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    [1]Nov 9, 2011
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    Anyone else notice this show's very repetitive???

    1. Start with a surf scene

    2. Someone dies or is found murdered

    3. Light scene where Mcgarret and Dano bonds or tries to bond

    4. They get called in to murder scene by cell

    5. Fill-ins which ALWAYS includes a chase with a dumb crook (not the real culprit) where almost always McGarret jump tackles the guy or gal

    6. They talk to or interrogate a suspect who originally, they do not think is the culprit which in fact turns out to be the actual culprit

    7. More light banter between Dano and McGarret

    8. Last minute of the show, we finally get a little tid bit of what we really want to see--some part of the main plot of McGarret trying to find his father's killer. (most of the time)

    From now on, I'm going to fast forward all the way to the end.

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    [2]Dec 9, 2011
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    i think your missing the point of this type of show or any new cop show for that matter they always start with the same villian/crime ring of the week with a bit of backstory in between

    and also this is a remake/new version of an original show so it makes sence to have some similarity

    yes it maybe the same old different day but shows gotta start somewhere..

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    [3]Dec 19, 2011
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    To be honest you can say that about most shows.

    that's of course if they are many shows left of t.v. now days,

    as people like to see reality shows for those people if you want reality look out a window.

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    [4]Jan 3, 2012
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    to answer your statement

    1. of course the first scene is the beach, its Hawaii what else are they going to open with

    2. its cop/drama show if not about murder than its not a cop/drama show

    3.they are the two main characters/ cop's have partners

    4. they have to get a call to the murder scence, how else are they going to know about it - ESP

    5/6. they have to talk to people/ suspect, how else are they going to find out what happen.

    8. the show is about Steve's father murder its apart of the show


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    [5]Jan 4, 2012
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    I think perhaps the OP's point is that the writers are putting their creativity into the overall story arc about the history of Steve's family and Wo Fat, but are neglecting to devote much creativity to the daily life the team experiences on the way to solving that greater mystery. That's why the tidbits are the interesting part - there's mystery there, there are more questions than answers, and there are genuine plot twists that aren't expected.

    It's not an either/or. The writers could devote some effort to making the weekly case more varied, less formulaic, without taking away from Shelbourne. They just don't appear to be doing that.

    And yes, it's a police procedural drama. There's going to be some basic structure. But to keep a show interesting, you set the pattern at first until the audience knows what to expect - even looks forward to it - and then you start making changes before it becomes boring. It's time to make changes. Not casting changes necessarily - I think the Season 2 changes there have been 50/50 - but the audience should feel that police work is not just same-old-same-old.

    We have two actors from Lost, so let's compare. Did Lost have mystery? Check. Weekly plot twists? Like-a-snake-with-itchy-skin check. More questions than answers? Oh-so-definitely check. And variety in the short-term story as well as the overall? CHECK! That last is what Five-0 is missing right now.

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