Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 9

Ha'awe Make Loa

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2012 on CBS

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  • Enjoyable

    nice having more than one crime in the show. Enjoyed the 'love' match...

    -- Enjoyed it.
  • 3x09 - No Models Were Harmed in the Making Of this Show

    I really enjoyed this episode. Not only were there two interesting mysteries. I was also deeply invested in hoping Max's crush made it through.

    I also enjoyed how the Victoria Secret models were showed to be elegant, thoughtful ladies who really wanted to know about Danny's daughter. I really like it when TV breaks cliches so I liked their portrayal, a lot.
  • Hawaii Five-0 Screech or Skid?

    I thought the episode was great, and Alex O'Loughlin is one of my favorite male actors. My only question would be, near the end when the rest of the team finds them in the jungle and the team screeches to a stop distracting the gunman and giving Steve time to disarm him, HOW do the tires SCREECH on the dirt / gravel? Wouldn't it be more of a skidding over gravel sound instead? Such a small detail to be sure but I found it funny.
  • Five-0 investigates two cases here: a very unorthodox bank robbery and a stalker apparently targeting Victoria's Secret models.

    Did I just watch an episode of "Hawaii Five-0" or an hour long Victoria's Secret infomercial? All television series have what are commonly known as "filler episodes" every now and then. This episode screams filler episode. I will give it a little credit for two things. The first being its clever take on the bank robbery story. I think that was a good idea. C. Thomas Howell wasn't too bad, but I think his performance here is a major step back from his appearances on "Criminal Minds". The second thing is the ladies of Victoria's Secret. You can't help but acknowledge how beautiful they are. They certainly made this episode just slightly more entertaining. Finally, what's the whole story about Max having a crush on a bank teller? That whole story just seemed like something thrown in at the last minute. I hope this does not mean we will see more of Rumer "I can't act so I will ride my parents' coattails" Willis. There is tremendous talent on this show. We don't need her to bring it down.
  • Hawaii Five 0 - Season 3.09

    I loved this episode, it wasn't the best one they've done but it was still very entertaining, I watched it twice in the space of a few hours. The bank robbery story was well done, a different take on how I thought that was going to end. Wasn't a fan of Rumer Willis but it was worth it just to see Max being so adorable! The other storyline of the VS models was good, I didn't mind it at all, I loved Danno and his reaction to the girls. I disagree with the reviews that this episode was an hour long commercial for Victoria's Secret, the episode largely focused on the bank plot and we barely saw Danno or the models, probably only 10 mins all up. All in all another great episode :)
  • How about this, then?

    Great show but tonights episode was just an hour long commercial for a lingerie parade. Pretty sad.