Season 1 Episode 11

The Trial Of Audrey Parker

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

On board Duke's ship, Audrey, Julia, and Duke are playing poker with Ezra Colbert and Tobias Blaine, and Ezra is able to predict what she'll do. Audrey beats Duke, but Duke checks Ezra's hand and reveals that he had a full house. They wonder why Ezra let them win and Duke wonders if it's a con. Ezra explains that he felt bad for taking their money last time, so let them win this time. Duke and Audrey agree to let them play.

At the station, Nathan is leaving when Chief Wournos invites him to dinner. Nathan says he has plans but his father doesn't believe him. Nathan gives in, but Audrey's boss, Agent Howard, arrives and asks where he can find Audrey. Nathan denies knowing where Audrey is, but Howard doesn't believe him. Chief Wournos comes to his son's defense and tells Howard to behave, and Howard asks nicely. Chief Wournos then has Nathan tell Howard where Audrey is. Once Howard leaves, Nathan wonders why his father didn't give him the chance to warn Audrey, but Chief Wournos figures that Audrey can handle it. Nathan storms off, angry.

Duke offers a toast and Audrey realizes that Nathan has been trying to call her. She gets up to take the call and he warns her that Agent Howard is in town... just as he finds her. He tells her that it's time to come home.

Howard and Audrey go down to Duke's stateroom for privacy, and he notes that she's on loan and hasn't been reporting to him. She insists that she has work to do in Haven, and promises to put it in her next report. He tells her to give him a verbal report and Audrey tells him about some of the strange phenomenon. She's surprised that he isn't surprised, and Howard opens a case with some lie detector equipment. He then points out that her official reports didn't make mention of any supernatural activities. They hear someone aboard the ship and discover that the door is locked.

At the station, Nathan tries to call Audrey without success. Chief Wournos arrives with dinner and admits that he wanted to say something to him over dinner. However, he figures Nathan has something to say to him. Nathan finally says that he realized that chief Wournos knew that the Troubles were coming, and that his own problem is related. Chief Wournos tells him that now he knew better that he was Afflicted, and he chose to ignore it. Nathan admits that he was in denial, but wonders why his father didn't give him advice instead of ignoring him. The chief says that Nathan has never listened to him, and then tells him to forget it.

Duke starts losing to Ezra again, and Ezra insists that he's going to win the eleventh hand in a row. His prediction proves true but Ezra offers to double the pot if he'll stay. He insists that Duke has something he wants, but won't explain what. Duke agrees to play and asks what they want.

Audrey tries her cell phone but realizes she has no reception inside of the ship. Howard demands answers from her first and warns her to stop avoiding his questions. He then asks her to report on the case where Duke started aging to death.

Duke loses yet again and Ezra writes down something. Duke goes to get the payment and invites Julia along. He admits that he lost a rare baseball card, but doesn't think that's what the brothers are there for. The door slams shut, locking them in, and the brothers take the ship out. Duke admits that he didn't want to leave Julia alone with them, and then takes out two shotguns.

Come the morning, Audrey and Agent Howard realize that the boat is heading out to see. Audrey breaks open a porthole and extends her cell phone outside, but realizes that they're too far from land. She prepares to send a text, but figures that she'll have to go somewhere else to check it.

Nathan puts out the alert when he realizes that Parker hasn't checked in. Chief Wournos dismisses his concerns but Nathan insists that something is wrong. Nathan accesses Audrey's laptop and manages to get past the password with some help from her father.

Audrey puts her cell phone in a jar, tapes it tight, and throws it into the water in the hopes it will drift back and send the message to Nathan.

Duke opens up a secret panel and discovers Tobias waiting for him. Duke tries to shoot him but discovers that they've taken all of his bullets. Tobias closes the panel, and Duke wonders how he knew about it since he built the panel himself. When Julia asks how Duke met them, he explains that a friend introduced them and said they play poker. Julia wonders what his line of work is and Duke says that he buys and delivers things, and he doesn't care what's in them. She isn't satisfied with his answer, but Duke insists that what he smuggles is none of his business or hers.

While Audrey and Agent Howard wait, he tells her to continue reporting. She explains that the people with the power are the Troubled, and that she can't arrest them. Howard points out that they've committed crimes and they have laws, but Audrey explains she can't arrest a man because his shadow kills someone, or because music drives someone insane. Howard tells her to take them out of circulation and leave the moral issues to the lawyers.

The cell phone drifts close enough to Haven to send an SOS to Nathan. He calls the Coast Guard.

