Season 4 Episode 5

The New Girl

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2013 on Syfy

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  • The New Girl

    They gave up on Lexie fairly quickly, didn't they?

    Both Lexie and Audrey brought a good dynamic back to the show, and it was better to have her back in Haven than in that mystery world. Enjoyable episode of the show.
  • Audrey's back

    Audrey's back, just as I was beginning to prefer Lexi.
  • Great job haven nice ending!!

    I recently got into haven watched all the episodes and now that I'm officially caught up, all I have to say is WOW. I love this show because it keeps you on your feet like the ending for example didn't see it coming. I'm glad we finally have Audrey back!! I really starting to like the new girl I think her and Duke are a good fit.
  • Lexie is awesome. I want more!

    Leave it to Haven to make me think that I understand the path that it is taking, and then pull out the rug from under me in the most maddening (and awesome) of ways. At this point, I'm not even certain that we know if we are dealing with "Audrey" or "Lexie". Granted, the evidence points to the former, but if she was able to fool almost everyone, including Nathan, maybe it's not so clear cut.

    At the same time, perception is just as important as reality in the current situation. With the barn effectively gone and the 27-year cycle broken, the rule that "Audrey" would have to kill Nathan to set things right is no longer necessarily true. Nor is it necessarily true that "Audrey" isn't somehow also "Lexie". She could have memories of one, the other, or both inside her head. So long as the vast majority of people still think she's "Lexie", and even if they discover she is really "Audrey", it may not matter in terms of the path forward.

    To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that "Lexie" apparently won't be hanging around. I thought she was great! Completely different from "Audrey", and in a way that began to illuminate assumptions and relationships among the regulars in a fresh (and damn sexy) way. Which is why I think "Audrey", if she is really fully herself again, might continue to play "Lexie" for a while. It might be the only way to get people to think outside the box or reveal what they would never say to "Audrey". Not to mention that she loves Nathan, and continuing to pose as "Lexie" was the only way to save him.

    All that said, this season is really beginning to crystallize, and I'm enjoying the current plot and character arcs a lot more than the scattershot material of the third season. It definitely feels like the writers have an endgame in mind and are working towards it, and as I've said before, that always makes me feel a lot more confident in the quality of the storytelling.
  • What a revelation right at the end

    This was a really good episode of Haven and what a revelation at the end. Audrey/Lexie is finally back and the trouble was definitely a bad one. The ability of the guy to inhabit another body definitely caused some major havoc and the investigation by Nathan and Lexie was good. Duke was really a critical part of this episode and I thought Balfour played his part extra good. There was also some excitement with Jordan's gang trying to kill Nathan. But the ending left me hanging when Duke figured out that Lexie actually knows she is Audrey and apparently has a hidden agenda continuing on her charade as Lexie. Next week will hopefully reveal more of what is going on, we really want to know.
  • Awesome indeed

    Vow, I loved this episode. Great trouble of the week, and even better twist at the end of the episode. Duke indeed does know our girl, ain't he?
  • awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this was an awesome episode! I loved it, start to finish, love the new girl that could hear the barn, love Lexie, he was so sweet and the end blew me that anything on tv gives me chills these days but that final scene way it played out, but mostly how it was acted...

    and unlike the previous poster, I do love Nathan! and I wonder if we were watching the same show??
  • So Sarah, no, Lucy, no Lexie's back ! (Spoilers !)

    Lexie's back but as she is not Audrey, Nathan must make her fall in love with him so she can kill him.... No, this is not the plot for the next Disney soap, this is the plot of a sci fi show, for adults...

    Wouldn't be sad to see Nathan dead though: Lucas Bryant is a terrible actor...

    As for the rest, Duke will end up with the new girl, who is a nice character by the way, with an actress who is not too bad, Duke's brother will end up with the girl who makes people hurt with her hands and ... That's all !

    Why am still watching this show ? Nothing on on Friday ...