Hawaii Five-0

Season 1 Episode 14

He Kane Hewa'ole

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • The first miss for this otherwise brilliant series.

    In general, the success of a program should be able to be traced back to the writing staff. There are very few exceptions to this rule when it comes to the world of prime time television drama. Hawaii Five O's shockingly wonderful new incarnation has benefited from some great scribes dragging the quill into touching and engaging action that has the fast paced and involved story development that modern audiences demand. Until now.

    "He Kane Hewa'ole" exhibits all the symptoms of whatever plague has killed many other similar offerings in recent memory. Although "Law & Order: SVU" is likely to be its next victim, this virus of confusing and unclear plot development, badly timed twists, and what appears to be a rather complacent attitude from the director's chair is starting to show up on "Five O"'s test results. I lament the forty-two minutes that I spent watching this series begin to go down in flames. Intentionally pushing hot buttons such as immigration and poverty for an added pop (complete with the obligatory young child thrown in the mix for good measure), the story begins with a severed head being found in the wreckage of a car manned by an illegal Chinese immigrant who wiped out while being chased by Honolulu's finest. When the tale of how this man ended up transporting a head in his car down the highway eventually unravels, it becomes (predictably), a story of betrayl and infidelity all for the love of money. It should not be this difficult for the writing staff of this program to produce an episode based on those tenets. It's what they do. Probably all they can do. I don't fault them for that because up until now they've done it wonderfully. But there can be little excuse for the intentional complication in the plot in order to allow for the immigration issue to be presented, nor for numerous instances of dubious character motivation, all leading up to an ending that says, "We said everything we wanted to about immigration, now watch this part."

    With an obvious cop-out ending, needlessly complicated story, and more of the eye-rollingly ubiquitous social dialogue that treats viewers as if they were Reagan-era schoolchildren with Archie Bunkers for dads, the end product this time just doesn't add up. Here's hoping the staff a "HF0" got it out of their system this time because with the way shows have been rising and falling recently they can't afford many more misses like this without certainly facing the axe, as young as they are. I would most definitely hate for that happen.