Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2013 on CBS

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  • Episodic voting!

    Ah, the epitome of democracy bundled with a great plot.

    Also, my family and I really missed Sang Min. Glad to see him back, even if only for a brief appearance. He's the best TV scumbag ever.
  • Unbelievable shoot out

    The episode was pretty good and then the writers BLOW it with this stupid shoot out with Dan O and Woefet. Danny has a 5.56mm SAW, Woefet has a bolt action rifle and a hand gun. Woefets only cover is a 4x4 ATV. Danny fires over a 100 rounds and cant hit Woefet. This was total BS. The writers need a combat consultant to make this seen believable. If I had been on the SAW, woefet is history. Danny needs to be suspended and required to qualify with this weapon prior to being reinstated to 5-0.
  • Kapu episode

    great episode
  • Wow, what an episode.

    I thought that this episode was great. The three alternate endings were pretty cool. To answer Dec1964 the boss did on the east coast and the chem tech on the east coast. I liked how they incorporated Sang Min in it. We haven't seen him since the first season.