Season 3 Episode 13

Thanks for the Memories

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2013 on Syfy

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  • one of the BEST ever

    I finally caught up with HAVEN and that last episode was one of the greatest things I've ever seen on TV. If they would have tweaked a few things it almost felt like a series finale but I'm of course thrilled it continues. For the most part, I think it's one of the most unpredictable shows out there which is very refreshing. How this show is only on SyFy is beyond me. For me at least this show is FRINGE and LOST level for sure.

    I was very intrigued to find out the one Teague bro is head of the Guard. There are still a lot of "whys" out there that need to be answered and I'd like to know more concerning the history of those tattooed.

    Ultimately all I wanted was in the Season 3 finale and I feel great going into Season 4 wondering how things will go?
  • Almost Perfect Season Finale

    For me, some episodes earlier in the season felt a bit stale and monotonous. While the latter episodes were far more entertaining, the season finale delivered everything that a season finale should - blowing all previous episodes clean out of the water.

    There were a few minor niggles but since it only accounted for a second or two of screentime at a time, they were nowhere near enough to detract from the enjoyment. One minor niggle was that personally I feel Duke was kind of cheated but the Colorado comment seemed to make up for it.

    It had comedy, reveals, reunions, action scenes, deaths, heartbreak, twists and a huge cliffhanger that'll leave you counting the days till next season. I can only hope the rest of my favourite shows deliver a finale of the same caliber.
  • Now we have to wait for next season

    I gave this episode a 9, it was obviously very good but not quite as good as the first part of this two parter. Many things came to a head in this episode with some fairly good explanations for many of the continuing mysteries in the series. We also saw the purpose of the barn and of course the revelation to Audrey of who James was and how he was begotten. This involved a very round about plot line that was quite interesting. The couple of things that bothered me though were the surrealistic interior of the barn and the lack of further explanation for all the strange going ons. Certainly some of it was explained but there are still many open questions to be answered. And of course we were left with a major conundrum to live with until next season. It should certainly be interesting to see how things return to "normal" and we get back to some good stories next season with some key characters who knows where now.
  • Thanks For The Memories

    For the first time we are eagerly anticipating what will happen next year: that is the sign of a great season premiere.

    Some of the characters' actions seemed out of place, but that was to be expected given what was happening here. A strong episode to close out a really strong season.