Season 3 Episode 6

Real Estate

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2012 on Syfy

Episode Recap

On Halloween night, a young couple, Tina and Chad, approach the Holloway House, long rumored to be haunted. Chad assures Tina that it's been abandoned for years and convinces her to go inside. They respond and get separated, and then Tina finds Chad again in the parlor. He tries to turn on the electricity, flipping on the wall switches, and the fireplace starts up. Chad tells Tina that he must have switched on the gas, but she's not convinced. A chair moves up behind her, knocking her back into it, while the radio comes on by itself. As Tina tries to leave, the parlor door slams shut on its own.

Duke and Audrey are at the Herald for the Teagues' annual Halloween party. Claire comes over, dressed as a vampire slayer, and Duke congratulates her on her costume before going to get another drink. Audrey isn't wearing a costume and tells Claire that she doesn't feel the need since she feels like she's wearing one every day. She gives Claire a compose of the Colorado Kid that she finally came up with and explains that she had no luck running it through the databases. Audrey wants Claire to try post-hypnotic regression again but the psychiatrist warns that it could be dangerous given that Audrey dreamed of her former boss telling her to stop remembering. As they talk, Tina suddenly bursts in, on the verge of collapse.

Once Tina tells them what happened, Audrey calls Nathan and they wonder if Chad is troubled and tried to trap Tina in the house. Audrey tells her partner that she's going to take Duke with her to check out the Holloway House while Claire watches over Tina. Nathan is at the station in his office, and tells Audrey that he'll send Tommy as backup as Jordan comes in. He quickly hangs up and covers up his notes on the serial killer, and then asks why Jordan is there. She tells him that the Guard was impressed with his help on the prisoner rescue and gives him a disposable cell phone, telling Nathan that they'll call. However, she jokingly tells Nathan that he has to pass one more test by buying her a drink.

Audrey and Duke drive to the Holloway House and leave Claire and Tina in the car. As they go in, Duke tells Audrey that the Holloways were blue bloods and the husband, Roland, simply disappeared. He apparently abandoned his family, a wife and two daughters, and they disappeared shortly thereafter. As they go inside, Audrey tries to call Nathan but gets no service.

Nathan takes Jordan to the cemetery and they drink some beers. He nervously checks his phone for any calls from Audrey and Jordan comments on it. Nathan assures her that Audrey is just a friend and Jordan, satisfied, starts to kiss him. However, Nathan's phone ring and he gets a staticky call from Audrey, apparently asking for help. He reluctantly stays that he has to check it out and an angry Jordan tells him that he hopes he finds what he's looking for.

As Audrey and Duke search the house, calling for Chad, they notice that the walls are covered with mirror. When Audrey looks at one, she suddenly gets a memory-flash of herself as Lucy, going into a nearby hidden door. Duke wakes her up and they notice bloody footprints leading down the hallway. They follow the trail and discover Chad, crushed to death in a cubbyhole behind a bookshelf.

Tommy arrives and joins Claire and Tina, and they all hear Audrey call for them via the intercom at the front door. They find Audrey and Duke as they examine Chad's body and Audrey tells them that she didn't call. The house shakes and Tina, panicking, runs off. When Duke and Audrey go after her, they discover that the front door of the house has disappeared. All of the shutters slam shut and Audrey figures that Tina is Troubled and causing the disturbances. Tommy prepares to shoot out a window but Duke advises against it, warning that if the Troubled is powerful enough to make a door disappear than it can withstand a bullet. The officer concedes the point and sets his gun down, and Audrey suggests that they split up to search for Tina. She and Claire go upstairs while Tommy and Duke downstairs. As the women leave, Tommy discovers that his gun has vanished.

As they search the house, Audrey tells Claire about her flashback to Lucy and the psychiatrist admits that once memories have been trigged by regression, stimuli could trigger more memories. They find Nathan and he tells them that he got a call from Audrey, but Audrey points out that she couldn't get a signal. They wonder how he got in but they realize that door has disappeared as well.

At the Herald, Vince warns Dave that Audrey and the others haven't come back yet. Dave points out that they shouldn't be surprised that Audrey no longer trusts them and with good reason. Checking with Stan the Cop, Vince confirms that the others went to the Holloway House.

