Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 24

Aloha. Malama Pono

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 20, 2013 on CBS

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  • Kono is on the run

    Kono is on the run after being set up for murder, and Steve and Doris both visit Wo Fat, Steve, to solve a case, but Doris' reasons are a mystery.
  • The song of finale

    "Promise" by Ben Howard
  • the ending song

    This episode was fantastic... true cliffhanger and leaves a lot questions for season 4. Question. Does anyone know who sings the ending song??
  • The third season ends with Five-0 trying to find an escaped federal prisoner and trying to clear Kono of murder.

    Finally a season finale of "Hawaii Five-0" that does not feature the death of a recurring character. Could it be more obvious that Kono will return? Not that there's anything wrong with that considering what a good character she is, but I just could not help but mention it. The worst kept secret in television came very close to being revealed but fate stepped in. Steve will have to wait a little longer to learn Wo-Fat is his half-brother. One thing that hurts this episode to a certain degree is the implausible scenes on the plane (A prisoner very easily overpowers four armed CIA and the final scene at the prison. I had a lot of trouble buying that more than twenty heavily armed and specially trained guards were easily mowed down like roadkill. Regardless I will be tuning in (on Friday now) for the season four premier. See you there!
  • Very good show

    But I keep wondering #1 - how did one man kill all of those on the plane...... #2 at the end - with that much Security - how could anyone - unless it was an army - actually shoot all those military men in the hall of this really tight security prison......... ***that being said - it was a very tense, stressful, exciting show. And hopefully Kono will return. If not, hopefully another great actress will come on

    ------------ AND NO I will not try & Guess what happened, OR what will happen............. like so many others who seem to always want to keep writing their 'ideas' of what's gonna happen.

    I would rather Wait & See.................
  • Try to tie up loose ends, not.

    I liked it mostly. Did the cutting torch gang take out all the soldiers in the hall outside WoFats pen? Or was it tear gas? Steve will help WoFat escape. But I wonder if they are his men? Doris I bet is his mother. her going over seas will prolong Steve's anguish over what WoFat has on her. Doris like Kono may stay away for several episodes. Doris could easily be captured. Wo Fat being on her boat is intriguing. In the Michael/Adam/Kono story line they should have worked it more between seeing Michael putting back Kono's gun and last weeks finding it was used to kill that guy. That way if he was to die in a struggle with Adam it would be more dramatic. This time he should have wounded Adam maybe and fled. Or vice versa.

    The story with the 5 dead agents and Rafael Salgado(liked him on The Unit) and his son was good. He plays that "wronged" bad guy good. Catherine and her ex could cause some waves. But it will probably turn out he is bad and 5-0 will have to bring him down. So over all it was good, to me.

    If our comments and tweets influence the writers which is cool. Then maybe this Summer the writers will be watching and wondering what we think on the Kono/Adam, Catherine/Steve/Billy, Chin/Leilani, Danny/Gabby, Steve/Doris/WoFat/mystery bad guys story lines.

    Maybe the reason they brought in ex bf, Billy Harrington. Maybe they will watch our feedback this summer and decide, if he does more then sees Catherine. He could become a nuisance, or they could go out a few times and make Steve jealous and he "fights" for her. Or she could go date him and it takes Steve a while to see what he lost. Or and I hope not, Billy could be the start of a ark where he turns out to be bad.

    Now the WoFat/Doris story seems it will be stretched out more with her over seas and WoFat escaped with Steve's help. This could give them time as you say to fabricate the next step. But if she was gone 20 years, she would have had to have been WoFat lover at least 12 years before that to have her be WoFats mommy. Also she said she killed WoFat Sr. Did she literally pull the trigger, or did she do something that set him up either to have the under world or Police take him out by her error. Maybe not killing WoFat at the house was her way of paying him back, but he didn't kill her either, so there is something there. Going to visit him at the Prison is interesting. And unless the CIA got her special visitor rights, I don't believe realistically she could get in. Did all the information get found out from the Champ box? And why hasn't Steve questioned Joe White more about his Mom's missing years?

    The team breaking in to the prison to get WoFat could be his own, but could be the NLM Terrorists? We got a lot of information on them to not just let them disappear. Like on NCIS and LA, these enemies come back. Not sure the Yakuza has that power to get in. But they were after WoFat in the past when Steve helped him fight them. But WoFat being dropped off at Doris's slow boat to Shanghai by Kamekona's helicopter could happen.

    The previews said that the 4 would become 3. I bet like me you thought, "No they can't kill one off!" But if Kono is pregnant, they probably will keep her "Over Seas" for a few months. We will probably hear that Micheal's men will be after them. Maybe have the crime rate by the Yakaza go up with the unrest in leadership. Kono's pregnancy could be written into the story as her and Adam are close. But as "Numb3rs" and "The Mentalist" to name 2 tried to hide the fact of pregnancy with them always working behind a desk or wall, or computer, eventually you can tell. Another I bet not popular idea as her "temp replacement" is to bring back Lori Weston. But with her on "Chicago Fire" It won't happen. Maybe Duke can move up like he did on the original series.

    They should have shown more concern for Fong. But as someone stated, maybe because of the case they will feel it later. If Kono and Adam have a strong bond, then Fong will have to watch from afar.

    Nice to see Danny with Gabby. Hope it doesn't move to fast. Danny's ex should also be back in it and Gracie should have some problems. Chin and Leiani was a good thing him calling her. That also should move slow, but more then it has. He should think back still to Malia.

    Danny kicking Rafael Salgado against the car was good. But Danny should be the more by the book guy that he was in S01, and S02. But like Horatio Caine on "CSI:MIAMI", he does have a child soft spot. Steve can be the normal hot head.

    Hopefully the Friday move won't kill it.
  • the cliche's are strong with this one..

    old tired bored yawn inducing season finalle..

    can we please not use the ex spy lies all the time schtick ...

    can we not have the old flame whilst we was on a break...

    can we not have the bad guy who has been captured TWICE be free AGAIN...


    only potential saving point is gabby wised up and aww bless her came home to dano.. so sweet... BUT TOTALLY OUT OF PLACE..
  • i just don't know! :(

    I just loveee this show.

    they are 3

  • Disappointed.

    Well, I am assuming the writers are being paid enough to come up with better material than this. Doris is still lying. Wo Fat is still alive. Kono is leaving. Adam is leaving. Chin is pairing up. Danny is pairing up, Steve can't uncross his arms when Cath is near. And if that doesn't scream no chemistry, I don't know what does. Another terrorist episode. All the bad guys defeated. And Charlie injured, but the whole team just walks away, no feeling there. I'd have liked to finally hear the explanation as to why Cath didn't tell Steve she witnessed his mother torturing a man. Better yet, have her leave with the handsome man who is retiring from the service. There just wasn't much cohesion to this episode. Nothing answered. I didn't feel entertained or invested. I don't think the writers/director are allowing the actors to live up to their potential. And Danny in these last few episodes has not been the moral compass that he once was. Unless that is the goal, for every member of Five-O to feel that they are entitled to live above the law, beyond the law, and never be held responsible for their actions.
  • I could have done it better.

    All I'm saying is, the last five minutes of the show could have been done better. First, if Kono was just gonna leave, I would have rather Michael kill her. You know, assuming she won't come back anyway. Next, I would have ended it with McGarrett getting the audio unscrambled from Wo Fat and Dorris' encounter. Rather then the kinda lame cliffhanger of, "Who are THEY?!".