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Welcome to Haven

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 09, 2010 on Syfy
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FBI agent Audrey Parker travels to the town of Haven to investigate the death of an escaped prisoner who fled to his hometown. She soon discovers the man's death is merely the tip of a very large iceberg of supernatural phenomena.

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  • like an x files role reversal... sort of...

    I am from Maine so when I heard of this show I thought I would check it out. Unfortunately, Maine license plates and Maine references are pretty much the only real ME authenticity. It is filmed in Canada, and just about all the actors are Canadian... Once I got past that, I was able to enjoy this pretty cool pilot. Based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid, this show looks to be full of unexplainable and supernatural things happening to townsfolk in Haven, Maine. This town has been free of its cursed "troubles" for 27 years. That is until just about the same time as FBI agent, Audrey Parker arrives looking for a perp. She joins local detective, Nathan, who strangely enough, can feel no pain or real sensation on his skin, and hasn't been able to since childhood... Together, they solve her case, which turns out to be on the supernatural side. She gets her first taste of Haven's "troubles" and realizes that her family may have had something to do with the history of the small town. She sticks around for a while to see if she can find some answers. I really enjoyed this. Nathan Wuornos is extremely handsome, and Duke is a funny fellow. Looking forward to the secrets Audrey uncovers and (my favorite part) the relationship to blossom between she and her new partner...moreless
  • Yet another "X-Files" inspired show...

    I happen to like the Sci-Fi genre. Just this year I've seen "Sanctuary", "Warehouse 13", "Supernatural", "Fringe" etc. And I probably would have been fascinated by all of these shows...if I hadn't seen the "X-Files" first. See, the things is, "Haven" might be based on a novella by Stephen King, but watching the pilot I couldn't help thinking of an episode of the "X-Files" called "The Rain King". Somehow the entire case of a person, who possesses the freaky ability to control the weather, but then it turns out it's actually another person who does that - that sounded all too familiar. Not to mention the main character Audrey Parker reminds me of Fox Mulder in so many ways.

    On a sidenote, the lead actress looks too much like Kelly Clarkson to me,(or possibly Julia Stiles) and her accent is bugging me a bit. I can't make up my mind if I like the chief's son or not - he seems alright for now, though.

    So, all in all, the pilot of "Haven" didn't seem particularly interesting or enjoyable, but who knows, perhaps the following episodes will be better.moreless
  • A bad start to a promising show

    When this series was first announced, it sounded like it would be a generous blend of "Twin Peaks" and "X-Files". Certainly the early promotion fit the mold. But now that the show has actually begun, does the pilot live up to the promise?

    Other reviewers have already given the consensus answer: not quite. If anything, it is a decidedly mediocre start to a series that hasn't quite made a case for its own existence. From what I've seen so far in the pilot, the concept seems fairly limited. The idea of a town that stands as a refuge for those with supernatural power is all well and good; it's a direction that the last season of "Heroes" could and should have taken.

    So far, my problem is with the main characters. Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) does seem to be a very good agent. I never felt like she was competent enough to conduct an investigation into a missing sock, let alone the case at the center of this story. Her flippant attitude is supposed to be endearing and witty, but it just makes her look petulant.

    Officer Wournos (Lucas Bryant) is mildly interesting, but he doesn't seem to have too much personality yet. The writers have Parker and Wournos act as though they make a modern Cooper/Truman or Mulder/Scully partnership, but that hasn't been earned yet. And while Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) and Marion Caldwell (Nicole de Boer) were much better on the whole, they didn't really bring enough to the table.

    But the real problem is that the town itself isn't strange and unusual enough. Twin Peaks as a place was full of the bizarre and mind-boggling, almost to the point of excess. It also had a thematic cohesiveness to it that "Haven" utterly lacks. There do seem to be a few ongoing mysteries and conspiracies to explore, in terms of the Colorado Kid and her true purpose in being led to Haven, but it doesn't connect on the same level as, say, Fox Mulder's ongoing search for his sister.

    It's certainly possible that the show will grow over the course of the summer season; it wouldn't be the first capable series to have a terrible pilot and improve dramatically. But even in comparison to other recent Syfy fare, this is a disappointing start.moreless
  • An interesting show so far

    When I saw the ads on SyFy for this show I wasn't certain what it was going to be about. So now I know, primarily a supernatural phenomenon show involving the people in the town. The setting is quite nice, in fact I now want to visit the small towns on the far upper east coast even more, and plays well into setting up a background for the series. I enjoyed the episode story line and the initial character development as well. If they continue to build on the primary characters it could play out well. I think for me the thing I liked was setting it in this New England seacoast town which was different than the X-Files. It reminds me of a grown up Eerie, Indiana, which I really enjoyed back in its' single year run. This should prodce very grown up versions of these things, it captures that quirkiness and great setting that Eerie did.moreless
  • One word, "Intriguing!" :D

    I liked the show. It keeps me in suspense for the first time I watched. Well, the case is amazing. The first episode where we have a woman who can control the weather with her emotions is creepy as we have a twist here and there. The people in Haven is quite weird as well as interesting. It's like they have special powers or something. Nathan does not have five senses but only four. He can't feel pain. And we have Conrad's extraordinary strength. I can't wait to watch the next episode in the time to come. Hopefully it will be as great as the first one.moreless
Nicole de Boer

