Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2010 on Syfy
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Two mysterious assaults involve crooked businessmen, and sketching charcoal is found at each crime scene. However, the boy the officers suspect is responsible becomes a third victim, leaving them to pursue a new line of investigation.

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  • Its getting veryintresting.

    Its getting creepier. And its an amazing episode. X-files renewed almost.
  • Finally an interesting episode

    The first episode so far that was really interesting and thought through since the very beginning. The show seems to be finding its own agenda but somehow I still don't see the mythology part (see my review in previous episode).
  • It was good!

    So what if they stole the erased mouth/ears from Fringe? Looks like Fringe stole it from the X-files, you know, with the alien rebels?

    Anyway, this case and plot were good and I liked how Audrey and Nathan follow their leads and one as a viewer can actually see it and enjoy it instead of being left behind cameras, like previous episodes.

    Audrey can sure be tough when she wants to, but I wish I could see more of that in Nathan, who sometimes I think gets a little lost. I wish there was an episode where he was the one proposing and taking the lead, with Audrey following him.

    So, Duke helped, and unlike the previous review, I don't think they were focusing on Duke and Audrey and I believe they have no chance; a relationship would be doomed. I love his interaction with the duo, love and hate. I wish they had left Jess out of this episode and bring her back later. However, it was funny to see Nathan being mocked by Audrey.moreless
  • Sketchy

    I wish I had something positive to say about this show, but I just cannot do this as tonight's episode of Haven was boring from start to finish. They clearly stole the man's eyes and mouth shutting from Fringe (it would not be the first time) and even that was not that well done. There was no conflict here, they figured out how to "win" too quickly, and seemed more focused on teasing the romance between Eric Balfour and Emily Rose than anything remotely related to science fiction.

    Eureka, Haven's counterpart, just got renewed, but I fear if this is the quality the show is going to keep giving us, this program will be done after one season.moreless
  • Still in neutral, but getting steadily better

    While "Haven" is still not quite living up to its promise, it does continue to crawl closer and closer to something that could present an identity of its own. Right now, it's struggling for consistency. This episode was a bit better than the previous installment, but it's still taking too long to build its case for renewal.

    I like the fact that they've built up the Audrey/Duke dynamic into something nice and complicated. They are attracted to one another, but they are also in positions that are diametrically opposed. Their chosen professions keep getting in the way. This can be mined for drama for ages, while maintaining a strong balance between personal issues and management of "The Troubles", so I'm hoping they keep this tension going for a while. It shouldn't be easy.

    This is all neatly facilitated by the emergence of Nathan's relationship with Jess, which prevents the potential of a mind-numbing love triangle between Audrey, Nathan, and Duke. I prefer these relationships that challenge Nathan and Audrey. Nathan, in particular, is being drawn out of his shell, and this episode makes it clear that Audrey isn't going to be the one to strip away his reserve. (And when that starts to happen, it might make him less wooden.)

    The situation in this particular case was once again aligned with the unspoken or subconscious desire theme, but on a scale that rivaled the mess that took place in the pilot. I was left wondering whether or not this was related to the cracks forming in the roads and what not, though that connection was never made.

    But perhaps more interesting is how the scale of this threat is perceived by the locals. While there is a great deal of fear and concern, there are some who are taking this in stride. And that may just be the most disturbing part of it. To some of these residents, this is a certain brand of "normal". If that's the case, how much worse can they expect it to get? Hopefully that will become clearer soon, to give the show a little more heft.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Since anything that happens to the sketch happens to the object portrayed, the vase in Vickie's studio can't be intact when Audrey and Nathan arrive. The person who took the sketches dropped the vase sketch on the floor, which would have broken it at that time.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Audrey: And why do you varnish the pictures?
      Nathan: It tints all the colors. It connects them.
      Audrey: So, because you can't feel, all your other senses like sight, they're elevated.
      Nathan: Yep. For instance, right now my hearing seems very acute.

