Hawaii Five-0

Season 1 Episode 16

E Malama

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on CBS

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  • 8.5 for Kono alone!

    I have been waiting all season for the Kono character to have some substance; some serious contribution to the over the top testosterone this series can have, and we finally got it last night. And not only that, it all came about after a fine piece of quite cerebral detective work. About time, I say, and well played "Kono"!

    Also nice to see Chin have something to do other than be supportive and back at the office computers. Two things he does well mind you, but nice to see him part of the action as well.

    Mariana Klaveno was a nice surprise as the not-so damsel-in-distress; Julie Adelman, federal witness. A far cry from the scheming vampire, Lorena on True Blood, but I guess that's a good range to have, career-wise.

    And Steve's little turn with his hand-made jungle swing was a hoot: did you see that guy fly? Awesome! Though is anyone else wondering how Steve got his face so clean on that truck ride from the jungle to the courthouse? Can you say, "continuity error"?

    But the next-to-Kono's take-down prize goes to Dano and his little intervention in the diner with the developer: brings a whole new meaning to 'Hell's Kitchen' and a small tear of joy to the eye, doesn't it? ;o} Though again, does anyone else notice how lame Dano makes 'Stan the (?) Man' look? Rachel must know she got second-best there...