Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 10

Huaka'I Kula

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2012 on CBS

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  • McGarrett and Danny's camping trip with Danny's daughter Grace goes awry. Elsewhere Kono and Adam welcome Adam's ex-convict brother to Hawaii

    Not a bad episode, but there have been better ones. The opening scene was a little cornball for me. Why McGarrett felt the need to teach Grace's scout troop how to throw knives and gut wild boar was very strange to me. Maybe teaching them more basic survival skills first would be better. However I did like seeing the scouts work together to make contact with the outside world by putting together a crude cel phone. I took Tom Arnold's performance with a grain of salt. I will admit he was a good choice for that part because I think he really is that nucking futs. Good casting call. I am at least interested in the storyline involving the brother of Kono's boyfriend. Entertaining to say the least, but there have been better episodes.
  • good show

    I never was one to enjoy camping out but this show was really good and showed girls learning how to survive.

    Unfortunately, they rec'd a shocking thing when the gunman took 1 girl & Steve and locked them all in a storage building. But they all got out and then the show centered on the police hunting for the gunman & more surprises came about.

    I did love it when the ER nurse outshined Danny in tracking & survival...

    -- Of course, the introduction of Adam's brother, just out of prison, and how it ended, so you know this will be continued.......... So we will see......

    Interesting because a show with Adam's brother does not come in the next show. Now I'll keep wondering when............... and what will
  • 3x10 - Danny Does a Spider Dance!

    I really liked this episode, not only was it interesting to have the setting change to the jungle but the inclusion of the little girl was a nice touch by showing a character's fear and how she gets through it.

    I adored the camp leader/ER nurse. I hope we get to see her again! She was hilarious, tough, knowledgeable and totally useful. When she teased Danny about the spider, I laughed and laughed. Can we get her as a recurring character? Oh, please. Please!

    There were just so many things I liked in this episode. That the little girls wanted to learn how to throw a knife, and pull a bullet out of a wound. That they didn't panic and contributed to escaping the supply shed and getting a cell phone working was so well done.

    The Kono storyline was also interesting. Although my DOOMED vibes about her relationship Adam have jumped up to 11.
  • When Danno got shot I was like waaaahht?

    awesome any episode which lets Danno have plenty of screen time is a good one for me, I find Grace cute and everything but am I the only one who thought Lucy acted her off the screen?? okay I know that's a tad bit mean love you really monkey :-)
  • What an episode!!!

    I loved it. I really did! The end with adams brother? WOW!!!! I was shocked! But hey... bad boys never change... true story...

    The only thing I would critices: Steve never get shot.. or at least not badly enough wounded to be really worried about him... ( is this sadism? ^^).

    All in all: great episode! But there are also better ones so only 9/10.
  • Wow, what an episode!

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    I thought that this episode was fabulous. When we saw Adam's brother at the end and he had Kono's gun,I actually thought the worst but when he put the gun down on the bedside table I got to thinking, 'Why would he do that?' Maybe we will learn something about what he did with Kono's gun in a later episode. I really hope we do.

    With that said I thought the little Aloha Girls along with Steve and Danny were really cute. I thought the litttle girl who did Lucy was really good. I am glad that Steve was with her. With that guy who did Ron, he did a great job at acting like he was in charge. I actually thought that Steve would at least get shot. My favorite part was the ending with Grace and Danny. That part was priceless. I loved this episode.

    I wonder why Chin wasn't in as much, maybe there is an episode that is centered around him. I hope so. This episode was really good. That is why I gave it a 10/10.