Season 4 Episode 13

The Lighthouse

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Solid season finale! Just tell me what happens to Duke!!

    After binging on season 4 this week, I cannot wait for season 5 to premiere this fall if only to make sure Duke survives. Eric Balfour's bad guy turned hero character is one of the main reasons I watch the show and a much better match for Audrey than the annoyingly perfect and stale Nathan (sorry Nathan/Audrey fans). The fact that Nathan can feel Audrey's touch is not some cosmic match made in heaven after all; its because as the co-creator of all the Troubles, she's also immune to them.

    Glad Duke was re-troubled from last episode and the reason behind it was well-crafted (to save an infants life). I always hate it when superpowers are lost to a rubbish plot device (see every other episode of Smallville and Heroe's Peter Petrelli). Also, a fond farewell to Colin Ferguson's William and hope its not forever (loved him on Eureka) even if you were the evil villain this season
  • The Lighthouse

    A solid finale for a solid season. Some of the special effects were really lame, but there was a good twist at the end that will hopefully add some excitement for next season.
  • The show has been on a downward turn for some time now

    The show has been on a downward turn for some time now, season 1 was great, but later seasons become more stupid with each episode. This episode was consistent with the other stupid episodes.
  • Was hoping it

    I was hoping thew show would end now, but sadly they are going to drag it out even further. 26 episodes more, ogf slow paced action.
  • They have to renew it after this!

    I caught this episode three days late but am I glad I watched. This really brought together so much that was happening this season and what a close. Eric Balfour's part as Duke was excellent and all the others were great too. Seeing William continue to torment Audrey and seeing Audrey holding him off was interesting. Then the plot line as they solved the mystery of what was needed at the lighthouse to open the door. Finally the ending in the lighthouse which was excellent but it also ended leaving some big questions still outstanding. So hopefully there is going to be a season 5 as leaving us hanging like this would be inexcusable, kind of the way Alphas ended.
  • Continue it!

    This is the best ending of fourth season I could have imagined! Please Please 5 season!!
  • sure hope for season 5!!

    exciting stuff,

    lots of cliffhangers and unanswered questions

    if it doesn't get renewed I will be pissed..

    best part of the episode was Nathan kneeing William in the groin and Audrey's reaction! hilarious!!!!

    that alone made the ep worth a 10 for me instead of a 9...