Hawaii Five-0

Season 4 Episode 2

A'ale Ma'a Wau

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • Justified in Hawaii

    Good episode. A Texas Ranger arrives in Honolulu looking for his daughter. In cowboy hat and boots, he plays a witty bad-ass highly reminiscent of US Marshal Raylin Givens, from Justified. Actor Tim Daly gets an A for effort, but it's a tough act to follow. Still, I loved that peanut butter segment. In the end, the gang plays T-ball, and Catherine decides to leave the Navy.
  • Long term storylines drag on.

    H50 Is great for it's stand alone storylines, but when it comes to long term storylines, it just drags on and on. Doris was one of these, and now we have the Kono in hiding story, which I guess will go on and on for the next two seasons!
  • Five-0 helps a Texas Ranger search for his kidnapped daughter just as Catherine is about to make a life changing decision.

    Well, I stand corrected. However, being wrong in my belief that McGarrett and Wo-Fat were hal-brothers made me appreciate this show a little more. I like how it had me fooled for quite some time. As far as the rest of this particular episode is concerned, I thought it was quite good but I do have some reservations. As much as I like Tim Daly, I just did not buy him as a Texas Ranger. His fake accent was a little cheesy and the whole thing with the cowboy hat, belt buckle and cowboy boots was a bit silly. Still I was hooked on this episode until the end. One other thing, if Adam and Kono know that the Yakuza is after them, why didn't they take the weapons of the hitmen they killed before they left. Fight fire with fire. Right?
  • Taken goes to Hawaii

    this episode was more like Taken the movie