Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2010 on Syfy

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  • We are learning

    We are learning the facts through small hints. Vince and Dave are protecvting this town.
  • Predictable but ok

    nathan didn't have to feel the money to tell it was fake it was pretty obvious from looking at it..

    audrey and lucy are more than likely the same person imo i knew as soon as the foot scar was mentioned audrey had it could it be a coincidence ?

    felt duke got off rather easily considering how much of a big deal he made...

  • good episode with a huge mistake..

    this review will have spoiler parts... consider yourselves warned...

    It was a good epiosode where we learned more about the relation between Lucy and Audrey. Also it was fun to see Duke and Nathan together...

    But do you remember the part where Duke showed the fake money to Nathan? He TOUCHED it. Then said it's fake. But wait a minute wasn't he supposed to feel anything? How can they not see this!

    It's a good show and i enjoy watching a Stephen King novel adaptation at TV, but they really need to pay more attention to things like these otherwise it's gonna turn out a mess.
  • 112

    This show is really all not that bad. I trashed it at first, but I have found myself opting to watch this show moreso than other shows. I have watched every week and this is not only Syfy's best show, but something that is actually genuinely entertaining. Tonight's episode was a little all over the place, but it featured a signature element of any spooky or geeky show, a kid with powers, and that is never a bad storyline, despite it being such a cliche.

    Good penultimate episode that gave us a little perspective on the mysterious woman. Hopefully the finale is a good one too.
  • Interesting trouble

    What an episode.

    First of all, I wonder how Lucy helped all those afflicted. Because the way Audrey helps them is to prove that they are not weirdos and that in some cases they are people who need to be understood, like in this case.

    I was glad to see more of the Duke/Nathan background. But what Nathan told the cause of hating Duke so much or is there something else? Because this is reason enough... Anyway, it was nice to see them help each other out.

    This "trouble" reminds me of the X-files 7th season episode called "Rush", where kids used speed to do bad things. So I guess this trouble was genetic and affecting men because the boy had it too.

    I find it funny that Audrey refers to Lucy as her mother. She's not sure. It could be her mother, but at some point in this episode she says she's her mother. I feel sorry for her, not having any information of where she's come from, who her parents are. It's like she's appeared out of thin air. Of maybe this is why she has that scar on her foot.
  • A boat wreck gets washed up on shore, opening up old wounds. Audrey and Nathan have to figure out how and why the crew died. While Audrey investigates a crew member's family, Nathan follows another lead and has to work with Duke to get answers.

    Haven gets better and better from week to week. With each new piece of information that we get, new mysteries surface. In Resurfacing we see Audrey and Nathan working a case separately from different angles. And instead of the usual pairing Audrey / Nathan, we have Nathan and Duke working hand in hand which gives interesting new information on their past and how their relationship developed. This episode shows additionally more of Audrey's 'special' abilities. It seems like she herself is not 'normal' and might even be 'troubled'. The end of Resurfacing offers a twist, when Audrey connects a scar on her foot with new information on her alleged mother. Could Aurey and Lucy be more than just relatives?
  • Resurfacing

    Resurfacing was a decent episode of Haven, though a little scattered and some what seemingly slow. I thought that the main story of the epiosde was very interesting, especially since this family was linked to Lucy. There was a lot going on in this episode with various characters which made it move along, and I believe we may have learned more than we realize until we see more. I think that the ending was a little shocking yet predictable to a degree. Haven is a good show, but not SyFy's best by far, however I do enjoy watching it and trying to figure every thing out. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next episode!!!
  • Getting much better...but is it too late?

    Discussing this show with friends over the weekend for our podcast, I stumbled onto an analogy that might sum up my thoughts on "Haven". I compared this series and its first season to the first season of "Dollhouse". While one might quibble over differences in quality, cast, and so forth, there is a commonality. Both shows took the bulk of the first season to introduce the audience to the true status quo that would drive the story forward, and that slow and uneven process resulted in audience erosion.

    While I've been critical of the show, I will admit that there's enough that I like about it to keep me watching. But I also acknowledge that a number of fellow genre fans have either dropped it entirely or let it linger at the bottom of their priority list. The last few episodes, driving into the season finale, made me sad at the thought the show might not survive.

    I liked this spin on the traditional poltergeist plot element, though I must admit that I never quite caught the explanation for how it all began. I'm not sure that it really matters. It was a great way to set up the very end of the episode by having someone caught up in the previous cycle of The Troubles recognize Audrey as Lucy, reminding the audience that the characters were all making the assumption that Lucy was Audrey's mother.

    But I'm fairly sure that this is not a case where Audrey is actually Lucy, somehow displaced in time. Audrey has memories that would appear to counter such a notion, and frankly, she's not old enough to have that much happening to her. At least, not as we understand things now. I'm going on the assumption that the cyclic nature of the issues in Haven, as well as the ubiquitous cracks showing up everywhere, will come into play in the season finale. (I'm fairly sure there is some measure of time overlapping taking place, but it's still too early to pin it all down.)

    It was also good to see Nathan and Duke working together. The tension is still there, and we're getting closer and closer to the revelation of the genesis of their animosity, but it seems rather clear by now that their common bond forged by the tattoo and Audrey is helping to bring them back on the same page. Of course, I doubt it's going to be that easy!

    If I understand the ratings correctly, they are slipping into the same territory as "Stargate Universe" and "Caprica", which is a bit concerning. SGU was renewed, but that was not a sure thing, and "Caprica" is right on the edge. With the trend going down without stabilizing, I can't help but wonder if "Haven" is on the ropes. On the other hand, it is facing stiff Friday night competition now, so that may be taken into account.