Season 2 Episode 10

Who, What, Where, Wendigo?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2011 on Syfy

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  • incredible

    Its incredible how it all makes sense when you watched the whole show. How Dave and Vince are connected to the towns secrets etc. Great episode.
  • Starting to wonder

    I am starting to have a problem with the show. Almost everyone in town (Haven) knows about the Troubles. So everyone can stop sneaking, whispering and lying about it now. If you have a 'Trouble' - reach out to someone for help. You know the Rev and his crew are not welcoming. Choose someone else.

    Instead what we have are people KILLING other people and then saying that they can't control it because of a stressful situation that has occurred to them. Once you figured out it was you causing it - you have a duty to try to prevent it from happening again. Aside from the really malevolent ones - these Troubled people are killing people and are still allowed to walk around free. (I will give credence to those under peculiar 'house

    And this is where Rev was leading. They are killing people and the consequence is small. There has to be some sort of judgement.

    Now, Rev's idea of killing them is wrong.

    Perhaps it is time for a Town Hall Meeting. All cards on the table. "Look folks, we all know about the Troubles. The Police dept is willing to assist. But if you know you are Troubled and don't ask for help and kill someone, you'll be treated the same as anyone else. Incarcerated (special jail or what not). " I don't think they can just be free.

  • 210


    I like the majority of this episode taking place in the woods and I am glad that they started us off with a Fringe-like supernatural monster causing terror. Unlike Fringe it turned out to be nothing like what we expected, and that's more often than not, a problem for this show. The episode was action-packed and it was enjoyable, but would it kill Haven to not have a happy ending to one of its stories one week?

  • Who, What, Where, Wendigo?


    Who, What, Where, Wendigo? was a perfect episode of Haven and I really enjoyed watching this episode as it definitely exceeded my expectations. The episode was well written and the actors all played their parts perfectly. There was a lot of plot and character development especially in the end when Audrey takes a fateful shot. I like how dark the characters got in this episode. The fight that the Reverend has been waging comes to a critical point. Duke has to ask himself some serious questions which adds to his character depth. I really liked the way the story played out. The song in the last scenes was amazingly beautiful. I look forward to watching the next episode of Haven to find out what happens!!!!!!!!!

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