Hawaii Five-0

Season 1 Episode 16

E Malama

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

In the middle of the wood at a FBI safe house in Kahuku, a car pulls up. A man tells a woman named Julie the HPD police escort arrived. As he goes outside, he tells her to wait until he comes for her. She calls him Frank and thanks him, stating that she knows he has been away from his family to look after her. He explains that it is the job and Julie tells him she can't run anymore. He tells her after she testifies today, the running stops and she gets a fresh start. US Marshall Frank Moore goes outside and introduces himself to officers Tim Callahan and Joe Lee. Julie is watching from the window, as Frank tells the officers that the witness will ride with him in the unmarked car. Tim talks with Frank as Joe turns around heading back to the car. Frank sees he has holes in Joe's shirt and turns around, stating he is going to get the witness. Frank pulls out his gun, but the officer is too quick and shoots him. Julie sees Frank getting shot and hides in the bathroom, as the officers break into the house. She looks around for a weapon, finding a lighter and a can of hairspray. She takes position, as the men begin breaking down the door.

Chin has introduced Danny to Cocoa Puffs; Hawaiian delicacy from Liliah's and is amazed by the taste. His cell phone rings, he looks at the caller ID and sees it is Rachel, hitting the ignore button. Chin asks him about it and Danny mentions whoever invented cell phones probably had an ex-wife. Chin states that he thought they were doing better, but Danny points out that she's still married to someone else. He continues that they have figured out a good way to communicating, she ignores a call from him and he leaves a question, then he ignores a call from her and she leaves an answer. This way we don't argue in front of Grace.

Steve calls the team together, showing them a picture Julie and explaining that she is the key witness in a murder trial against a man named Aaron Brenner, who's the main distributor in a the Baja cartel. The prosecution doesn't have a case without Julie and the judge would have to release Brenner on bail at 5 P.M. today. They have been trying to lock up Brenner for ten years and Julie's testimony could do it. There has been no contact with the Marshall, the officers or Julie. They are being requested to find her and get her to the courthouse by 5. Danny ignores another call from Rachel.

Rachel is driving down the road and in the process of leaving a message for Danny; she tells him that he needs to pick Grace up at eight on Saturday, as she and Stan are going out. While leaving the message, two men jump in front of her car. She swerves off the road, coming to a stop and they run up & open the door. They point their guns at Rachel demanding she get out of the car, she yells for Grace having her climb over the seat. Rachel holds Grace as they get out of the car with one of the men pointing his gun at them and they get in her car and drive away. Rachel asks Grace if she is okay.

As the team is walking out of the office, Danny listens to Rachel's message. As he listens to the message, he hears the carjacking from the message. Steve notices Danny's change in expression, asking him what is wrong. As he finishes the message Rachel beeps in, Danny answers the call, asking her if they are okay. Rachel tells him that they are fine and at the HPD. Danny informs the team and Steve tells him to call if he needs anything then turn to Chin & Kono telling them, 'Let's go" as Danny heads to his own car.

The team and HPD pull up around the safe house. They find Frank's body outside and the door to the house is open. Steve goes in, followed by Kono and Chin. Steve notes there was no forced entry so the Marshall didn't think the assailants were a threat. Chin adds it's because they were wearing HPD uniforms. Steve tells Chin to check out the HPD car as he looks through the home. Steve finds the bathroom door in pieces all over the floor. He finds the hairspray and lighter and guesses she hurt one of the attackers. Kono finds her blood on the window, figuring Julie burned one attacker and jumped through a window. Kono states that she hopes Julie is alive, because she really wants to meet her. Steve notes she must have cut herself bad as he gets a call from Chin, telling him he needs to see what is in the trunk. They go outside finding the two real officers, dead, and stripped to their underwear in the trunk. Kono notes that Julie is alone out there and Chin adds that she is being hunted by professional assassins. Steve states that they need to find her before they do and make sure she gets to testify today.