As Duke and Tommy conduct their search, they realize that they're going in circles. There's a scream and they find Tina impaled on a chandelier, suspended from the ceiling. The two men also find Jordan there, examining the floor. Tommy tries to grab her but yells in pain as he touches her bare skin. Audrey and Nathan arrives and Jordan points out the pool of Tina's blood on the floor, with the words "This is your fault" written next to it. When Tommy wonders what Jordan did to her, Claire explains that Jordan is Troubled and a former patient of hers. Tommy points out Jordan's tattoo and notes that they're looking for a serial killer with the same mark. Nathan assures them that Jordan isn't involved and takes her hand, and Audrey wonders why she's there. He explains that Jordan is with him and takes her hand, just as the intercom rings.

Vince and Dave go to the Holloway House and meet Dwight there after calling him for backup. They start to go in but all of the doors slam shut.

The group splits up to search and Jordan goes with Nathan. She says that she wanted to apologize for earlier and asks what Tommy meant about the serial killer. When Nathan explains that the serial killer has the tattoo, Jordan realizes that Nathan was hoping to infiltrate the Guard. Meanwhile, Duke and Tommy find the ringing intercom and they hear Jordan talking to Nathan. She warns him that Duke is the killer and that Nathan should kill him, but Nathan assures her that Duke is with them. He admits that if anyone finds out that he helped the Guard then he'd go to jail for helping a prisoner escape. The intercom shuts off and Duke and Tommy realize that Nathan has been lying to them.

Meanwhile, Nathan assures Jordan that it started as a case but has changed, but Jordan slaps him before he can finish and walks away. Nathan tries to go after her just to discover that she has disappeared.

As they search, Claire asks Audrey why Nathan is with Jordan but Audrey assures her that it's just work. She interrupts the psychiatrist when she realizes that she's in the hall she saw in Lucy's memories. She opens the secret panel and finds a room behind it with three corpses. The women realize that it's the missing Holloway mother and her two daughters. The mother shot her daughters and then killed herself. In the corpse's hand is a note saying "I want you to watch--this is your fault." Audrey sees another of Lucy's memories of her entering the room with a man behind her, and the man saying that they're trapped. When Audrey wakes up, she tells Claire that she knows who is responsible: Lucy.

As they leave the chamber, Audrey tells Claire what she saw. Since Lucy escaped, they figure that there must be a way out. Audrey's nose starts to bleed and Claire warns her that her attempts to recover missing memories is causing brain damage. Nathan finds them and says that Jordan left, and Claire warns explains that Jordan tortured another of her patients for three days when he upset Jordan, driving him into a coma. Claire refused to treat Jordan anymore and warns Nathan that the Troubled woman can't be troubled. As they argue, Audrey breaks them up and says that they have to work together. However, Nathan ignores her and goes off to find Jordan.

As Tommy tries to tap into the intercom system to call out, Audrey and Claire him with Duke. The men tell them what they heard over the intercom and Duke warns Audrey that Nathan isn't pretending. Claire agrees, pointing out that Nathan and Jordan being Troubled could give them a unique bond. Audrey doesn't believe it and goes to find them... and the door slams shut behind her, separating her from the others. The house shakes and Duke gets the door open, only to discover that Audrey has disappeared.

As Jordan tries to find a way out and goes up the stairs, an intercom rings. As she reaches for it, the door next to it slams open, knocking her down the stairs.

As Duke explores the house, he checks one room and finds it empty. However, when he turns back a few seconds later, Tommy's gun is now lying on the floor. Duke picks it up and keeps going.

As Audrey searches for Nathan, his voice comes on the nearby intercom, saying the same thing to Jordan that he did earlier. Audrey calls out, saying that she's had enough, and demands that the person responsible show themself. After a moment, a man's image appears in the room's mirror. He says that he is the house and Audrey realizes that he's Roland Holloway.

Claire and Tommy find Jordan but realize that they can't touch her bare skin and move her. Nathan arrives and figures that Duke attacked Jordan, and picks her up and carries her away.

Roland tells Audrey that he built the house from scratch and became so invested in it that his body disappeared and his spirit became one with what he built. He adapted and learned to control everything within the house, and had his wife install mirrors so that he could see and speakers so that he could hear. However, his wife soon decided to leave and take their daughters with them so Roland trapped them inside. Lucy came to the house and left Roland there, and now he blames her for not saving his family in time. Audrey offers to help but Roland says that he plans to make her watch her loved ones kill each other just like he did. He then shows her images in the mirror of Duke with the gun and Nathan carrying Jordan.

