Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Syfy

Episode Recap

When Ben Keegan prepares for his daughter Moira's wedding rehearsal luncheon at his farm, groom Peter Nevilli tells him that he plans to take care of her. However, he says that he plans to make sure that she's taken care of in the manner that she's become accustomed and a starting stake would help. Disgusted, Ben walks away. As Peter returns to the party, he kicks a cast-aside soccer ball into the woods and tells one of the workers to clean up. He's unaware that something in the woods has thrown the ball back after mangling it.

Audrey and Brody have their first date and Audrey stops by the wedding to drop the licenses off. Evi and Duke arrive to drop off the wine. Evi is fascinated by Brody, due to his Talented ability, much to Brody's dismay.

Peter talks to his Uncle Dom, who warns him against marrying a Keegan. As Audrey gives Peter the marriage license, Ben comes over and tells Peter that the wedding is off and all of the Novellis should get out of the house. Peter and Ben both stalk off, and Audrey hears a scream from a bathroom. She goes to investigate but by the time she breaks into the room, all she finds is blood, debris, and a broken window. She goes outside but finds no sign of the missing person. The cell phone is out of range and something has severed the telephone line. Audrey sees the trail of something heavy leading into the woods and follows it.

Duke and Evi approach Beverly Keegan, a member of the Haven Historical Society. Duke tries to get her to tell him what she knows about the jewelry box. When she sees it, Miss Keegan agrees to talk to him.

Audrey follows the trail into the forest and Brody approaches, startling her momentarily. They find Ben's discarded glasses, covered in a clear fluid that they can't identify. As they move off, they're unaware that Ben's body is suspended overhead from a tree, covered in vines.

At the station, David and Vince come to see Nathan and inform him that they're taking photos for the reception lunch. Nathan is less than thrilled and the brothers soon realize that Audrey is with Brody. He insists that Audrey isn't interested in dating, but they figure that he's jealous. As they leave, Nathan notices that they left an advertisement for their Tweet feed.

Duke tries to find out what Miss Keegan knows about the box, particularly any powers it might have. She claims that it can't possibly have any powers, but Duke points out that her family has been there forever. Miss Keegan admits that Regis Glendower or someone in his shop built it, and expresses an interest in buying it.

Brody and Audrey return to the party and talk to Peter and his bride, Moira. Peter says that they were casually fighting but Moira wonders if her father was fighting with Peter about the land, which belongs to her Aunt Beverly. Chris finally lets them see him and they immediately start fawning over him due to his power. Angry, Audrey orders him back so she can handle the matter by herself. Moira then informs her that Peter wanted Ben to give them some of the land. Peter refuses to answer any more questions and walks off, and Audrey asks Chris to keep an eye on Peter for her.

Audrey talks to Uncle Dom and asks if Peter may be Troubled. Tom insists that his nephew has troubles but isn't Troubled, and says that the Keegans are Troubled. He shows Audrey a series of scars on his arm and tells her to talk to Peter. They hear a noise outside and Audrey goes to investigate. Chris has found Ben's body, ripped apart with scars on the arm similar to the ones that Dom has. Moira catches a glimpse of her dead father and runs off, screaming, while Audrey wonders why Ben was killed if the Keegans are Troubled.

At the station, Nathan hears David and Vince on the radio. Their van has broken down near the Keegan farm and Nathan agrees to help them as long as they get off the air.

At the wedding, most of the guests leave when they hear about Ben's death. Audrey explains to the family that they have to caravan out. When Peter asks after his father-in-law's body, Moira figures that he asked for the land and Ben told him no. As they argue, the ground shakes and a staff member runs for her car. Vines emerge from the ground, grab her, and drag her into the woods. More of them advance on the others and Audrey tells everyone to get to the barn. Dom and Beverly argue about who is responsible, blaming each other. As vines surround the barn, Chris warns Audrey that they'll soon break through the walls.

Nathan arrives at the van and tries to start the engine. As he does so, vines snake out of the forest and surround the vehicle, trapping them inside.

At the farm, Duke drinks some of his wine and asks Audrey if she has a plan. She asks him to get up high in the barn and see if he can find a way outside. Audrey then asks about Beverly and Duke explains that Beverly isn't happy about the wedding. Evi brings up the box and Duke explains that they had to wait for Beverly to buy it by having Ben write the check. They figure that Beverly no longer controls the family purse strings and Audrey wonders if Beverly may want the purse strings back.

