Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to Haven

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

FBI Agent Audrey Parker is sleeping late and wakes up to a knock on her door. It's her boss, Agent Howard, who tells her to stick to non-fictional work after what happened in Miami. Audrey explains that she solves cases by being open to extraordinary possibilities, and he tells her he's sending her to Haven, Maine, to find Federal prisoner Jonas Lester. He killed a guard and escaped lock-up, and fled to Haven. She's to go to Haven, find the escapee, and bring him back... and avoid getting involved in anything else.

Lester chases a man through the woods to the edge of a cliff, carrying a gun and insisting that he doesn't want to shoot. When he gets to the edge of the cliff, the gun is yanked from his hand and some force lifts him up into the air and then throws him onto the beach, a hundred yards away. The man he was following watches for a moment and then runs away.

Audrey drives into Haven but is forced to stop when a chasm opens up in the road ahead of her. She drives off the road to avoid it and her car stops at the edge of a cliff. A man knocks on the window and asks if she needs help. He casually opens the front door and gets her out just as the car goes over the edge. He notices that she has a gun and draws his gun, and she draws his. Audrey identifies herself as a FBI agent and the man identifies himself as Nathan Wuornos, with the Haven PD. She flashes him her badge and he shows her his. Satisfied, he tells her he knows where Lester is. As she gets in his car, she slams the door on his fingers but he doesn't seem to notice.

Nathan takes her to the beach and Lester's corpse. Chief Wuornos isn't impressed, but Audrey notices several that the corpse is too far away from the edge of the cliff. She also finds a piece of paper that has numbers on it. Chief Wuormos doesn't believe it adds up to anything and leaves. Nathan explains that the chief is his father, and Audrey calls Howard and gives him an update.

As Audrey and Nathan go to the cliff, Nathan admits that he doesn't get along with his father. They find Lester's footprints indicating he chased someone, and uprooted trees, and Nathan reports that there aren't any tornados in the vicinity. Searching, they find a gun, and a hat that Nathan says belongs to someone he knows, someone who Lester stole money from.

As they go into town, Nathan explains that the hat belongs to Conrad Brauer, who was in the service with Lester. When they got back, Conrad started a repair business and Lester became a crook, stealing benefits from Conrad and other veterans. They find him doing repair work at a store belonging to Marion Caldwell. He thanks them for finding his hat, but warns Audrey to maintain the perimeter. Nathan explains that Conrad has personal space issues. Audrey backs off and asks if he saw Lester, and Conrad claims that he was up on the cliff to watch the boats. However, he insists he wasn't near the cliff when Lester died. Audrey has Nathan distract while she goes inside to talk to the storeowner, but then hesitates when a massive bank of fog rolls into town. Conrad slips away and they listen as cars crash around them. A truck almost hits Nathan, and Audrey shoves him out of the way, and he injures his shoulder on the concrete.

In the aftermath of the chaos, Nathan gets his injury treated by the local EMT, Eleanor, and explains to Audrey that he suffers from a lack of pain. Audrey comments on the fog but Nathan dismisses it as normal Maine weather. As he goes to the hospital, two local newspaper owners, editors, and reporters, brothers Dave and Vince Teagues, come by and ask to talk to her later because t. As Audrey goes to the store, Nathan comes after her, saying he doesn't want to go to the hospital for yet another of many MRIs.

In the store, they talk to the owner, Marion Caldwell, who is there with her boyfriend Ted Ford. They talk about how they're planning to move to Santa Barbara and open a shop since Marion lost her mother recently, and Marion verifies Conrad's alibi. She insists that Conrad is the gentlest man she's ever met. As Audrey talks to Marion, Nathan gets a report that the gun trace came in and it belongs to Duke Crocker, a local smuggler. They go to Duke's decrepit boat but he's not there. Nathan warns that Duke is a total waste and unreliable, and goes to find him.

That night, Conrad returns to store and Marion warns that he's in trouble. She talks about how he taught her to swim when they were kids, and trusts him implicitly. Conrad admits that he's scared as well, but needs to deal with the Lester situation on his own.

A hail storm rolls into town as Audrey searches the docks. She runs for cover but lightning strikes a nearby pole and the explosion throws her into the water.

The next morning, Audrey wakes up in bed, naked, aboard Duke's boat. She finds a shirt, and her gun and badge on the nightstand. She gets up and goes outside, and finds Duke waiting for her. He explains that he saved her life, and claims he doesn't know anything about Lester's death. As she puts on her clean clothing, she asks him about the gun but he insists he isn't involved and that he reported to Nathan that the gun was stolen. Duke admits that Nathan was right about him, and he used to be a jerk. When Audrey comments on the weather, Duke insists that it's normal, and loans her a Princess cell phone.

