Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2013 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The skinwalker pulls a gun when she realizes that Audrey has seen through her current disguise, and Audrey realizes that it must have killed Claire several days ago. It explains that Claire left notes on all of her friends and that she read them and was able to pass as Claire. The skinwalker insists that she's a victim but then realizes that Audrey has no idea what Lucy did to her. As she talks about how the Colorado Kid, James Cogan, knows how to stop the Troubles, the skinwalker knocks Audrey unconscious.

Nathan arrives a few minutes later and finds Audrey unconscious on the couch. He wakes her up and she tells him what happened, and they wonder why she didn't kill Audrey when she had the chance. When Nathan wonders if it's the real Audrey, Audrey takes his hand and proves that she can still neutralize his Trouble. They wonder why the skinwalker spared Audrey and figure that it wants to get to the barn. Since they know that the skinwalker disguised itself as Claire, they figure that it will take a new skin.

At Haven High, a teenager runs into the gym and tries to find a way out. All of the other doors are locked and the teenager hides behind the bleachers. Someone comes in and slams the bleachers close, crushing his victim to death.

The next morning, Audrey and Nathan are called to the high school where Lucassi is examining the body. Nathan recognizes the dead man, Paul Sullivan, but is surprised to discover that he's a teenager. Paul was in Nathan's graduating and Audrey realizes that the is holding its ten-year anniversary there. Three of the committee members come in. The mean girl, Denise comes over to greet Nathan and brings Robert Taylor, the dork, and Jeanine the prom queen. Robert tells Nathan that he's now a motivational speaker and starts reciting platitudes, and then explains that he had dinner with Paul the night before. During the dinner, Paul insulted the now-overweight Jeanine after she flirted with him.

Nathan and Audrey head back to the station and meet with Vince, Dave, Duke, and Dwight. They explain that the four men are the only ones they can trust and prepare to show them a composite image of the body parts that the skinwalker has taken from her victims. Duke asks why Claire isn't there and Audrey tells the group that their friend is dead. The program finishes putting together the composite, showing a blonde woman. Audrey realizes that the woman is Arla Cogan, the Colorado Kid's wife... and Audrey's daughter-in-law via Lucy.

The skinwalker removes her finished face from a cooler and puts it on. It adheres to her face and the dead body parts come to life.

Duke figures that the skinwalker actually is Arla Cogan, putting together her original face. She disappeared after the Colorado Kid's death, and Vince and Dave go to check the newspaper archive while Duke checks with his contacts. Nathan wants to find Arla and Audrey points out that if they don't find her in the next few hours, it will be 27 years before Audrey gets another chance.

Later, Duke arrives at the Grey Gull with some supplies and Jeanine spots him. She starts flirting with her and Duke hastily tries to get away from her. The skinwalker, Arla, comes in and greets Duke. She reveals that she has a gun and leads him over to a table. He cuts Jeanine off and goes with Arla. Robert comes in and joins Jeanine, offering to buy her a drink. She refuses to drink at Duke's bar since he insulted her and the two of them leave together.

Arla tells Duke that she wants to end the Troubles and to do so, she has to get to the barn. She wants Duke to help, aware of how he feels about Audrey, and reminds him that Audrey is in love with Nathan. Duke isn't interested at first but Arla figures that Duke plans to work with Nathan to stop Audrey from going back into the barn. Duke considers and then asks Arla what she wants him to do.

At the Herald, Vince and Dave find a report about a woman who was murdered shortly after the Colorado Kid was killed. Her chemically-scaled body was found near the Teagues' fishing shack and they realize that "Tommy" interrogated them there at the place where she killed her first victim. Dwight arrives and tells them that he's spoken with Kirk in the Guard. The Guard is following both Nathan and Duke and plan to stop them if they keep Audrey from going into the barn and ending the Troubles for 27 years. After Dwight leaves, Dave figures that Arla also wants to make sure Audrey goes into the barn so she'll follow Nathan and Duke... and the brothers can find her.

Nathan and Audrey go back to the high school when they receive a report that Denise is dead. She was scalded to death with hot grease in the kitchen and she has also been transformed into a teenager. They figure that someone from the reunion is out for revenge and Nathan suggests that Audrey deal with wrapping up her personal issues before she disappears. Audrey assures him that she'd rather spend her last day with him.

The officers meet with Jeanine and Robert in the gym and tell them about Denise's death. They suggest that the Troubles are involved but neither one of them claims to believe in the Troubles. Robert admits that both of the dead ates were bullies in high school and someone they went after could want them dead. Jeanine suggests that they cancel the reunion but Nathan argues against it and they agree. Once Robert and Jeanine leave, Nathan tells Audrey that he wants to keep the reunion going because they can keep all of the potential victims in one place.

At the Grey Gull, Duke is out on the deck and notices a locker on the dock. He goes over and opens it, and finds a snake inside. Someone knocks him into the water but Duke stays conscious and swims to the dock. However, when climbs out, he discovers that he's now seventeen years old.

Audrey and Nathan are at the station going over the files on the 2002 graduating Audrey is amused to find a photo of a young Nathan and discovers that he was the AV Club President. Young Duke runs in and at first they don't recognize him. Nathan finally realizes that it's Nathan as he looked ten years ago. When Duke tells them what happened, Nathan points out that he put a snake in someone's locker in high school. Duke doesn't remember whose locker it was but figures that Jeanine is the one responsible.

