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Season 4 renewal!!

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    Is everyone else as excited as I am that it's been officially announced that Five-0 will have a season 4 and during an interview Alex said he's signed on for 7 seasons (if they do that many which I hope to God they do!!)

    Best start to the long Easter weekend ever!

    What are you guys hoping for in season 4?

    Even though he's still mourning Malia I hope at some point in S4 Chin goes on a few casual dates with Leilani. I hope there's more Danno/Grace and Steve being cool uncle Steve If they don't cover it in the end of this season I'd love to see more Kono/Adam and figure out what his brother is up to!

    (On another note, I am sooooooo excited for 3.20 even though it's now a two-week wait because it has Steve as: a SEAL-in-training; a SEAL-in-action AND DRESS BLUES!!!! It's a tri-fecta. So happy about the dress blues lol!)

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