Season 4 Episode 12

When the Bough Breaks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2013 on Syfy



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    • Vince: My symbol, it's been acting strangely. Normally I control it but it's begun fading in and out on its own.
      Dave: You never told me that.
      Vince: You didn't tell me you ate the last of the marmalade last night.
      Dave: That's not the same thing, Vincent!

    • Gloria: You think marriage is tough until you fall for a guy who can't allow himself to cry. It brings new meaning to "emotionally unavailable."

    • Nathan: You don't know the first thing about love. When I break your connection to Audrey, I'm going to put you in the ground. And it will hurt.

    • Duke: If you think we're going to be like some flavor-coffee commercial, you clearly don't know me.
      Jennifer: I know you, Duke.

    • Audrey: You don't trust me to hold on to who I am?
      Duke: I don't trust the Troubles. They are deep and dark and they take the people you love away.

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