Steve heads to his truck and pulls out a survival kit, including water, MRE's and a GPS satellite phone, everything they need to track the assassins in the terrain. Steve tells Kono to contact the US attorney to find out about this Baja Cartel and Chin tells other HPD officers to lock down the crime scene. Steve tells the HPD officers that if Julie comes back to get her to the courthouse and if the shooters come back, to put them down and make sure they stay down. Steve and Chin take off to begin tracking Julie on foot through the woods.

Danny rushes into HPD finding Rachael and Grace talking to a HPD officer and Grace runs into his arms. He asks Rachel if she's okay as an officer tells her they recovered the car and her purse with all the credit cards there. Danny asks if she was driving Stan's car and she tells him Stan's in Thailand on business. Danny asks to talk to Rachel and they step away. Rachel frets what if they had taken Grace and Danny tells her she protected her. She asks what is going on and Danny says armed carjacking is a ten-year sentence and you don't take that kind of risk to return the car an hour later. A 100,000 dollar Mercedes would be on a boat to China fast and they don't return the car leaving her purse with the cash and credit cards. He asks if anything remotely strange is going on with Stan, because he thinks someone is sending a message to Stan that they can get to Rachel and Grace. Rachel is adamant Stan isn't involved in anything illegal and wants to take Grace home. Danny tells her that he will drive them.

At the federal courthouse, Kono finds the prosecuting attorney, Karleen Roberts. Kono asks for a list of people who knew about the witness transfer and Roberts tells her it's just her and some DEA agents. She agrees to get Kono anything she needs. She asks how Kono knows Julie is still alive and she admits they don't, but she got out of the house and they will find her if she's out there. Roberts shows her gruesome pictures of the last three victims set to testify against the cartel. Kono asks how Julie got involved, and Roberts tells her Julie was an accountant at an import company in Honolulu, but didn't know it was a front for Brenner's drug operation. One night, a dockworker was loading crates discovers that they were really shipping cocaine. Brenner executed that man in cold blood and Julie witnessed the murder. He tried to kill her but she ran and has been running ever since. If she is not in the courtroom by 5pm, Brenner's a free man.

In the terrain, Steve and Chin are tracking the shooters. Steve is explaining that tracking them is about seeing what is out of context, adding the shooters are about an hour ahead of them. The shooters are walking through another part of the forest as Steve and Chin go down a small ridge and Steve finds a leaf that was just snapped off. He goes into an overhang of leaves and hears someone panting heavily. Steve announces that he will not fire a warning shot and Chin is providing cover. He realizes that the person is Julie, who is sitting on the ground bleeding, holding a big piece of glass. Steve tries to get her to walk towards him and tells her they are cops. Julie points out that the last two were cops too.

The shooters are walking through the forest, with one of them having a significant burn on his right cheek. Chin cleans up Julie's wounds, as she states that she still intends to testify. Steve tells her that Chin will get her to the courthouse, telling Chin not to use his gun, unless he has to. He tells Julie to take off her shoes and she hands them to him. He tells Chin to follow the ridgeline to Makai which will give them a better view. Julie asks why Steve isn't going with them. Steve tells her he is going to hunt the guys who tried to hurt her. After Steve leaves, Chin explains to Julie that some guys are just born without a fear gene.

Kono watches as Brenner is lead down the stairs, he stops at her and states that she must be his congenital visit. She confronts him about ordering the murder of two HPD officers and a US Marshall. Brenner states that she can't prove that he was involved and Kono points out the Julie can. She tells him she can't wait to see his face when Julie walks into the courtroom and testifies. Brenner states if she testifies. His lawyer tells her he's lodging a complaint against her for harassment and she slowly spells her name for him noting that some people have trouble with her name.

Danny pulls up to Rachel's house and sees the door is open. He calls 911, requesting cars at 4347 Summer street for a possible burglary. He tells Rachel to drive around until it's safe and tells Grace not to worry. Danny enters the house and finds furniture upturned and the general look of a searched house. However he finds most everything, such as jewelry and the TV and computers are still there. Outside, Danny tells Rachel it is like her car, nothing of value was taken but Stan's office was torn apart. Danny tells Rachel to take Grace to a hotel and Rachel tells him not to let Grace inside the house. Rachael objects to the hotel and Danny tells her that either Grace goes to a hotel with her or Grace is coming with him. Rachael gives in noting that Stan will be home in an hour. Danny tells her whatever is going on; Stan is in the middle of it. Rachel doesn't reply and walks away.

