Season 2 Episode 13

Silent Night

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Its only in Haven

    Havenb celebrate christmas in July, comedy all over. Duke as Santa hahaha, and only Audrey makes sense. One of the funniest episodes ever.
  • Good show as usual, but desperately needed more details

    Haven is always good, but this episode desperately needed a few more details.

    For example, the series writers should have had Parker go to a calendar and point to is as proof that it was July, not Christmas Eve.

    She could then be surprised that the calendar read "December

    That's one possibility. Many others come to mind.

    This was a story-telling defect so obvious it is inexcusable. Therefore, only 7 out of 10.
  • Silent Night

    Odd that they aired an episode 3 months after the season ended, but I am glad we got some Haven here tonight. Not a bad episode, but let's be honest, they did not do a good job of explaining how this phenomenon took place, and I doubt they had a way to do so. While it was an intriguing supernatural event, not one of the smartest or the best that this show has done.
  • Silent Night


    Silent Night was a superb and entertaining Christmas themed episode of Haven. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a really good story, good acting, along with some surprises. It was fun to watch Audrey figure out what was going on. I liked the idea of Haven becoming a Snow Globe and the special effects showing this were pretty amazing. This was a fun holiday story Haven style. I look forward to more episodes of Haven!!!!!!!

  • Snow Globe!


    That was pretty cool.

    The poor girl's fear of being abandoned by everybody triggered her trouble and the town is affected.

    Even when we don't really know when exactly this episode takes place in the season, I liked the whole Audrey/Nathan dynamic (blame me, I am a shipper). The whole "do you trust your partner" was really nice and in the end, who knows, maybe Audrey needed this so she had good things to say about Christmas and learn how important her friends, her only friends are.

    I couldn't stop laughing with Duke's scenes. His lines were the best. The whole episode had a light tone (except for the gross opening scene), but it was fun, it was entertaining and it was what we all fans expected... one more episode before the long wait.

  • Somebody stole Christmas... in July! *spoilers ahead*


    Very cool episode!

    Everybody thinks it is Christmas, but it is July. At first Audrey that is some weird tradition but then she understood that everyone is actually believe this isChristmas.

    And when people start to disappear she realize that trouble causes this. Nobody remembers anyone who are missing and Audrey, like always, is the only one who immune!

    I believe the idea of the episode came from Steven King's "Under the dome". Because actually the whole city is inside the snow globe. And Haven is turning in that globe.

    It is appears that happened before with one family. One girls was afraid to be lonely, but instead made everyone disappear.

    This is an interesting allusion of loneliness and losing someone.

    And Audrey understood the importance of friendship!