Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Tedious and boring

    The weekly story was tedious and boring and the Audrey storyline didn't move on. A filler eisode so near the start of the series isn't good.
  • Still the best

    Why is it I like it, and if I read the reviews here, people are disappointed. This second episode made me long for more. I am curious to see how Audrey will get back in Haven. Will she be who she was, or will she be just bartender Audrey? Duke and his brother, how is that going to continue, will Duke's brother finally accept and adapt to Haven. Also the problems between the Guard and Nathan is something I like, where will it lead too, will they soon realize they need eachother. So many questions which go - yet - unanswered.

    I have to agree that Jordan is a bit too much, but other then that I loved the second episode. I liked this week trouble, and I hope the standards set in this and the previous episode will just be a small tasty taste of things to come!
  • A surprisingly mundane episode of Haven

    If the season premiere was fashioned in such a way that a lot of open questions were punted to future episodes, then this installment was a delaying tactic. While there were some interesting explorations of the new status quo all around the sidelines of the main story, the bulk of the episode was dedicated to a "Trouble of the Week" that wasn't particularly engaging. And considering the anticipation level coming into this season, that is not a good reaction for the audience to have.

    It's understood that the new state of play in Haven (and elsewhere) was going to have to be explored, but this felt like Haven-by-the-numbers. It makes perfect sense that the Guard would be less than pleased with the prospect of an unexpected Crocker in town, so Gale's lingering presence would be problematic, but the reasons were so vaguely referenced that even dedicated fans might have had difficulty remembering why it's an issue. For that matter, the strained relationship between the Teagues was explained in the third season finale, but there's not a lot of context given along those lines in this episode, despite plenty of opportunities to revisit their philosophical differences.

    I wouldn't necessarily call this "filler", since it does flesh out some of the changes that were introduced in the season premiere. At the same time, it almost feels like a transitional episode, which is atypical for material this early in the season. It may turn out to have more importance later in the season, when all the mysteries are ultimately revealed, but in the current context, it is distressingly average.
  • Survivors

    They did have me intrigued with the Audrey storyline and seeing where that goes, but this was just too slow-moving an episode. This man who burned people just did not intrigue me as much as the other storyline and I really wish they gave us something more entertaining than this, but we did not get it here. Too much bickering between all the factions in Haven too.
  • Nothing happened

    I'm so sorry to report that nothing happens in this episode. At the end of it, we are in the same place as last week. The case of the week wasn't anything special and that brunette from the guard is still pissed at Nathan and letting everybody know every 5 minutes. There is some Duke's brother problem coming, but still nothing happened neither. Oh, at least somebody is stopping her medication. That's it. Let's hope that next week's episode brings some excitement or at least some answers our way.
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