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Alex O' Loughlin

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    cookiedoughluvr wrote:
    well Moonlight only got canceled after one season because of the writers strike, but the show actually got voted for best TV drama in 2008. i believe that Three Rivers was canceled after three seasons, which was no surprise. he does need to make better career choices, so hopefully he made the right one with this show! -thanks for the feedback

    Actually Three Rivers also lasted a season of 13 episodes.

    Moonlight's cancellation was very weird. Right before the writer's strike, the president of CBS said Moonlight was likely to be renewed. Then the strike hit, only 12 episodes had aired by then, then the strike ended, and 4 more episodes were announced for the first season. They aired, then right after they finished airing, the president of CBS annouced it was cancelled. Very strange.

    Could have been worse. Could have gone through what Whedon and Firefly did on FOX. Whedon writesa 2 hour pilot, FOX thinks it's too boring, and at the last minute asks for another pilot. Firefly airs and throughout its season is moved all over the schedule, pre-empted quite a lot for sports, and every episode is aired out of order, with three episodes never aired, before it's cancelled during Christmas break. FOX doesn't seem to know what quite to do with Sci-Fi shows it has, similar problems with Whedon's Dollhouse and The Sarah Connor Chronicles also only lasted two seasons. At least right now, they're still promoting Fringe.

    Oh look at that, I veered off onto ranting about FOX. Whoops.

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    i just love hem he is one from the best actiors

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    I'm glad yoiu brought up the Criminal Minds episode from season 4 with Alex. One of my favorite episodes, Vincent the OCD serial killer who called out for help. Really appealing performance. It isn't often they have a serial killer you feel sorry for! And he made it believable just as he did with the vampire in Moonlight. My personal feeling is that CBS has always been skewed toward older viewers and despite the fact that we [meaning me and my friends] started the sci fi boom in the 50s and 60s, the PTB at CBS and Fox don't get it. Sad. They could have been ahead of the vampire curve with Moonlight if they had given it a chance, considering how well True Blood and Vampire Diaries have done for their networks. You really appreciate how good an actor Alex is when he does a promo with cast members as he did after this Monday's show and his accent was his native Aussie. Didn't sound like Steve McGarrett at all.


    CRaivios wrote:
    I just saw part of the interview on Late Night with David Letterman with Scott Caan. Very funny. This was taped on Monday and he said he was heading back to Hawaii on Wednesday. I still wonder why CBS needed him to promo the show in NYC. I also caught Alex on Criminal Minds. He was a serial killer named Vincent from 2009 on episode 22 from season four named Big Wheel. Vincent had OCD behaviors that were just downright creepy. Alex was excellent.

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