Audrey goes to the police station and defends Duke to Nathan. Nathan insists that Duke can't be trusted, but Audrey isn't convinced. She examines satellite photos of the storm, which shows that it originated in the center of town. Nathan is more interested in the piece of paper, which came from the tide calendar aboard Duke's ship. As the chief comes over to ask what she's been doing, Audrey realizes that the tide calendar shows that the clamming beach was underwater when Conrad claims he was there. She goes to see him and demand answers, moving in on him. When he starts to panic, Marion comes out. Conrad glances at her and sends her flying away, and snow starts falling from the sky. Marion tells Conrad to stay away from her and runs inside, and Conrad admits that he killed Lester but it was an accident.

Audrey takes Conrad to the station, and discovers that Nathan has brought Duke in for the murder. Duke is handcuffed and Nathan has brought him in. Nathan doesn't believe that Conrad is guilty, and tells Duke to wait. Audrey talks to Duke privately and figures that he lied about seeing Lester. He admits that he doesn't talk to cops, and she warns him that she can have him arrested. She then asks him about the numbers on the tide calendar, but he refuses to explain unless Nathan apologizes. He reluctantly does so and Duke explains that Lester wanted him to get to Canada, but Duke didn't want to smuggle felons. They figure the number is a boat registration number and Audrey asks Nathan to check it out. When he balks, she explains about what Conrad did to her and insists that something strange is going on, and she's going to find out what.

At the store, Ted gives Marion the key to the new shop that he's bought for them in Santa Barbara. She agrees to make the down payment with him and they embrace.

As Audrey goes over the weather satellite photos at the police station, Vince and Dave come by and give her a photo from the newspaper archives from 27 years ago. There's a woman in it who looks like Audrey, and a headline about the Colorado Kid, an unidentified murder victim. They wonder if she has relatives in the area. She admits she doesn't have any family, and asks them about Conrad. They check the archives for any connections between Conrad and the weather, and find a story about Marion's family moving to Haven after their home in Georgia was destroyed by freak storms. Her mother, the family's daughter in 1956, died recently. As the two reporters talk, they find a piece that confirms that Marion inherited her mother's $2 million.

Nathan finds the mystery boat and locates Marion's financial records on it. He calls Audrey and explains that Lester came back for the $2 million that Marion had. Audrey realizes that Lester had a partner: Ted. Audrey calls Marion, who explains that she was supposed to be up on the cliff stargazing with Ted, but he never showed. The FBI agent tells her that Lester went to the cliff to kill her. When Audrey asks if Ted got access to her money recently, Marion checks the deposit and discovers that it's been taken out. As she starts to panic, storms grow outside. She tells Audrey over the phone that she has to go and runs out to find Ted.

As the storm clouds gather, Audrey calls Nathan and warns him about Marion. She figures she knows where Ted is going.

Marion confronts Ted at his house and realizes he lied to her. Lightning strikes around them as Ted insists he hasn't draw anything to harm her. He draws a gun but Marion blows it out of his hand with a gun. Audrey arrives and Marion tells her to stay out of it, but the agent attempts to convince her she's the one causing the storm. As Nathan arrives, Ted goes for the gun and opens fire. He hits Nathan in the shoulder, but Nathan tackles him. Meanwhile Audrey tries to convince Marion she's the one responsible for the deaths. The agent gets Marion to calm down, and the store owner breaks into tears as the storm clouds dissipate.

Later, Audrey talks to Conrad at the beach, and she suggests that he was watching over Marion because he loves her. She tells him to step up and declare his love, and that Marion needs somebody to keep her safe and calm because they can't arrest her. Conrad goes to Marion, and she admits that he was right. When she reaches for his hand, she hesitates because of his personal perimeter, and Conrad takes her hand.

Audrey goes to see Nathan and brings lilacs. He's asleep, and Chief Wuornos notices her. The agent puts the flowers on Nathan's desk, and then notices that Nathan was looking at the photo of her look-alike. Nathan wakes up and Audrey explains that Lester was picked up on a parole violation and broke out to stop Ted from leaving with his share of Marion's money. She admits that Marion has some kind of power, but Nathan isn't convinced. He tells her that his father was a beat cop on the Colorado Kid murder, but only him as "the chief," not his dad. Nathan points out the woman looks like Audrey, and wonders if they're related. Audrey admits that when she was a child, she dreamed that her mother would show up one day and rescue every orphan, including herself, and admits she can't give up that dream.

Audrey goes to the spot of the murder in the photo, and calls Howard to tell him she's taking some vacation time. He agrees... and Marion is unaware that he's watching her from across the harbor. Howard hangs up and then calls someone and informs them that Audrey is staying, and can help them with their troubles. As he drives away, the road opens up behind him.