Later, Dwight visits Audrey in her office and explains that Arla spoke with the Guard 27 years ago when the barn disappeared. They refused to help her bring the barn back. Audrey wonders about his connection to the Guard and Dwight admits that he was initially on good terms with them when they brought him to Haven. However, they used him to relocate unwilling Troubled victims and as a result, he lost his daughter. Dwight wonders if Audrey will go into the barn when it appears and Audrey admits that she may not have a choice if she wants to end the Troubles for another 27 years.

Nathan takes Jeanine to the gazebo at the town park and points out that she's connected to Duke and the two dead ates. Jeanine says that it wasn't her and finally explains that she's Troubled. However, she doesn't have a curse that can make people younger. She explains that after she graduated, she was desperate to get married. When she was at a friend's wedding eating cake, her Trouble activated and now any food she touches turns into cake. Nathan figures that no one would make up such an outrageous Trouble and believes that she doesn't have any other ability. As Jeanine leaves, duke arrives and worries that he'll be stuck at the age of 17 once Audrey disappears. Nathan points out that his friend will have the chance to redo the next ten years of his life over again and wishes that he had that kind of opportunity with Audrey. As Duke and Nathan leave, Arla watches them from the nearby bushes... and Dave and Vince capture her, figuring she'd be there.

Back at the Herald, the brothers interrogate Arla. Rather than answer their questions, she asks why they didn't turn her into the police. The Teagues refuse to answer and asks why she wants to know about the barn. The skinwalker explains that she wants to be there when Audrey goes into the barn, because there is another way to stop the Troubles. Arla says that they know it as well but Vince apparently doesn't. His brother Dave knocks him unconscious and then tells Arla that he will let her go if she tells him the second way.

At the reunion that night, Duke and Nathan watch their ates and Jeanine notices the young Duke. Duke hastily says that he's Duke's son. Jeanine tries to eat some food only to have it turn into cake, and she grabs Duke and drags him out onto the dance floor. Audrey joins Nathan and asks him to dance, and he admits that he isn't very good. Despite that, he goes out and they slow-dance. As they do, Nathan admits that he wasn't popular in high school and neither was Robert. He remembers that Robert was constantly bullied and figures that he's the killer, and finds Duke to help them search.

Robert is in the hallway with Becka and Chaz, who are busy getting high. Chaz remembers Paul playing a prank on Robert where he convinced him that Denise wanted to meet him under the bleachers. Robert defensively says that he got locked in and complains that he got detention when he didn't show up for the next morning. Laughing, the two ates tell Robert that he's a loser and go to the boiler room to get high. Once he's alone, Robert insists that he isn't that kid anymore... and then becomes ten years younger.

Arla enters the high school, looking for Audrey.

Chaz hears something at the door of the boiler room and discovers that someone has locked them in. The boiler starts to overload and a pipe explodes, scalding Becka. Audrey and the others spot Robert running away, and she chases him into the gym while Duke and Nathan break the boiler room door open. The ates panic and everyone except Jeanine runs off. When Audrey tries to convince Robert to surrender, he grabs her hand only to discover that his Trouble doesn't work on her. Robert grabs a wrench and tries to kill Audrey, but Arla arrives and shoots him down. After a moment, Arla leaves and Audrey calls for an ambulance.

When Duke and Nathan come back, there's no sign of Arla. Robert reverts to his normal age and they realize that he doesn't remember what he's done when he's his younger self. Nathan figures that Robert's Trouble activated when he came back for the reunion and remembered everything that happened to him. Robert realizes what he's done and blames himself, but Jeanine steps forward and says that she knows how he feels. He figures she never knew he existed in high school, but Jeanine assures him that she noticed him and thought he was cool. Robert tells Jeanine that she's still the prettiest girl in the as far as he's concerned and they take each other's hands... and Duke is restored to his normal age.

That night, Audrey, Nathan, and Duke go to the Grey Gull and go over what happened. Dwight is taking Robert and Jeanine somewhere safe where they can be together and neutralize Robert's ability. Duke steps away for a moment and Audrey realizes that the meteor storm will start shortly. As they wonder why Arla didn't kill Audrey the second time she had a chance, Audrey figures she won't have a chance to figure out and Nathan assures her that he's not giving up on her. Duke comes back and Nathan says that they'll contact the Coast Guard and have them use weather satellites to find the barn before it finds Audrey. As they leave, Audrey thanks them for having her back. Dwight arrives and tells them that the Guard wants Audrey so they can take her to the barn and end the Troubles. Nathan promises that it will only happen over his dead body and Dwight admits he told the Guard the same thing.

Audrey finds Arla waiting for her at her apartment. The skinwalker threatens to kill the people downstairs if Audrey yells, and explains that she rebuilt her face for James. Arla believes that James will come out of the barn when it returns, because Lucy took James' corpse into it 27 years ago. Lucy believed that the barn would heal James' mortal wound and bring him back to life. Arla's Trouble manifested when the barn arrived and her skin fell off for the first time. She instinctively killed a woman to take her skin and preserve herself, and she didn't want James to see her in her new condition. By the time Arla got to the barn, Lucy had already gone inside with James and Arla couldn't get inside.

Now, Arla plans to use Audrey to get her into the barn and bring James out. Audrey refuses to help but Arla says that James said he knew a way to end the Troubles for good. If Audrey helps her, then Arla will have James back and the Troubles will be over forever. If she doesn't, then Arla will kill her and everyone she loves.

As the hunter meteor storm begins overhead, the barn appears in the middle of a field. James and Agent Howard come out and Howard asks James where he wants to go. After a moment, James runs toward Haven.