Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2013 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This episode is a remake of Hookman, the sixth-season premiere of the original Hawaii Five-O (first broadcast September 11, 1973). In tribute, the episode's title and guest stars are featured in the same yellow typeface as the original series. This also makes it the first episode of the new series to display the episode title, and the first episode to have a non-Hawaiian language title.

    • Goof: When McKinney shows up to meet Stoner to buy the gun, he starts out by asking him, "Are you a cop?". He then says that it's the law that Stoner must tell him if he asks if he is a cop. This is an age old myth in TV cop shows. There never has been any such law. If there was, it would be impossible for the police to ever do undercover work.

  • Quotes

    • Steve: What's your problem? You don't like guns? You got one on your hip.
      Danny: This is a necessity of the job, okay, but I do not love guns the way you love guns.
      Norm: If purchased legally and used responsibly, they're a civilian's best friend.
      Danny: I thought that was a dog.
      Norm: They're better than dogs. You get the physical protection, you don't have walk it, don't have to feed it.

    • Danny: You know the difference between cover and concealment? One hides you from bullets, the other hides you from sight. Here I have both.
      Steve: Yes, I know the difference between cover and concealment.
      Danny: You do? Because right now, you the Navy SEAL, you got neither.

    • Steve: Hey, McKinney, you come out or we're coming in.
      McKinney: The door's wide open, cop! (starts the shootig)
      Danny: What are you doing?
      Steve: What am I doing? I'm going to smoke him out.
      Danny: Okay, Steve, stop. Okay? SWAT is on their way, right now. Can we, please, please give them the professional courtesy that they deserve and let them do their job?
      Steve: You done?
      Danny: I'm done, why?
      Steve: Cover me.

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