In the forest, Steve, now with mud all over his face, is making a pulley using a tree branch when he gets a call from Danny. Stave asks about Rachael and Grace and Danny responds that this took five years off his life. Danny asks Steve if he has the witness and Steve tells him not to worry about it, he should stay with his family. Danny tells him he is on the way to the airport to intercept Stan. Steve asks him what he's doing and Danny denies doing anything. As Steve struggles with his pulley, he tells Danny while he may have a face that gives away what he is thinking, Danny has a tone and it says he is going to hit somebody. Danny says he knows Stan has something to do with what happened to Rachel and Grace, and Steve asks if that's based on anything more than the fact that Danny hates Stan. Danny tells him about the carjacking and the burglary, stating he is going to encourage Stan to tell him what he knows. Steve states, "I know that your pissed", reminding him not to touch Stan. Danny points out he's father and Steve retorts he's also a cop with a gun and when those worlds collide it gets messy. Danny tells him he will handle it, pointing out that Steve needs to get his witness to the courthouse and hangs up.

Julie remarks that Chin must think she's awful for running to the mainland when the trial started. Chin states that he doesn't know her and she must have had her reasons. She tells him about her autistic sister, Lisa, who told her to go back so the bad man couldn't hurt anyone else. Chin tells her she is a brave woman and she says three people are dead, explaining that she needs to get back to the courthouse. The shooters split up and one of them finds one of Julie's shoes. He picks up the shoe and Steve's tree pulley sends a branch down, knocking him to the ground. Steve comes out and points his gun at him.

Chin tells Julie they are more than halfway there and she's doing great. Suddenly, shots are fired at them and Julie falls over the edge of the ridge. The shooter starts running towards them. Chin grabs her hand and pulls her back up, losing his gun over the cliff. She starts running with Chin right behind her and Chin reaches for his gun, which is no longer there. She keeps running and Chin stops and overturns rocks, snaps twigs and hides. The shooter comes and finds the rocks and goes in another direction. Chin comes up behind Julie and tells her they need to keep moving.

The shooter wakes up and sees Steve sharpening a knife. Steve explains that he wants to ask him as few questions. He asks how many of them were sent to Hawaii and the shooter tells him three of them. He tells them they came from San Jose & Costa Rica. Steve approaches him with a knife, stating he's not going to torture him. He is going to save his life, as he has a collapsed lung and it needs to be re-inflated. So Steve's going to cut a hole in his chest to do that. Steve hands him a piece of bark to chew on and instructs him not to make any noise.

At headquarters, Kono gets a call from Steve. She asks about Chin and he states that they split up. She tells him she hasn't found any information on the hit squad and he tells her caught one of the attackers, who is lying on the ground with his inflated lung glaring at Steve. Steve tells Kono some of the hit squad flew in from Costa Rica and that they were four of them. He explains that a normal hit squad includes a cleaner, explaining a cleaner is a shooter the other shooters don't know about in case they get captured, there is still one left to pull the trigger. He gives her the GPS coordinates and instructs her to dispatch EMS. Kono finds three passengers on a flight from Costa Rica to Honolulu the day before and they paid in cash. Kono pulls up the pictures and identifies the two shooters, but doesn't see who could be the cleaner. Steve tells her to run facial recognition and look for clues from the other shooters.

