agree and Tommy wonders why they're so interested in a non-Troubled serial killer. The brothers simply say that they watch everything in Haven and then leave.

The bolt-gun killer goes to an abandoned warehouse and takes out the scalped hair of his last victim from a cooler. He then puts it on a mannequin's head and carefully brushes the hair.

As she sleeps, Audrey finds herself back on the beach in 1983, but in her own body. She approaches the Colorado Kid, lying dead against a dock, and then sees a barn floating on the nearby water. The doors start to open...

And Audrey wakes up. As she tries to get her bearings, Agent Howard steps out of the shadows and tells her to stop remembering...

And Audrey wakes up for real.