Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Captain Richards, captain of a rental fishing boat named the Endorfin, has his crew to wipe down the ship. Once of his charter passengers, Elliot Wallace, tells his friends that he has an inside tip on an equity fund and can get them on the ground floor, but they refuse after having been burned by them before. As one of the crew, Vickie, comes up with the beers, Wallace suddenly convulses and then his limbs fold in on each other of their own accord, causing him to collapse in great pain.

Jess shows up at the station to report a prowler to Nathan. It soon becomes clear that she's just trying to get him to her house for a date, and with some help from Audrey, prods him into accepting. The phone rings and a tongue-tied Nathan eventually answers it. It's about Wallace's injuries, and he and Audrey go to the docks where Eleanor explains that the man has absolutely clean breaks of the major limbs. He's covered in a black substance. After Eleanor takes him away, Captain Richards explains that his boat has high-end safety measures and he didn't see anything. Nathan talks to the other passengers and confirms the same story. They talk to Vickie and her fiancé, Jimmy, but they didn't see anything. Vickie's father Alec, one of the crew, insists on watching over Vickie. When Jimmy complains about the rich using the boat, Alec sends him away and explains that their passengers were jerks, but as deckhands they do what they have to.

Afterward, Audrey and Nathan discuss the case and Audrey insists that what happened isn't possible with what they know. She also notes that Eleanor winked at her, and figures that she knows something. Nathan wonders what to do, and Eleanor suggests they go to lunch. They go to Duke's restaurant and discover that he has a tarp up covering something. He refuses to tell them and they ask him about the injuries. Audrey can't help resist learning what's behind the tarp, and he finally shows her that he smuggled in a birthday setup. Laverne the dispatcher calls Nathan and tells him that they have a new case.

The officers go to the man's real estate office and discover that the new victim, Joe Santomauro, was sliced all the way through, vertically. Audrey finds more of the black substance beneath the nearby desk The only witness was Alec. At the station, they talk to one of Joe's agents, Carol, who admits that he was ethically challenged and has been indicted several times. They wonder if Joe somehow has a Troubled ability that lets him kill telekinetically, and wonder why he would have let himself be found at the second crime scene. They talk to Alec, who explains that he's been trying to sell his house without success. Audrey suggests that he was angry and mad and provokes him, but nothing happens. Afterward, Nathan wonders what would have happened if Alec had actually done something, but Audrey is confident she could have handled it. She wonders if something similar happened during the Troubles, and Nathan admits if it had, it might not have been a bad idea. They get the lab report back, and discover that the black substance is sketching charcoal.

Nathan and Audrey go to Mary's Art Supply store and talk to Mary. She admits she carries the substance but doesn't remember who. She gives them her restocking report. Meanwhlie, Audrey learns that Nathan does decoupage and is amused. He's not eager to talk about it, and she invites him to talk about anything. Nathan asks about Jimmy, noting that he uses the charcoal. They figure the boy ahs a motive, but need to sneak up on him. They ask Duke to get close with his boat, and he explains that he does business with the family and gets them high-end items for the high-end customers. He doesn't want to endanger his working relationship and refuses to help.

Nathan has another idea and they go to see Jess, who agrees to watch from a distance and tranquilize Jimmy if he does something dangerous. She's happy to help Nathan, and insists that he'll be going on a date with her sometime. The officers then talk to Jimmy and Audrey tries to provoke him. He suddenly clutches at his mouth and then discovers that it has disappeared. Seconds later, his eyes grow over as well, leaving him blind and dumb.

The officers take Jimmy to Eleanor's home, where she sedates him. She tells Audrey that she made the right decision, and agrees that it's the Troubles. When Audrey wonders why they're here, Eleanor suggests it might be some kind of test, and Audrey is handling it fine. Audrey isn't so sure, and worries that the person responsible knows she knows what she's going on. Audrey wonders she is staying, and finally admits that she wants to take on and defeat whatever is ultimately responsible.

Outside, Jess talks to Nathan about what she saw and admits that she thought Nathan was brave. He suggests that he go home, but Jess says that she can help. Nathan wonders how and snaps at her, insisting that it's no place for a normal girl. He admits that he made a mistake involving her and tells her to go. Jess angrily leaves as Audrey comes out and explains that she's checked and learned that Vickie teaches art.

Vickie is conducting an art when Audrey and Nathan come to see her. She tries to avoid talking to them and admits that she hasn't heard from her father recently. Audrey pushes the matter and Vickie tells her to leave her alone and goes back to her Audrey figures that Vickie is worried about her dad, and doesn't know about Jimmy. They go to search Vickie's house and find a separate building with covered windows. Inside they find an art studio, thoroughly trashed. A vase suddenly shatters for no apparent reason. They realize that an umber of paintings was stolen. There is one finished sketch of Nathan. As she taps it, Nathan suddenly shoots across the room.

Afterward, Audrey suggests that they arrest Vickie, but Nathan isn't sure on what charge. They wonder where the other sketches are, and Nathan realizes that he stepped on a drawing of the vase that shattered. He also wonders what why she would have "erased" Vickie. Before they go, Nathan calls an officer to watch over his sketch, rather than risk moving it.

At the hospital, the agents talk to Wallace, who finally admits that he owed Captain Richards $300,000 on a bet, and the captain recently demanded full payment.. He figures that Santomauro had some kind of real estate deal with Richards. They realize that Richards uses his boat as cover for his criminal schemes, and uses Vickie as supernatural muscle.

A patrol car spots Vickie at the yacht club. Nathan and Audrey go there and find her sketching the building. They explain that they know what she can do and ask why she drew Jimmy. Vickie has no idea what they're talking about, and admits that she can't stop because Richards is holding Alec hostage. She explains that she drew a sketch of a seal and Richards crumpled it up, and they both realized what she could do. Richards than let her pay off her father's debt by giving him some sketches, which he claimed he would use to pressure people. When Vickie realized that Richards was going to harm people, she tried to back out. Richards told her to sketch the yacht club, and that he tried to buy it recently. They figure Richards is going to destroy it because he couldn't buy it. She can't use her sketch of Richards because only the first one works, and Richards has her original sketch of him. They realize that Richards has all of the sketches Vickie did of everyone in town, including one of the entire town.

Richards is working on his boat when Duke arrives with the wine. Once they've made the exchange, Richards promises Duke that he'll have a lot more business for him in the future. They see Audrey and Nathan pull up with Vickie and Duke ducks out. Richards then gets a sketch and goes to greet them. He insists that he doesn't know what they're talking about, and Audrey offers him a deal. If he turns over the sketches, they won't shoot him. He shows them the sketch of the town, and tells Vickie to draw them. When Vickie refuses, he taps a church in the drawing, and the steeple of the real church shatters. Suddenly Richards collapses and Duke emerges from the boat with the sketch of Richards. Richards attacks him and the sketch falls into the water. Nathan is unable to get the sketch before it sinks beneath the water and Richards dies, his lungs filled with water.

Later, Audrey gives the sketches to Eleanor for safekeeping. Vickie has restored his face using his sketch, and he's recovering. Eleanor assures Audrey that she won.

Nathan goes to see Jess and takes her up on her offer. She lets him in.

Audrey has a drink at Duke's bar and finally thanks him for his help. He wonders why it's so hard, and Audrey suggests that something always happens. Duke suggests that the secret to happiness with men is lowering expectations, and wonders why she can't do it. She admits she's starting to come around.