Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2013 on Syfy

Episode Recap

It's Founders' Day in Haven, and two boys are playing Frisbee near the sculpture park. One of them hits a human statue with the Frisbee and knocks the arm off. When he picks it up, it crumbles into ash, and both boys watch as the entire statue crumbles into ash a few seconds later.

A short time later, Dwight and his new deputy Nathan get the call. As they go to the park, Nathan is busy on the phone calling the FBI to see if they have any leads on Audrey's appearance. Dwight tells Nathan to pay attention and they meet with the coroner. Dr. Lucassi tells them that the "statue" is an incinerated corpse, and starts a dental check on the teeth. Nathan gets another call from a hospital, confirming Audrey isn't there, and an irritated Dwight tells him to focus on the job.

In Texas, William is still at the bar trying to convince Audrey that she isn't Lexie Dewitt even though she believes that she is. Audrey points out that he said a lot of people would die if she didn't believe him and wonders if he's making a threat. William assures her that he isn't making the threat and figures that her remembering her old life is going to be a long process.

At the Grey Gull in Haven, Duke and Wade have dinner with Jennifer. Wade points out that he had to stay on to take care of the legal matters because Duke didn't have a will made out in case of his death. He goes off to call his wife Marcie and Jennifer wonders why Duke doesn't tell his brother where he's been. As they talk, Jennifer yawns and admits that Nathan kept her up late interrogating her about the barn. Duke asks why she's still taking her meds now that she know the voices in her head are from the barn, but Jennifer insists that she's used to it. Wade comes back and explains that he couldn't reach Marcie. He figures that she's busy with the remodeling job on their home, and mentions how two men offered to buy the Gull from him. Duke confirms that he's talking about Vince and Dave and invites Jennifer to come with him to the Herald.

Lucassi calls Dwight and Nathan to the morgue and tells them that the victim was Sally Marigold. She was the daughter of the town's fire captain, Frank, and her brother Bill was killed while fighting a fire during the meteor storm. However, he was caught in a burning building, not turned to ash like Sally was. Nathan points out that the Troubles occur in the same family and figures that they need to get to Frank.

At the Herald, Duke demands to know what Vince and Dave are up to. Dave explains that the Guard wanted to make sure Wade got out of town as soon as possible so that he wouldn't take up the Crocker family business of killing Troubleds. In return for getting Wade out of town that night, Duke asks for Vince's word that they won't make a move against his brother. Vince agrees to the deal. Meanwhile, Jennifer talks to Dave about the Troubles and he explains what they are as best he can. He admits that they don't know much about them or how Audrey comes back every 27 years to stop them. However, he figures that if Jennifer could find Duke and bring him back, she can do the same for Audrey.

When Nathan drives to the fire station to meet with Frank, he gets a hostile reception from the other firemen. They accuse Nathan of being a coward for leaving the town after the meteor storm. Frank orders them off and Nathan warns him that Sally's death may be because the Marigolds are Troubled. The fire captain refuses to accept it and blames Nathan, saying that the Trouble would be gone if he hadn't interfered.

On the streets, a woman hails a cab. When it pulls up, she gets in and complains about the smoke, and discovers that the driver has been incinerated into ash. Nathan and Dwight arrive on the scene and confirm that the victim is Jacob Harcher. Harcher is no blood relation to the Marigolds and there's no record of his last pickup. Jordan shows up and complains to Dwight that he has Nathan in the field rather than safely behind a desk. She reminds the sheriff that Audrey has to kill Nathan to end the Troubles permanently, and Audrey can't do that if someone else kills Nathan first. Jordan offers to take Nathan's place in the field but Dwight refuses.

In Texas, William probes Audrey's memories, and she says that she was traveling cross-country with her boyfriend when she broke up and left, taking his money. William asks if she remembers the emotions in her life, particularly love, and describe how she feels love for someone she has never met. Angry, Audrey tells him to get out.

As Jennifer and Duke walk back to the gull, they talk about the Troubled and Wade. Duke insists that Wade doesn't belong in Nathan, and describes how when they were kids they went sledding with a friend. The friend broke his arm but didn't notice because he couldn't feel pain, and Wade freaked out. Duke got his friend to the hospital and figures that Jennifer would have done the same, and that she's helping now. Jennifer says that she wants to buy some taffy and get coffee, and tells Duke that she'll meet him later at the Gull.

When Duke returns to the Gull, he discovers that Wade is drinking heavily. His brother finally shows him video from a nanny cam that shows that his wife was sleeping with one of their contractors. Marcie has been cheating on him since he came to Haven to take care of the Gull, and Duke awkwardly blames himself and apologizes. Wade says that he can't go back home until he serves Marcie with the divorce papers, and tells Duke that he can handle his stock trading business from anywhere.

