Season 1 Episode 11

The Trial Of Audrey Parker

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on Syfy

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  • poker is fun

    Audrey playing poker with duke, that ought to be funny. Great episode
  • 9/24

    Haven, you actually showed a little potential here. The Jay Leno-esque sheriff and his son was actually some good drama today.

    Haven is just a poor man's Fringe, nothing more, nothing less, but we could have used some supernatural, mythical creature today. Someone who is good at cards? Please. Maybe that would help me when I am gambling, but definitely not at this.

    Solid episode, it certainly kept me entertained for the entire hour, but this is not going to save this show. Haven gets Smackdown as a lead-in soon so hopefully it can use that to catapult it into success. It needs to be better than this though.
  • So what was in the box?

    The plot or "trouble" of the week was good, someone who could read your thoughts and anticipate your actions (a la Alice in Twilight) in order to find what he was looking for was good, but what I didn't like about it is that somehow the writers don't dig up deep enough so we see more of the trouble that it looks weak and rushed. However, the episode is worth watching because there is an advance in someone's secret agenda.

    I love the whole conspiracy atmosphere and that's why I loved the X-files reference. Ha, Poor Mulder. And yes, he was a genius.

    Finally, the Chief and Nathan discuss their differences and sadly they didn't get anywhere. Lucas Bryant surprises me every week. I once said that I thought Nathan was kind of weak but the writers are doing a good job making him try to stand up on his own and not live in the Chief's shadow. And Bryant plays this new change perfectly.

    We definitely need season 2. Because whatever Audrey's boss and the Chief are up to can't be solved in two episodes.

    Audrey manipulating Duke was funny. Not much Nathan and Audrey interaction, but it's okay. It makes us shippers crave for more. But yeah, I loved how Nathan is getting to know Audrey that he knew what she could be doing... And he was right.

    Wonder what the mysterious cracks are.
  • The improvement continues

    This has been a bit of a rough first season for "Haven". I don't think it's been all that consistent, and I've repeated my mantra about the lack of connection to the actual town for a while now. So I'm happy to say that the story, at least, is beginning to gain some momentum, and that has given me hope that interest in the show (including my own) will be generated as a result.

    It was clear from the series premiere that Audrey had been directed to Haven by others, and this episode confirms it. I found it odd that her FBI boss would have confronted her about her reports and activities in such an unusual manner; needless to say, it's rather atypical. So something had to be going on behind the scenes, and it makes sense that Chief Wournos was part of the scheme. That it is related to the cyclic nature of "The Troubles" makes it all the more intriguing.

    Which brings up an interesting point that Audrey herself alludes to: does Audrey have an ability of her own? The "troubled" rarely have abilities that end up being a positive factor in their lives, and we haven't really seen Audrey deal with any negative consequences of her apparent gift of insight into the situation in Haven. But we've also seen how the "troubled" sometimes take time to recognize how their gifts become a curse. And it's quite possible that Audrey will never become "troubled" herself. Time will tell.

    The main plot for this episode provided Duke with a plethora of screen time, and that worked to its favor. Duke is to Haven what Han Solo is for the Star Wars franchise, the scoundrel with a heart of gold, and Eric Balfour continues to give the character a vital sense of vulnerability. The episode really leads the viewer to ask: what happened to Duke to turn him into the man he is today? I suspect the answer will be one of the highlights of the series.

    If there was one thing I didn't like about the episode, it was the emphasis on the conflict between Nathan and his father. The approach made it seem like the conflict had been a long-standing element of the show to this point, but it really hasn't been building up that much at all. So it felt a bit unearned and out of place. Hopefully this will tie into the plot to keep Audrey in town in some fundamental way.
  • A telling show that forces decisions and some shadows into the forefront. Some doors close, others open, and some crack open for a peek before they are snapped shut after teasing fans with some answers and some new questions.

    This may be the most critical episode in the season. It shows us who is on who's side, secret agendas, external and internal struggles affecting all our main characters, and opens doors for the series to blossom in multiple directions. Some 2-dimensional characters do some stepping up in the plot ranks and stir the pot for an interesting brew of emerging relationships and secrets struggling to come out. For me, the cards revealed at the end of the show stood way out beyond the ones shown at the start. Keep your eyes on the chief this episode for some surprises. The next episode's title hints at more to come... I can't wait to see the aftermath of this show's developments!
  • See Summary

    The Trial Of Audrey Parker, a title hardly befitting the episode, was ok. It was entertaining, but I feel like the series isn't really going anywhere. I wish we could see more of a connection between the events and characters. This episode had its moments, funny, and serious. I think there is a lot left to be discovered not only about Haven, but Audrey Parker as well. This episode did not go as deep as I thought it would. We did learn more about the characters, but was it good enough? I hope that the next few episodes really pick up the momentum.
  • A good episode

    This wasn't my favorite episode, but it was still good and it contributed to the plot line. I am curious as to what is in the mysterious box that almost got them all (except Nathan and the chief) killed? It was very interesting.

    I am also curious as to what the chief and Audrey's boss are up to... They both seem to know more than they are letting on.

    I was liked seeing more interaction between Nathan and his father, but boy is that relationship strained. I appreciate that the chief was making an effort and I couldn't help but feel kind of bad for him. But I also don't blame Nathan for being cold to him since that's all the chief has been to him throughout the season up until this point. I hope that there is more Audrey and Nathan interaction next week, lol. And I like the Duke and Julia dynamic as well.