Season 4 Episode 12

When the Bough Breaks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2013 on Syfy

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  • When The Bough Breaks

    They pushed Audrey to the edge here, and I think it was about time that happened. This was a solid episode, but a little more "goofy sci-fi" than edgy sci-fi, whatever that means.
  • Finally the show is getting mildly interesting

    Finally the show is getting mildly interesting, right at the end, right near the finale, I wish it was more interesting throughout the season.
  • Oh Audrey, who are you?

    Well this was a great episode and left us hanging wondering where all this is heading. Who is Audrey really? William certainly has his desires wanting her to find out as well as other motives. He is certainly one cold blooded guy and really enjoys his smugness and apparent knowledge of things from years ago. Audrey doesn't want to but is being manipulated by him to prevent the deaths being caused by the baby's cries. Then there is the mystery of the lighthouse as well and that has to be involved in the overall mystery of who Audrey and William are and how they are related. Along with this both Duke and Nathan are afraid of who Audrey might be and where this dark path will lead her. And this first half of the season finale two parter ends with some real moral conundrums for each of the primary players. Next week is a must watch to see how this all pans out and how season four ends. Hopefully Haven will be renewed for at least one more season so more of these characters can be further fleshed out.