Jennifer gets her coffee at a shop but leaves her bag of taffy behind. When she goes back to get it a few seconds later, she discovers that the barista and the three customers have been charred to ash, just like the other two victims. When the police get there, Lucassi confirms that it's the same as before. Nathan checks on Jennifer, who is being treated for shock, and has her remember whatever she can about all of the people she saw. Jennifer describes five people as best she can, but admits that her mind is fuzzy because of her meds. Nathan realizes that one person is unaccounted for and figures that person is the Troubled. Matching up Jennifer's descriptions with the personal belongings of the deceased, Nathan confirms that the killer had a blue coat with brass buttons, and realizes that the killer is a fireman. When Duke arrives to pick Jennifer up, he tells Nathan that he feels responsible for her. He reminds his friend that he screwed up ending the Troubles and doesn't want him to get Jennifer killed, and Nathan assures him that he won't.

Nathan and Duke go to the fire station with Jennifer and discover that most of the firemen are in uniform. Frank informs them that they're attending an award ceremony at the park and demands to know why they're there. They explain what is going on but he refuses to believe one of his men is a killer. Jennifer finds an old photo of the firehouse on the wall and spots the man from the coffee shop. The man on duty identifies the man ads Don Keaton, and explains that he left Haven after the meteor shower. Don was partner with Bill Marigolds, and only escaped death at the same time because he was in a different room. Nathan remembers that the first corpse was wearing the remains of a celebration banner and the cab driver has a Founders' Day poster in his cab, and figures that every time someone congratulated Don, his Trouble activated. Duke notes that now Don is being honored at a ceremony, and he could kill thousands.

At the bar, Audrey tells William to leave her alone but he refuses. She points out that he has a gun in h is pocket. Surprised that she spotted it, William takes it apart and hands it to her, and apologizes for upsetting. However, he continues to insist that she needs to remember who she really is. Audrey tells him that she'll never believe him just as the man who came into the bar earlier returns with a much larger man. William warns Audrey that they want to stop him from getting her to remember.

Jordan goes to see Vince at the Herald and complains that Nathan is risking his life. Vince points out that he agreed to the deal and irritably asks if she wants to lead the Guard. Equally frustrated, Jordan tells him that she wants him to start leading the Guard.

Dwight and the others get the Haven police mobilized at the park. As they spread out to find Don, Duke wonders what the plan is and Nathan figures that if he can arrest Don, it will irritate him enough that his guilt won't activate his Trouble. They spot Don sitting on a park bench alone and Nathan tells the others to stay back while he tries his plan.

While Dwight has his men keep everyone else away as best they can, Nathan informs Don that he's under arrest. Don starts to go with him, but there's an announcement about the award ceremony and Don immediately starts feeling guilty. He says that he's no hero and Nathan's arms start to smolder.

Jordan arrives and tells Duke to get out of her way. She plans to use her touch to immobilize Don with pain, figuring that should render him harmless. Duke refuses to let her pass and draws a gun on her.

Don finally realizes that he's Troubled and that his power is running out of control. Nathan gets him to remember when the people at the sculpture park, the cab, and the coffee shop congratulates him, and Don realizes that he's killed six people. Meanwhile, a young boy comes running up to get his stay balloon and Don starts to focus him. Nathan tells him that he knows what it feels like to lose a partner, but insists that neither one of their partners would want someone else hurt because of them. Don calms down and Nathan stops smoldering. Dwight leads Don away and Nathan thanks duke for backing him up. Jordan accuses him of doing everything for Audrey: pretending to love her, shooting Howard, risking his life now. Angry, she says that she can't wait to see Audrey kill him and walks off. Duke tells Nathan that Jordan is wrong and promises to help him find Audrey, but warns that she may have forgotten her previous lives, just like she does every 27 years.

In Texas, the two men tell William to come with them or they'll kill Audrey. William reluctantly does so, telling them that Audrey hasn't remembered anything yet. As they take her away, Audrey calls for the bar patrons to help but they ignore her. She grabs William's gun, puts it back together in a few seconds, and fires a warning shot at the two men. Audrey orders them to let William go and then fires another warning shot at their feet. They leave while William comes back to the bar. Audrey wonders how she know show to assemble the gun and shoot, and Williams asks her if she still thinks that she's a bartender.

Frank briefly nods in thanks to Nathan as he gets in the squad car with Don. Jennifer bandages Nathan's hand and realizes that he was the friend that Duke described earlier, and that he's Troubled. She apologizes but Nathan says that if he was normal then he wouldn't have known what Don was going through, and couldn't have helped him. Smiling, Jennifer says that she's glad that she isn't normal, either.

That night, Duke returns to the Gull and finds a drunken Wade pouring drinks. He tells Duke that he's glad that they've got back together and admits that their father always liked Duke more. Duke assures him that wasn't the case and that Wade came out the better, but Wade doesn't believe it. Seizing on Duke's earlier apology, Wade says that he's going to stay in Haven with him until the divorce goes through. As Wade buys a round of drinks on the house, Vince comes in and warns Duke that Wade isn't leaving Haven as they agreed upon.

Duke goes out to find Jennifer on the porch. She talks about how powerless she felt when her Trouble started, but now she knows how important Audrey is to Haven and to the Troubled. She promises Duke that she'll do what she can to help get Audrey back and pours her meds into the water.

Realizing that there's some truth to what William is saying, Audrey aims the gun at William and demands to know who she is. William agrees to tell her but warns that if he does then there's no going back.

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