Hawaii Five-0

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2011 on CBS

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  • Great show

    Great show I just can't watch it on here.
  • A fab preview into season 2


    We were left hanging in season one finale over whether what will happen exactly to Steve in particular as well as Kono. I think this was a good opening although maybe a few of the plots were a little rushed to be completed although I'm kinda glad they left Kono as they did.

    The scene between Steve and Danny in the car was great and it gave us a little normalancy as to what else was going on in the show, plus I love that little scene where they finally meet up and Danny has his little rants, Ive missed them.

    I think maybe WoFat will come up more often now and hopefully by the end of this season they will have him but that little bit that Danny found at the end was very interesting to say the least. After all Steve has done for/because of his father to then learn he was working for the very man who has tried to have him killed/framed for murder.

    The ending was a big shock, I soooo did not see that coming. Will be great to watch when they find out. Bring on the next Ep I say.

  • When i first watched Hawaii Five 0 i didnt expect it to get this good i didnt even expect it to get a second season but it did and this season it got way better than before.


    This episode begins with Steve in prison and we watch a fight scene between Steve and his fathers killer and it was amazingbeginning the episode with action and suspense when i watched this episode i hoped it would never end because for me it was tv at its best. This episode only got better and better and never in a second was i bored while watching this episode. We also saw one of my favorite Lost characters which is Locke in this episode i hope they bring the rest of the Lost cast even if they appear in an episode because i miss that show and want to see the cast together one last time. From everything I've seen this season CBS is doing so great keep up the good work and please dont cancel this show it is the best drama show on this network and i normally dont like drama on CBS because of all the CSIs and NCIS. Sorry if iheart any fan of these shows. Cannot wait for more Hawaii Five 0.

  • A Terrific Season 2 Opener


    I haven't been a regular viewer of the show, in part because I'm of the age that grew up with the original version and have most of the DVDs. To me Jack Lord will always be McGarrett and it's hard to see the lovely Grace Park play a role that was originally played by a fat man!

    I probably saw 8-10 episodes last year and enjoyed them all, especially the season finale, which I thought was awesome. The cast in excellent.

    The season opener did a very nice job to bring closure to several, but not all, storylines which sets a nice foundation for the new season. The twist in the last scene was quite something. I did not see that coming and we'll have to see how it unfolds. There was also some more information revealed about Steve's dad which will also make for interesting viewing in future episodes. Very well done.

  • The second season begins with McGarrett in prison (but not for long) and Five-0 disbanded. All seems lost, until an old friend of McGarrett stops by to lend a hand.


    The season started off on a good note, but it could have been better. I did like the episode and it kept me hooked all the way to the end. The story of how McGarrett is eventually exhonerated worked in my opinion. The temporary addition of Terry O'Quinn as McGarrett's superior seems to be a good idea. O'Quinn seemed to fit right in. However there are some problems with the episode though I will admit they are minor. The way the story concerning Danny's ex-wife seemeda little too contrived. Also, I am not too sure about the twist ending. I hope the writers and producers are not trying to turn Hawaii Five-0 into 24 with the sudden plot twists.

  • shoot first, ask questions later... :O [spoilers ahead, obviously]


    Finally Five-0 ist back. And though I enjoy the constant Die Hard concept they've got going, I can't help but frown at the way they wrapped up all storylines so neatly.

    Anyway, let's start with a short recap:

    Season 2 starts where season 1 ended: with McGerrett in prison, Kono being investigated by IA, Danny out of a job and Chin working for HPD. After Steve is attacked by Hesse in prison (who tells him that Wo Fat wants to see him dead and says that he has to escape) he manages to escape from the ambulance and gets to the home of Dr. Bergman who stitches him up. The rest of the team assambles and in a team effort they find evidence that exonerates McGarrett from the governor's murder - his father had put up a camera in her office and though they cannot see the face of the actual shooter (Wo Fat), the video shows that Steve is tasered and lying on the ground when someone else kills her. Five-0 gets reinstated and everybody's happy. Well, except for Hesse who gets murdered in prison by Wo Fat himself. At the end there was a nice twist, seeing Jenna Kaye drive off in a car with Fat.

    About all those plot craters:

    Yeah, sad but true. They are just not holes anymore. Maybe more like black holes? Let's face it: even after finding the evidence that Steve didn't shoot the governor, he still broke into her office, took out her entire security detail, beat up some paramedics, escaped from an ambulance (and therefore became a fugitive), beat up a cop, and stole a cop car. Need more? Ok: Kono, while being investigated by IA, uses (illegally I presume?) facial recognition software, carries a gun(!) and then also shoots a guy(!!!). Not to mention that the whole cast should be arrasted for aiding and abetting. I don't mind a leap of faith every now and then, especially when it comes to action shows like Five-0, but for this episode the leap turned into somewhat of a broad jump. I still love the show so it gets a solid 7.5.

  • here we go....


    I guess i had a bad feeling about never see the show again.... since the rumors of being canceled, i just gave up on it.

    Anyways thanks for bringing the show back... i love watching the Hawaii views on my 65inch hdtv..!!

    oh yea the return, well uhm alot of shocking news, having mcgarret in jail and sent to be killed by the guy that killed his father sent by wofat... idont even remember seeing that white guy being captured.

    Anyways... i guess the most shockin was that they find a small video camera on the governors office... but now.. putting aside that this is a show... common how long did that video camera went thru??? i mean its been recording since way before his dad was killed! and it looked like just one of whose wireless cameras.. but the show prolly enhaced with 4TB of memory!!

    Anyways... it was a good return..

  • What a cast! This one had it all! If I was going to complain I'd say some of the major plot points were wrapped up too neatly. Terry O'Quinn needs a little more mystery, okay maybe not as much as he had on Lost, but a little more. Nice twist at the end.


    Most of the major plot points from season one get touched on or wrapped up in the first episode. Although Grace Park's character is left hanging at the end...you'd think the writer's almost wanted to wrap that up in 62 minutes. Honestly I could've used one more week of McGarrett on the run. Can you really wrap things up any faster. That was a little too easy. Like Data putting the Borg to sleep on Next Gen....or Sonny Crocket getting over a murderous So nny Burnett binge...a little too easy. But with all the star power it was really enjoyable. Masi Oaka had his best episode to date. O'Quinn was his usually magnetic self...but he could've used a tad bit more mystery. I liked the twist at the end. Nice scene between Danny and McGarrett in the car to set up more disgruntled Danny. Scott Caan really helps keep this show "real" other wise maybe the good guys are too good and the bad guys too bad. Thank you Scott for your wonderful delivery.