Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • review

    Saw this last night. I prefer the orginal! Giving it a - "1" rating because there is nothing lower to go down!
  • RoboSniper

    I enjoyed this episode, cool to see Peter Weller pretty much typecast with the robotics! (RoboCop) Danno was really hilarious this week, loved his conversation with the gun shop owner! - A character they should have in the show a little more often.
  • like it

    awesome nice update better than other one like the guns
  • A Clear Attack On The US Constitution

    The "Hookman" episode was nothing more that an attack on the Second Amendment of the Constitution. When Scott Caan entered the gun store a berated the innocent owner he (CBS) showed their complete disregard for our civil rights. CBS should be ashamed of themselves. My family and I will no longer watch any CBS programing. I have e-mailed everyone I know and asked them to boycott CBS also. So far everyone is on board with me. Who needs CBS anyway? We have Blockbuster, Net Flix, Red Box and many other choices for entertainment. When Bank of America decided to hit their customers with senseless fees they revolted. Perhaps this is the start of people telling Hollywood to leave our rights under the Constitution alone!

  • Five-0 hunts for a maimed ex-convict who is seeking revenge on the police officers responsible for his injuries and incarceration.

    "Hookman" was not the best episode I have ever seen, but it was entertaining to say the least. Peter Weller makes a very good villain as he did on "24". Though he was only on screen for a short time, it was good to see Masi Oka back on the show after a rather lengthy absence. The one problem I had with this episode is that it seemed to move a little too fast. It seemed the writers tried to squeze too much into this episode. However this is made up for to a certain degree by an exciting climactic shoot out sequence. In the end, I hope that remaking episodes from the original series does not become a habit. "Hawaii Five-0" should focus on its own ideas instead of recycling old ones.
  • Thank you for your cooperation!

    A recycled episode for a recycled series is a new one on me, but since I don't get paid, I'm the loser! Anyway, a sniper blames the cops for his missing arms even though he was robbing a bank and it was his explosives. So when he gets out of jail, he goes after the cops (and his kid). If you wanted to know, this was closely based on S6E1 of the original series. And finally the title of my review is based on the movie Robocop because Peter Weller's character Murphy had his arms and legs replaced by mechanical ones.