Season 2 Episode 10

Who, What, Where, Wendigo?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2011 on Syfy

Episode Recap

A trucker is parked at a diner and hears a radio report about a family discovering the remains of a murdered dental hygienist, Malia McClintock, whose death is related to a half dozen others in the area. The police are looking for a sandy-haired man with a rose tattoo on his arm, chasing a teenager. As the trucker watches an attractive waitress come out, he spots the man with the rose tattoo come out of the diner. Drawing his gun, the trucker follows the man into a shed in the back and hears growling noises. He goes inside and something throws him out.

As they arrive at the diner, Nathan points out that Audrey's drinking her third cup of coffee. She admits that she hasn't been sleeping well since the breakup. They then talk to the trucker, who says whatever threw him had superhuman strength. Dwight arrives and convinces him that he was attacked by a black bear. Nathan has identified the boy as Rory Campbell and found blood in the area. The waitress called Rory's parents and his father is on the way down. They follow the blood trail into the edge of the woods and find a band stamped "Forever." Audrey figures that they have to get some more people to search but wonders who they can trust. She finally insists that it's just her and Nathan and they have to do it on their own.

Rory's father arrives and demands to know what they're doing about his son's disappearance. He insists on helping them search, noting that he's an ex-Marine, and refuses to let a serial killer get away. Dwight tells Nathan that he's coming but Nathan reminds him that he's a bullet magnet. The cleaner insists and Audrey decides to call Duke for his help. He tells her that she has plans and Audrey suggests that chasing a serial killer might help him take his mind off of Evi's death.

Nathan and Audrey end up calling in Dave and Vince, who are experts on the woods. The brothers arrive but Dave acts oddly reluctant. Mr. Campbell insists on going off on his own but Nathan stops him and splits the group up into pairs. Vince goes with Dwight and asks if has visited Lizzie. Dwight says he's there to help find Rory, but Vince says he's tempting fate. As Dwight says Lizzie would have been nine, they hear a screeching noise.

Audrey and Mr. Campbell go off on their route and he asks if she has any experience. She points out that he's standing in some blood and they follow the trail to a gutted raccoon. Nearby they find a man impaled on a tree branch. They call over the others and confirm that it's the killer, and wonder if Rory killed the man. Mr. Campbell insists that Rory wasn't capable of killing anyone, and Dave suggests that they're dealing with a wendigo. Over Vince's objections, Dave explains that the area used to be the wendigo's hunting ground. Dwight confirms that whatever tore the killer apart had human teeth, and Mr. Campbell insists that there's no history of the Troubled in his family.

Dave and Nathan look for tracks and Dave confirms that wendigo are twice as fast as normal people. He admits that he believes in the Troubles even if he doesn't believe in the wendigo. They hear something moving up ahead and come face to face with... Duke. Driscoll and his men are with him and order Nathan to lower his gun. Audrey comes up and orders Driscoll and his men to lower their guns. They do so and Driscoll says that they're protecting their own. Audrey asks why Duke is there with Driscoll and he says that he's just a concerned citizen. Driscoll insists that they know how to hunt down evil and what to do with it, and leaves it up to Mr. Campbell to decide what to do. Mr. Campbell says that they need the numbers. As they go, Nathan asks if Duke is insane and the smuggler insists that they need to do something different from what they've tried so far. When his friend asks if it's about Evi, Duke says that he's seeing things clearly for the first time and tells Nathan to stay out of his way.

As they continue the search, Nathan and Audrey discuss Duke. Nathan wonders if Duke was bluffing and suggests that Driscoll is finally making his move with Duke on his side. Meanwhile, Duke goes with Dwight and comments on his crossbow. As Duke continues onward, Dwight sees a young girl in a tutu standing up ahead. The wendigo screeches again and when Dwight turns back around, the girl is gone.

As Nathan and Audrey explore, they find a girl's sweater and hear more screeching noises, and realize that there are more than one wendigo. Rory comes out of the woods and admitted that he killed the killer. Before he can explain, one of Driscoll's hunters runs out of the woods and says that something bit him on his leg. Rory runs off into the woods and Nathan figures that the wendigos are after them, not him.

The group reunites and gathers on the shore as night falls. Duke comes to talk to Audrey, who tells him to leave because of how he threatened Nathan earlier. Duke insists that she can trust him and admits that he knows Driscoll had something to do with Evi's death. However, he tells Audrey that Driscoll knows about all the mysteries in his life and needs to find out what he knows. Duke insists that he's the same person that Audrey has always known but that he's onto something big. Audrey admits that she wants answers as well and warms up to him, and she gives him a fire tip. When Duke wonders where she learned that, Audrey admits that she doesn't remember who or how she learned it. She warns Duke that some things that he learns, he can never unlearn.