    • Audrey: God, why can't I just walk away from this town?
      Eleanor: Well, you could, but we both know Haven has its... charms. Audrey, is that what you really want, to leave, go back to the FBI?
      Audrey: I want to find this thing.
      Eleanor: And?
      Audrey: And I want to kick its ass.

    • Audrey: That was painful to watch.
      Nathan: No one was forcing you to.
      Audrey: Uh, "of wine"? Yeah, we should show that to suspects who won't talk.
      Nathan: Okay.
      Audrey: I mean, it'd probably be cruel and unusual punishment.
      Nathan: Well, if my personal life is so painful to you, maybe you should just stay out of it.
      Audrey: Hey, I'd love to.
      Nathan: But you can't. You're incapable.
      Audrey: Oh, numb on the outside, sensitive on the inside.

    • Nathan: So you saw the prowler?
      Jess: A glimpse. Barely. He was 6'7". One eyebrow. Fu Manchu. Carried a small slingshot. Had a tattoo.
      Nathan: What?
      Audrey: Does it matter? He was a six-seven unibrow slingshoty monster.
      Jess: Whenever you want to swing by. Look for footprints.
      Nathan: Umm, yeah. Yeah, I guess I should.

    • Audrey: Jess, I think Detective Wournos needs to come by and conduct a safety review of your home. Lets say, around eight?
      Jess: Great. I shot a deer so we're having venison. Maybe you can bring a nice bottle?
      Nathan: Of wine?
      Audrey: No, antacid.

    • Audrey: You remember any weird waves, loose winch line... a mizzen mast? (the boat captain stares) I'm from Ohio.

    • Audrey: I'm pretty sure Eleanor winked at me.
      Nathan: What?
      Audrey: She's a doctor. She knows when things aren't normal. I'm getting the feeling that she knows a lot more.
      Nathan: She winked at you?
      Audrey: There was winkage.

    • Nathan: Sometimes I wish we could get a normal...
      Audrey: Brutal assault?
      Nathan: Doesn't that sound kind of nice?
      Audrey: Why would that be any better?
      Nathan: At least it wouldn't remind me of my own problem.
      Audrey: How does any of this remind you that you have no game with chicks?
      Nathan: Thanks.

    • Duke: Oh, Haven's finest. You know, I could add "ass" to that. "Haven's finest ass." And it would still work. For both of you. Just in different ways.

    • Jess: I thought you were really brave.
      Nathan: What did I do that was brave?
      Jess: You didn't pee yourself.

    • Audrey: All right, Vickie just left the school and I put out an APB. We can arrest her now.
      Nathan: I agree, we should. But for what?
      Audrey: Uh, illegal manufacture and use of voodoo drawings?

    • Audrey: Here, I thought you might like these.
      Eleanor: Ooh, these aren't decorations.
      Audrey: God, no.
      Eleanor: Well, good, because you know, I've got a kind of funky Mexican farmhouse thing going on. I don't want it to clash.

    • Duke: So why is it so hard to thank me?
      Audrey: I don't know. Maybe because every time we start to be nice to each other, something blows it up.
      Duke: Maybe you just ask way too much of me. Poklng around, the judging... the secret to happiness with men? Lower your expectations.
      Audrey: Everyone knows that.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: November 17, 2010 on Universal Channel
      UK: November 18, 2010 on Syfy
      Latin America: November 26, 2010 on SyFy Channel
      Finland: December 6, 2012 on YLE TV2

    • Music: My Hallelujah (Sweet Talk Radio), North American Dream (Nathan Wiley)

    • Injokes: The town's lookout point is named King's Point, after author Stephen King. The idea of a person with the ability to affect reality through sketches is taken from King's novel, The Dark Tower, book seven in the Dark Tower series. King's artist character, Patrick Danville, proves critical in defeating the Crimson King.

    • Nicholas Campbell is credited but doesn't appear.


    • Audrey: Anyway, he didn't Hulk out on us.
      Referencing the long-time Marvel superhero (and occasional super-villain), who first appeared in Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962). Scientist Bruce Banner transforms into his monstrous green-skinned super-strong alter-ego when he becomes angry or in various other circumstances.