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Getting fed up of the flag worship. Time to sack the writers.

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    [1]May 24, 2014
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    Well I have quite a few criticisms for this show, one for its pie in the sky nonsense, but mostly the flag worship. It has gotten OLD. So sick of the "Oh our great nation!" and "oh our great soldiers!" and all the propaganda the writers keep injecting.

    This is supposed to be a cop show FFS.

    If you producers read this forum please do me a favor: sack your writing staff, and get someone in that can put together a decent story.

    Other stuff is minor, like the complete fantasy world of technology they have; hacking encryption in 5 mins, a police department affording an MS surface table, finding someone based on an internal IP (I mean really wtf) when they have been long gone. Being allowed on a disaster site without any protective gear on, on crime scenes without any gear on etc etc.

    I know this is all for entertainment, but it is not supposed to be set in a fantasy world is it?

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