Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2012 on Syfy

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  • A typical episode - senseless story, interesting message

    A typical "Haven" episode: senseless story of the troubled person plus interesting message that goes behind and a very slow move forward with the main plot that as the only thing here is interesting. I am watching just to see how it will end. I still don't get it how come "Haven" survived such a long time on air while eg. "Alphas" were cancelled.
  • Seriously?

    Dr. Claire Callahan? Bad acting, cheap overall, who thought that Haven needed that? Whoever it was: Haven does not need that.
  • Stay was nice

    Nice, solid episode. But - I just hate it, when someone knows nearly everything about the mystery of the series and just doesn't wan't to tell it. I think, that's lazy writing at it's worst - especially, when you the viewer don't have a clue why he doesn't tell it. Just to protect everyone? Lazy.
  • Stay - Haven

    Haven is being smart as they are building suspenseful TV every single week and they are making you care about the Colorado Kid, and now Audrey's deadline. The storyline with the crazed man was good, but then with the dogs, and then where it turned out to be something he could change by comforting them was too weird.

    But it had me intrigued.
  • Stay was Perfect!

    Stay was a perfect episode of Haven because the story was fun, intriguing and full of character development and plot progression. I was very entertained and liked the random barbarians showing up across town. It was great to watch Duke interact with Nathan and Dwight. Vince and David still seem to be on opposite ends of what should be revealed but it was awesome to find out what Duke learned. The revelation definitely put a damper on Audrey's day as she now fears a deadline. I liked Claire the Psychiatrist and she definitely added something to the investigation. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!!!
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