Wendigos start screeching in the woods and everyone draws their guns. Mr. Campbell decides to go into the woods to attack them and Driscoll and his men go as well. Duke voices his enthusiasm and goes with them as well. Nathan goes with them as well, trips, and finds his hand covered with blood from a gutted deer. A girl, Frankie Benton, comes out of the woods and says that he has to help them. Another girl, Sophie, comes out and Frankie restrains her. Sophie's mouth is covered with blood and Frankie explains that she's hungry.

Audrey looks for Nathan and finds Driscoll. He tells her that everyone else went back to camp and assures her that they know how to deal with the Troubled. Driscoll points out that her approach to the Troubled has got a lot of people killed and now he and his people will wipe them out. Audrey asks where Nathan is but Driscoll turns and leaves.

Someone grabs Audrey… Nathan. He leads her to Frankie and Sophie, who explain that they can survive on most flesh even if they want human flesh. Their parents went down in a plane several months ago, triggering their affliction. Since then, they moved out of town because of the overwhelming smells and sounds. They explain that Amelia, their middle sister, was dating Rory and Nathan figures that Rory may have lured the serial killer into the woods so that Amelia could eat her. Sophie moans in pain and Frankie explains that they suffer when they don't eat. Nathan tells Frankie to hide her sister and she tells him that Rory and Amelia used to meet at an old ranger station. As Driscoll and his men keep searching, Nathan says that they'll have to wait until morning now that Driscoll is making his move.

The next morning, Rory meets Amelia at the ranger station. She worries that she can't overcome her hunger but Rory says that he knows she can overcome it once she gets through the withdrawal pains. Rory touches her but Amelia shoves him back and warns that he can't be too close. He goes to get some food for her.

Nathan and his group head for the ranger station on their own. Meanwhile, Driscoll thanks Duke for joining with them and explains that they can't let their moral boundaries be compromised. The reverend says that once everything is over, they have to sit down and have a long conversation. He tells Duke that he has a chance at saving Haven that his father never did, and Duke says he's looking forward to that conversation. As Duke goes on, Rory knocks Driscoll unconscious and drags him away.

Nathan and the others arrive at the ranger cabin first but find nothing. Duke and the others arrive and report that Driscoll disappeared. As they go to search, Audrey says that they need Frankie's help to find her sister. Vince and Dave stay in case the others double back while Nathan, Audrey, and Dwight go to find Frankie at her hiding spot. When they arrive there, Frankie explains that Sophie is being overcome by the hunger. Dwight offers to take her to his truck where he has a medical kit, but Frankie warns that Sophie needs human blood. The cleaner tells her that he'll deal with it and leaves.

Rory ties Driscoll to a tree and Amelia approaches him. She hesitates and Rory points out that the reverend was going to kill her. They hear approaching footsteps and Amelia starts to give in to her hunger.

As Dwight carries Sophie through the woods, he talks about The Nutcracker and explains that his daughter Lizzie loved the ballet. He steps into a bear trap and collapses.

Audrey, Nathan, and Frankie hear Rory yelling for help. Duke and his group hear him as well and give chase. However, Frankie smells the blood trail and realizes that Rory is leading them away from Amelia.

Dwight is unable to get his foot free or pull the post free. He bares his arm and offers it to her, but Sophie refuses. Dwight tells her that she has to do it but she says that he'll save her. He finally manages to pull the post free and limps off, the trap still on his leg.

Amelia sniffs at Driscoll's blood and finally starts to cut his throat. However, she then cuts him free and tells Driscoll to run while she can still restrain herself. He tells her that she did the right thing, and then grabs her knife and throws her to the ground. She says she's sorry but Driscoll says that it's about the lives that she'll take. He doesn't believe her when she says that she can control it. Frankie arrives with Nathan and runs forward, but before she can get there, a shot rings out. It's Audrey, who has shot and killed Driscoll before he could kill Amelia.

Nathan checks the body and asks if Audrey was aiming for his shoulder. Duke and Mr. Campbell arrive and Mr. Campbell accuses her of murder, but Nathan insists that it was a righteous shooting. Later, they get back to the diner, and Dwight tells Nathan that the medics gave Sophie a morphine drip to stabilize her. Meanwhile, Amelia tells Rory that she's strong to get through it, and he promises to be there for her when he comes back. The police take him away while Dwight drives the three sisters away. As he goes, he looks at a photo of himself and his daughter. Nathan asks the Teagues where Dwight is taking them, and they tell him that they're going to a slaughterhouse until the Troubles are over. Vince then asks what happened out there but Nathan says nothing.

Duke comes over to see Audrey, who says she'll have to explain why she didn't aim for Driscoll's legs. He asks the same question and points out that he was close to getting the answers he needed. Now he has nothing. Audrey snaps at him and asks if Duke would have stopped Driscoll if he had been there when the reverend tried to kill Amelia. Duke admits that he doesn't know and Audrey tells him that he'll have to decide and that she did what she had to because they're fighting a war.