Stan is getting into a car at the airport when Danny stops him. He tells Stan that they need to talk and when Stan hesitates, Danny points out that he is not asking. Danny drives Stan home and tells him he knew having a daughter would brings up lots of things he'd have to deal with, like texting and an obscene clothing allowance. But he never thought carjacking would be one of them. Danny asks what trouble Stan is in and he denies being in trouble. Danny orders him to shut up and adds that normally he would just pull over and beat Stan up, but he's working on his anger and learning conflict resolution. He adds he can tell while Stan's trying to hide it, he is very scared. Danny reminds him that because of him, people put guns near Grace. Stan reluctantly tells him that he went to the housing commissioner for permits for his new property and every time he agreed to a number, this guy, Bruce Hoffman would jack it up to a higher one. Stan told Hoffman he would have him indicted and Danny states they are looking for the tapes. He asks Stan why he didn't just come to him for help and Stan looks at Danny, "Are you kidding?" Stan says things haven't been great with Rachel and him lately, adding that he loves her and Grace. Danny tells him Rachel and Grace are at the Hawaiian Hilton in room 713 and reminds Stan they took his car and broke into his house.

Danny finds the housing commissioner, Bruce Hoffman eating in a restaurant. He forcefully takes Hoffman into the kitchen and orders everybody else out. He explains that that he is a detective and the father of the carjacking victim. He tells him he has the tapes and asks what would happen if the tapes got out. Hoffman denies knowing anything and Danny slams him against a wall. Danny presses his badge into Hoffman's forehead, stating Williams threatening to expose him and kill him if he ever puts a gun in the same zip code as his daughter again. Danny asks him if he understands and Hoffman says yes. Danny backs off and calmly leaves the restaurant.

Chin and Julie find a small building in the forest and go inside. Chin tries starting a motorcycle, but it doesn't work. He siphons gas from a nearby tractor, putting into the motorcycle and tells Julie his phone went down the cliff with his gun. Julie tells him they have only an hour left and he assures her the bike will get them there. Chin sees a red truck pull up next to the shed outside. She tells Chin it is the other guy and he tells Julie to get down. He grabs a shovel and crouches behind the door. When the shooter opens the door, Chins whacks in the back with a shovel and then again as he goes down. Chin then takes his gun and shoots at the guy in the red truck, who is shooting at him. Chin tells Julie to get on the back of the bike as the guy in the truck approaches the shed. Chin bursts out of it with Julie on the bike and they ride off. The guy scrambles to get back in the truck to go after them. He continues to shoot at them while driving and Steve hears the commotion. Steve jumps out of the bushes and shoots the driver through the windshield while Chin and Julie ride back. Steve pulls the driver out of the truck and all three pile into the truck. Steve calls and tells they have got Julie and are coming to the courthouse by truck but there is one more assassin out there. They ask how they will know it is them and Steve states, they will know which truck.

Chin, Julie and Steve arrive at the courthouse in the broken down truck and rush Julie inside. Roberts tells Julie they have to go and Julie hugs Chin, thanking him. He tells her she has done running as she leaves with Roberts.

Kono is watching a tape of the assassins at the airport, when she sees an unknown brunette female. She zooms in and recognizes her as one of the lawyers. At the courthouse, the defense attorney tells Roberts that Brenner would like to plead guilty and get life in prison instead of the death penalty. Roberts explains to Julie that if they accept his deal, then Brenner dies in jail and they get ten more criminals in jail. Julie agrees as the attorneys heading into the conference room to discuss the deal. Kono is running to the courthouse and calling Steve about the cleaner. Steve and Chin run back into the courthouse. Kono arrives just in time to stop the shooter from killing Julie. They engage in a fight but Kono takes her down and throws her through a door. Steve and Chin run in and see her lying on the floor. Steve smiles as Chin tells Kono, "You know there might be a few other things I could teach you, but I think you got the whole ass-kicking thing down."

Danny pulls up at Rachel's house and Stan goes up to kiss Rachel while Danny hugs Grace. He tells Rachael that everything is alright stating it was a misunderstanding and was not Stan's fault. Stan thanks Danny and then Stan, Rachel and Grace go in the house. Rachel and Danny share a look as she closes the door and Danny leaves.

In the courthouse, Julie is called to testify. She raises her injured hand to testify while Brenner looks worried. Kono, Steve and Chin are standing in the back of the courtroom watching.