Season 2 Episode 12

Sins of the Fathers

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2011 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When the dead approach Nathan and Audrey in the cemetery, there's an older man wearing a yellow vest and a black hat. As he approaches, there's a man in a purple shirt and orange overalls to his right, screen-left, and an elderly woman to the right of that man. However, in the next shot, the elderly woman and the man in overalls instantly switch places and the elderly woman is now directly to the older man's right.

    • As the dead surround Nathan and Audrey, a bald man stands behind Nathan. Initially there is a brown-haired woman in a shirt and gray sweater to his left, screen-right. The camera does a clockwise spin and in the next shot, there is no one directly to his left or between him and Nathan. When Audrey says, "So ghosts are walking the streets of Haven," there is now an older woman in a white blouse and yellow cap standing between the bald man and Nathan, and the brown-haired woman has disappeared. When the dead turn and leave, the older woman is now much further to the bald man's left and the brown-haired woman is still not visible.

  • Quotes

    • Simon Crocker: You're taking this well.
      Duke: Yes I am. You see, I'm pretty sure that you're the result of the brownies this girl gave me last night. God, what was her name? Tall, Dutch girl...
      Simon Crocker: You're not imagining this.
      Duke: Says the dead guy I last saw 27 years ago.

    • Audrey: So what do you think? Clones? Ghosts? Zombies are trendy.

    • Chief Wournos: No matter how well prepared you are for something, dying has got a way of sneaking up on you.

    • Nathan: You all right?
      Chief Wournos: Oh, you get blown into a thousand pieces and tell me how you feel. I guess I'm mostly in one piece here.

    • Chief Wournos: You buried me in a cooler? What cooler?
      Nathan: Blue one.
      Chief Wournos: What a waste of a good cooler.

    • Chief Wournos: How are things, how are you doing?
      Nathan: I'm talking to my dead dad in a graveyard.
      Chief Wournos: Serious question needs a serious answer.

    • Driscoll: Duke, people followed me when I was alive. Think what they'll do for me now.

  • Notes

    • Injoke: Nathan says they're using a coroner from Cleaves Mill. Cleaves Mill is the town in King's The Dead Zone.

    • Injoke: Duke won his ship in a poker game at Castle Rock. Castle Rock is the predominant setting for many of King's novels, including The Dead Zone, The Body, Cujo, The Sun Dog, and Needful Things.

    • Injoke: Duke says that he won his ship from Ray Fiegler. Raymond Fiegler was one of the many aliases used by the Ageless Stranger, Randall Flagg, in Hearts in Atlantis.

    • Injoke: The names of the Troubled that Driscoll gives to Kyle are of crew members on the show.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: October 3, 2011 on Showcase
      UK: December 13, 2011 on Syfy
      Latin America: December 19, 2011 on Syfy LA
      Czech Republic: April 6, 2012 on Universal Channel
      Finland: November 21, 2013 on YLE TV2

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