As Chris looks for equipment to deal with the plants, Audrey asks for his help calming Moira and notes that the problem is a person, not the plants. Chris disagrees, saying that you have to examine the people rather than be nice to them, but Audrey insists that it's always someone and they have to deal with the cause, not the symptoms.

Duke and Evi go up into the hayloft to find a way out. The door out is jammed and Evi notes that he's changed, and is now willing to help others. She says it's nice and Duke wonders if it's a compliment. Evi approaches him and says that she can change as well, and she's willing to go if he wants her to. She suggests that they go to Mexico and live on the beach with the proceeds from selling the box. Duke tells her that he'll think about it and then manages to get the door open, but the vines are blocking it.

Nathan evaluates the van's emergency supplies and asks the Teagues if they have ever heard of stories of rampant plant life. They admit that there were tales of Haven being given up to the wild centuries ago. As they wait, Vince talks about their Twitter contest to see who can get the most followers, and then asks Nathan if he's really worried about Audrey being with Chris. Nathan insists that he doesn't, but the Teagues note that a crisis brings people together. The police chief gathers some supplies and says that there's a way out.

Audrey talks to Beverly, warning her that she's a prime suspect. The agent says that she talked to Dom and demands the truth, and Beverly says that when she was high school, there was a fight between Dom and her brothers when they caught Dom in a lie. She accuses Dom of killing her baby brother, but Dom overhears her and insists that he didn't. A root breaks through the wall and tries to grab Audrey, but Duke tackles her. After a moment, the vines withdraw and Audrey realizes that the plants are attracted to the hatred between the Keegans and the Novellis. To stop the plants, they have to stop the feuding between the two families.

Chris and Audrey consider their options and he suggests that love is the best chance they have and they go through with the wedding. They talk to Moira, who refuses to forgive Peter or marry him. The plants start to break through the walls in reaction to her anger, and she says that she knew the story of how Beverly's little brother died. Moira then tells them that Ben took her to Packham's Point and showed her the tree that he claimed killed Beverly's brother. Audrey realizes what it means and confronts Beverly and Dom. She accuses Beverly of loving Dom and says that Ben lied to her because he was afraid that he'd lose control of the property and Beverly. Dom finally admits that they were preparing to elope. Beverly is surprised that he was there after all, and Dom explains that her brothers found out about it and attacked him. Then the vines attacked all of them because they were fighting, killing her brother despite Dom's efforts. Beverly apologizes and Audrey tells her she has a chance to make things right. They can use their love to push the plants back if they still have it, and Dom says it never went away.

Audrey gathers everyone and tells them to stick close to Dom and Beverly, who will be able to get them through. Nathan arrives, using road flares to hold the vines off. He warns that he only has one flare left, but Audrey says that they can handle it. She opens the door and Dom and Beverly, holding hands, walks toward the fines. The plant life parts to let them through. Moira takes Peter's hand and they walk out next. Duke and Evi join hands and successfully leave. Chris offers Audrey his hand while Nathan watches, dismayed, and then goes out last.

Later at the station, David and Vince explain to Nathan that the Novellis had twins and one of them married into the Keegan family. Now it takes one member of each family to trigger the Troubles. As they leave, David tells Nathan not to wait too long about Audrey. Once the brothers leave, Nathan examines a police report and studies an article about the Colorado Kid murder. He then picks up his cell phone.

On Duke's boat, Evi and Duke share a drink and he says that he can't leave. He assures Evi that it's not about her or Audrey, but Evi doesn't believe his denial about Audrey. She asks why he's there and Duke explains that it's his dad. His father made Duke promise on his death bed to come back if the Troubles ever return, but died before he could explain why. Duke insists that he can't go with her and walks away. Once he's gone, Evi calls someone and tells them that Duke's father never told him. The man at the other end says that they have to keep pushing Duke.

Chris comes to Audrey's apartment for dinner and brings flowers. He admits that he's attracted to her for reasons other than her immunity, and explains that he's observed her and she's amazing. Chris points out that she brought two people back together after 50 years and that she even got through to him. Audrey kisses him and they end up in bed. Audrey's phone lights up with a call from Nathan, but she doesn't notice.