Season 4 Episode 4

Lost and Found


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Children in Haven begin disappearing and the cause may be related to an ancient legend. Meanwhile, Duke and Jennifer try to pinpoint Audrey's location.

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Jan 22, 2014
This should have been the first episode of the fourth season. Last three episodes were complete rubbish artificially extending the plot to things unnecessary.
Oct 05, 2013
OMG, this was a top-notch episode with a really exciting case of the week. Those child-monster/some sort of Peter Pan entities were really awesome and scary, and I loved it oh so much. It was great to get Duke work as a calming power for once as opposed to Nathan's nervousness of sorts. And that even lead to such a great advancement of bringing our heroine back home to Haven. So Audrey's... or Lexie's back and things are about to get serious as we've just hit the reboot. Really still hope that Lexie is just what lays on the surface and Audrey or the real Audrey-entity will start to sprout right there.Great episode and I'm now dying for more :D
Oct 05, 2013
So...Lexie is staying? I still rather Audrey but I maintain that Lexie seems more Duke's type than Nathan's (but poor Nathan his one true love basically died on him and he has been dragged back to Haven where they want him dead for no reason no reason to return that is i know why they want him dead...well I am guessing that is until James returns and I am betting the importance of the family unit is likely important to the new threats that Dave was going on about). I am very tired right now but I am kind of suspicious of William and by extension Jennifer of maybe being associated with those Dave threats that likely we will find the Barn and Howard were actually holding back.

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