Nicole de Boer

Marion Caldwell

Guest Star

Patrick Garrow

Patrick Garrow

Conrad Brauer

Guest Star

Maurice Dean Wint

Maurice Dean Wint

Agent Howard

Guest Star

John Dunsworth

John Dunsworth

Dave Teagues

Recurring Role

Richard Donat

Richard Donat

Vince Teagues

Recurring Role

Mary-Colin Chisholm

Mary-Colin Chisholm

Eleanor Carr

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Eleanor: Congratulations, Nathan. Now you get to come back with me for an MRI.
      Nathan: Another? Lucky number nine.
      Eleanor: Yeah, cheer up. Tenth one's free. (to Audrey) He's a regular.

    • Audrey: It's time to step up, Conrad.
      Conrad: How's that?
      Audrey: I could put her in jail but what would that solve? If Marian lets her emotions get out of control again, a lot of people could get hurt. Only three of us know what she can do, but only one of us has a real chance of making her happy. She needs somebody to keep her safe. But most importantly, calmed.

    • Audrey: Oh, oh no, my cell phone, oh, crap it's...
      Duke: Oh yeah, it's toast. But I uh, got you another one. (shows her a pink cell phone)
      Audrey: A Princess phone? Seriously?
      Duke: You really need to work on your thank yous.

    • Agent Howard: (seeing Audrey's barren home) It's impressive how little you've done with... so little.
      Audrey: That's what I do with all the vacation time that I don't get. Hit a bunch of outlet stores and furniture shop with all the guys that I don't meet.

    • (watching Audrey's car go off a cliff)
      Nathan: Shame about the car.
      Audrey: Eh, it's a rental.

    • Audrey: FBI! Who are you?
      Nathan: Haven PD. Who are you?
      Audrey: F-B-I. Are you deaf?

    • Nathan: Can I give you a ride somewhere?
      Audrey: Yeah, I guess it's friendlier than if I commandeer your vehicle.
      Nathan: Probably less paperwork, too.

    • Chief Wournos: Oh, it's the FBI. Well, is this one of those situations where you're here claiming to help, but you're really just here to step on my toes?
      Audrey: Not in these shoes.

    • Nathan: Welcome to Haven. You like pancakes? We got good pancakes.
      Audrey: What about lobster? Isn't Maine famous for lobster?
      Nathan: I don't like lobster. I really like pancakes.
      Audrey: Ah, I like the truck.
      Nathan: Thanks. Had it since I was 19.
      Audrey: How do you keep a car that long?
      Nathan: I don't drive off cliffs.

    • Audrey: So you seriously can't feel pain?
      Nathan: It's called ideopathic neuropathy.
      Audrey: You really couldn't feel it when that car door hit your hand?
      Nathan: No.
      Audrey: Can you feel fire?
      Nathan: No.
      Audrey: Ice?
      Nathan: Oddly, yes. I can feel ice.
      Audrey: You can feel ice?
      Nathan: No. I can feel a headache coming on, though.

    • Audrey: You took my clothes.
      Duke: Good morning.
      Audrey: You took my clothes.
      Duke: Well, now, I laundered your clothes. I saved your life. That's an odd combination, when you think about it. I mean, if you think about it.
      Audrey: You must be Duke.

    • Duke: Milk, one sugar, right?
      Audrey: No. No, and why would you know how I took my coffee?
      Duke: I wouldn't. It would've been cool if I did.

    • (as Dave does a data search)
      Audrey: Wow, that's impressive.
      Vince: You should see him use the Google machine.
      Dave: Hilarious.

    • Audrey: You know, every other kid I knew dreamed that their parents would come and claim them. And then they'd turn out to be rock stars. But I--I just dreamed that... you know what, never mind.
      Nathan: Too late to stop now.
      Audrey: I dreamed that my mother would roll up in a big bus, and she would rescue every kid in every orphanage in the world and bring them home.
      Nathan: Might be a good idea to let that one go.

  • NOTES (5)

    • As with many pilots, there are no opening series credits. After the teaser, the show picks up with the action while showing the main stars and opening credit crew.

    • Injoke: The Teagues' office address is 217 King Street, a subtle nod to Stephen King, author of The Colorado Kid. Further, 217 is the room number in The Shining of the haunted room that Danny Torrance is told to avoid.

    • Music: Love Will Keep Us Together (The Captain and Tennille)

    • The only similarities to Stephen King's novella, "The Colorado Kid" are that one of the two resident newspapermen has the name Vince Teagues, his partner has the first name David, and that the "Colorado Kid" murder seen in the photograph is similar to one in the novella: a body slumped against a trash can, and the corpse is eventually nicknamed "The Colorado Kid."

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: July 12, 2010 on Showcase
      UK: October 7, 2010 on Syfy
      Czech Republic: October 13, 2010 on Universal Channel
      Latin America: October 15, 2010 on SyFy Channel
      Finland: October 25, 2012 on YLE TV2