Season 3 Episode 4

Over My Head

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Over My Head

    An intriguing episode of Haven tonight. While the case they were dealing with featuring the woman causing rescue issues was good, the show appears to wisely be building up to some great payoffs with its long-running arcs. Strong installment.
  • Great episode, great plot

    This episode was the best by far this season. The plot itself was excellent and then there were the side stories developing within the larger episode. The Nathan/Duke rivalry moved along nicely and I always enjoy Duke's jibing of Nathan although I am expecting it to come to a head sometime soon. Vince and Dave's investigating of Tommy also was interesting and the revelations on the reverse side of this plot line were surprising and ripe for future developments. And the plot itself kept you going trying to figure out what was going on and ended with a great resolution. I gave this one a 9.5 and hope next week's episode is as good.
  • Over My Head

    Over My Head was another outstanding and awesome episode of Haven. I really enjoyed watching because the story was good, there was lots of great character and plot development, and more mystery! It was fun watching Duke tag along with Audrey as Nathan expressed his disdain and suspicion of Duke's intentions. It was equally fun watching Vince and David dig up some dirt on Detective Bowen who in turn found some intriguing info on the pair which adds some complexity and intrigue. The serial killer keeps striking with no further clue to who it is. I liked the ending with Audrey seeing Agent Howard and him giving her a warning. I wonder what it all means and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!