Aboard the ship, a crack opens in the hull and water starts to leak through.

Audrey searches the stateroom for the secret panel that she figures that Duke has. Howard warns that Duke has a criminal record, and that she shouldn't be working with a crook. Audrey finds the secret panel and says that

Nathan learns from Audrey's computer files that Ezra and Tobias are poker cheats, and wonder why they are playing low-stakes poker with Duke. He then prepares to go out and search for Audrey, but Chief Wournos tells him to just wait.

Duke tries to reassure Julia, telling her that Ezra and Tobias want them alive to find one of the boxes, and they don't know which one. Julia wonders when he went from a guy with big dreams to a smuggler, but Duke insists he's right where he wants to be. Duke then realizes that the ship is leaking and that they'll soon sink if they don't fix the leak.

Ezra and Tobias search the ship but fail to find the box. Ezra admits that he can usually ask someone a couple of questions and learn what he knows, but he hasn't mastered his ability yet. When they realize the ship is sinking, they go to see Duke and force him to tell them where the box is.

Howard wonders why she should let Audrey stay in Haven, and she insists that she can talk to most of the people and help them. Howard demands one good reason for her to stay, but she tells him to wait until after she escapes. A she goes, she takes some of Howard's equipment.

Tobias beats Duke for the location of the box, but Duke refuses to give it up as a matter of principle. Ezra takes Duke onto the deck while Tobias stays with Julia and makes her scream. Ezra tries to read Duke's mind and realizes that Duke is deliberately blocking him. He finally gets through and learns where the box is hidden. Ezra runs over to the side and pulls up the box from where it's fastened to a cable that leads into the water.

Tobias calls their employer and tells them that they're heading for the rendezvous with the box, but might have to set off in a dinghy if the ship sinks. Once he leaves, Audrey gets to the radio and calls Nathan. She admits that she knew there was something special about the, but didn't figure them as criminals. Nathan warns her that Ezra spent time in a psychiatric hospital, and Audrey realizes that Ezra can predict what someone will do before the think it. She cuts off, and Chief Wournos tells Nathan that she'll be okay. Nathan disagrees, and the chief says that one day he'll be dead and Nathan will wish that he'd spent time with him. Chief Wournos brings up his wife, and Nathan tells him not to bring his mother into it. He says that Chief Wournos ignored him until Nathan didn't look to him any more, and he's got what he wants. All Chief Wournos can do is apologize and walk away.

Ezra starts to crack under the strain and Tobias tells him to relax and commune with the fish.

Julie watches as the water starts to flood the compartment hold where she's tied up. Howard sees the water flooding into the stateroom.

Audrey goes out onto the deck and frees Duke, and explains how Ezra's ability works. She comes up with an idea of how to defeat someone who can anticipate whatever you will do. Duke warns her that the ship is sinking and they don't have much time.

After Audrey briefs him, Duke goes out on the desk and whistles to attract the hijackers' attention. He then starts making bizarre martial arts moves mixed in with dance steps, and Ezra has no idea what he's doing. When Tobias threatens to shoot him, Audrey guides him via a hidden radio, and tells him to strip to get Ezra even further off balance. When Tobias is distracted, Duke knocks him down and takes his gun, and he and Audrey hold them at gunpoint.

The boat returns to Haven and the police take Ezra and Tobias away. Nathan comments on Audrey's tactics and is relieved she's okay. Chief Wournos tells him to come along. Agent Howard asks for an explanation, and Duke insists it was just a local dispute. Julia agrees and agrees with Duke's fake story about a baseball card. As Audrey leaves, Howard says he's looking forward to reading her report.

Duke asks if Julia is okay, and she says she screamed because Tobias told her what he'd do to Duke. When Duke says that he's sorry, Julia says that he should be and walks away.

Howard asks Audrey why she should stay in Haven, and she says that the answers to what she needs to know aren't in Boston and not in the FBI. She hands over her badge and gun and informs him that she's quitting.

Duke contemplates the box he was smuggling, and then calls his Japanese client and tells him that it's ready to be picked up. He assures the man there was no trouble, and he'll be glad to deliver another one. However, he'll be charging more. Duke then hides the box in the water again.

Later, Agent Howard meets with Chief Wournos and informs him that he gave Audrey a push to get her to stay. Chief Wournos agrees, figuring that Audrey wouldn't stay if she thought it was their idea. The chief insists that he needs Audrey there. Howard tells Wournos to get Haven under control, and soon.