Dwight is unable to hack down the shutters and Dave reminds Vince that they've been through it before. They tell Dwight that Lucy went into the house 27 years ago but managed to come out, and they need something big enough to hurt the house, distracting it so the captives can get out. Realizing they have no choice, the brothers ask Dwight if he has any C4.

As Audrey goes back to the secret chamber, Claire and Tommy find her and she brings them up to speed. She figures that the key to their escape is inside the chamber, but Claire warns her that trying to remember what Lucy did could kill her. Audrey points out that they don't have a choice and asks Claire to do what she can to keep the others from attacking each. Tommy volunteers to watch over Audrey while Claire goes to find the others.

Jordan wakes up and tells Nathan that she didn't see her attacker. While Nathan goes to get a cloth for her injuries, Roland uses a cord to push a gun toward Jordan. She picks it up just as Claire comes in and aims it at the psychiatrist.

As Audrey looks around the chamber, Tommy says that he can sympathize with her because he knows what it's like to run from the past. She says that she'd like to hear it later and then focusses. She remembers Lucy and the other man, Lucy's helper, look around the chamber and find the three corpses. The man suggests that they help Roland but Lucy refuses to help the man who drove his family to suicide. Lucy refers to her partner as James and Audrey finally sees a mirror with the man's reflection: it's the Colorado Kid. Lucy promises to trap Roland in the house for good, sees the mirror, and gets an idea of how she can do it.

Claire assures Jordan that she doesn't want to hurt her and that she doesn't think she's a killer. Jordan doesn't believe her and reminds the psychiatrist that the man she tortured was the one who raped her and triggered her Trouble. Duke comes in and aims at Jordan, and Nathan comes in and aims at Duke. Tommy and the bleeding Audrey arrive and she tells them about Roland and how he can see and hear within the house.

Audrey asks if everyone will help her blind and deafen Roland. Jordan, Duke, and Nathan hesitate... and then fire at the mirrors and intercoms. Roland appears in the large mirror and Audrey tells him that Lucy refused to help him, she didn't fail. She promises to do the same and shoots out the mirror, but Roland turns off the fire in the fireplace and then turns the gas back on, flooding the room with toxic fumes.

As the house shakes, Nathan points out a door that has revealed itself and they realize that Roland is losing his concentration. Nathan tells everyone to go for the front door while he shoots out the mirrors and intercoms. Jordan wants to go with him but Nathan tells her to go with the others and takes her gun. Duke offers as well but Nathan tells him to make sure the others get out. As Nathan walks in one direction, shooting out mirrors and intercoms, Duke leads the others toward the front door.

Outside, Dwight and the Teagues hear the gunshots and realize that they need to get in and soon.

As Nathan works his way upstairs, the others see the front door appear and run out through it, surprising Dwight as he attaches the C4 to the door. Nathan gets back downstairs but Roland opens a gaping hole in the hallway to the front door. After taking a running jump, Nathan leaps over the hole and gets outside. Audrey grabs the C4 from Dwight and throws it into the house. As everyone runs, the house explodes, destroying Roland seemingly once and for all.

The next day, Audrey is able to match up James' name with a missing person report. As Nathan goes by, Audrey asks him about the prison transfer, warning him that he could go to jail. Nathan reminds her that he's doing it to help her and catch the bolt-gun killer. He insists that he and Jordan share a bond because they're both Troubled and that things aren't black and white. Audrey asks if he trust Jordan and Nathan says that he does. She says that she's satisfied and tells Nathan that she has something important to deal with and leaves.

Nathan goes to meet Jordan at the cemetery again. She tells him that she hasn't told the Guard that he's working undercover and says that he can still get out if he wants. Nathan asks if he has to and then tells Jordan that he's going to catch a serial killer and he needs her help. He assures her that what they had might have started by a lie but now it's real. Jordan admits that her curse is not that she causes pain but that she can't be touched, and Nathan kisses her.

Dwight put up a no trespassing sign in front of the Holloway House and leaves. Behind him, the bricks start to reassemble themselves.