Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2010 on Syfy

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  • simply incredible

    This is so great its hard to descriobe. This episode is like what the heck, i didnt see that coming
  • 113

    The season finale of Haven is all too familiar for what we have been witnessing for the past few months with this show: a really mediocre procedural that is intertwined within a very below average supernatural sci-fi layer.

    The main problem with this show is that Fringe just does the same thing so much better and there is just no hype around Haven, the show has no heat. I am not going to rush to my TV to watch Haven every Friday night if this is the best drama that the show can conjure up for its first season finale.
  • Spiral

    Spiral was a pretty good episode and season finale of Haven. This show is unique and interesting, however it feels like there are some key elements missing at times. This episode was very entertaining though, and there were many revelations, new questions, and shocking circumstances, things which make the show good, that is why I gave it a 9. I think that the way the stories intertwined and came together was good, and there are definitely many possibilities for the next season of Haven. I am so curious about Audrey's Boss from the FBI and what he knows. I really look forward to seeing next season and hopefully learning more about whats happening.
  • A great finale for the first season

    Just before this episode aired, Syfy announced that "Haven" would be returning for a second season. That brings a great deal of relief, because if this was where the series had ended, I'd be quite annoyed. And considering that "Haven" has not been my favorite show in the world, that's saying something.

    A lot of plot and character threads came together in this episode. The big news, of course, concerns "Audrey". Or should we just call her Lucy from now on? I suppose we're supposed to assume that something unusual happened that forced Lucy to not only move forward in time, but also assume the identity of another woman. That's going to be one heck of a story.

    After all, it's clear that her apparent boss at the FBI had to know the truth. Otherwise, how in the world could she have been working for the FBI in any capacity? The interesting thing is that we can't assume that she was, in fact, an agent before the events of the series premiere. If her memories have been altered on a fundamental level, her "conversion" could have happened minutes before we first saw her!

    Of course, there's also the very interesting revelation that Chief Wuornos is the source of the (very metaphorical) cracks appearing since the premiere. And he's not Nathan's father; the man who was charged and convicted for killing the Colorado Kid was. And somehow, Vince and Dave were involved in the whole Colorado Kid mess (I'm almost positive one of them was the real killer). Much of that was meat of the drama in the episode, and it has to be connected to Audrey/Lucy and her true nature.

    Beyond that, we also got to see just how important the odd design of that tattoo really is. The fact that it's all over gravestones going back centuries is another hint that this is some kind of cyclic occurrence, triggering The Troubles. But what was the deal with the tattoo appearing and disappearing towards the end? It's going to be fun seeing how that all comes together.

    But I was probably most pleased to see the reverend come out of the woodwork to challenge Nathan, making it very clear that the religious overtones to the rift growing in Haven will only be escalating. His presence could have been used a few other times this season, but this is one case where it's better late than never. Such concepts are part and parcel to any good Stephen King story.

    All in all, this was a very good season finale, full of all the things that I like about "Haven". I'm genuinely glad that I kept with it for the whole first season, and I look forward to seeing them escalate the stakes and the weirdness in the second!
  • Best season finale in recent memory -- questions answered, more questions asked, and some surprise twists.

    The previous two reviews have pretty much covered the highlights, so there's not much I can add without being redundant. What was really neat about it for me was that while watching it I wasn't thinking about it being the season finale -- the chief's apparent demise (the only real downer for me, but those fragments were rattling around in that box, so...) seemed like it had to be the climax of the episode, but then Audrey's revelation, followed by the deja vu moment with "new Audrey" (how cool was that scene?) made it clear that this wasn't an ordinary episode. Can't wait for next season.
  • I thought it lasted more time

    All I can say about this episode is that first of all, thank God there's going to be another season. Second of all, this episode is exactly why I watch this show.

    Poor Chief... But I guess he's the one to blame because he had the time to tell Nathan all about his tormented childhood, but he didn't do it, paid the price and in the end it was too late. Nathan deserved to know the truth. I wonder that will happen now that the Chief is gone.

    How creepy was that the tattoo was appearing on Julia's back? Does this mean she'll be the one to kill Duke? Only time will tell.

    Audrey being Lucy... I think Audrey is jumping to conclusions. There's no evidence and she's not really sure. Plus, this might be the show's main plot (or one of them) and having that addressed in the early episodes of season 2 will kill all the mystery. I guess the "other Audrey" has come to Haven as an impostor to probably get more doubts into Audrey's and Nathan's mind. Audrey had this look when the "other Audrey" said if she was going to pull another gun.

    Nathan and Audrey moments were wonderful. Finally, Nathan and Nathan confess to each other something they feared.

    Is it July 2011 already?
  • Was this interesting or What?

    Ok, first off Duke finding the person who was going to kill him, Second, Nathan finding out that the man was his father, Third, finding out the Chief was troubled, and Fifth, learning Vince had a bad side once upon a time.

    OK this episode was great. Nathan finding out that the Chief wasn't his father and that the Chief was troubled was a great catcher. Nathan getting mad a Audrey because she didn't tell the Chief that it was going to be alright. When Vince told Max that he would kill him. That really interested me because Vince doesn't seem like a person who would kill even a fly. Luckily, Nathan apologized to Audrey and she learned that he could feel her. The ending is what left me in suspense Audrey being confronted by Audrey. I think that Audrey we know is actually Lucy whose memory was erased or she reverts back into a child after so many years with no memory. I hope that they pick this up again (Need some answers). Also I think that tat girl is the one whose going to kill Duke. After seeing the mark on her back.
  • Cracking Finale, with more than a few twists to ensure season 2 starts with a bang!

    Two deaths, two other people showing another side to their characters, the continuation of the mysterious tattoo.... oh, and TWO Audrey Parkers
    There's a lot packed into this show, so if you're not up to speed, you need to watch the back episodes NOW, as it fills in some gaps and ties up some loose ends (as well as posing some more questions!)
    The Rev turning up announcing he wants to become the new Chief of Police makes for a great scenario for season 2, along with Parkers announcement (the blonde one!), that she is, in fact, her mum (Lucy), is a great twist in it's self, never mind the 'real' Agent Audrey Parker appearing at the end. It begs the question, if the 'original' Audrey isn't a real FBI Agent, who the hell is the black guy that's her boss?
    I'm off for a lie down......

    ..... roll on season 2. Guess we'll have to see how the ratings fare before ScyFy announce anything.