Hawaii Five-0

Season 2 Episode 16

I Helu Pu

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2012 on CBS

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  • Good-bye new girl

    Trust me, I'm a huge fan of girls kicking butt and being bada$$es. But Lori sucked. Nothing about her was charismatic or outstanding. The fact that she had that same "mean" look on her face when she was supposed to be kicking butt reinforces that she had to try too hard. She just couldn't pull that off. And don't get me started on how she ran. Are you kidding me? My 20-month-old runs with more athletic form than that. Do they really let someone who runs like that in Homeland Security or a prestigious and elite crime-fighting team like Five-0? Maybe if they want the bad guys to stop in their tracks laughing at her awkward and labored form. Enough with her. See ya! I'm all for adding characters to the team, but for the love of all things kicking butt, at least make the addition a believable bada$$!
  • Hooray!!! They finally got rid of Lori :D

    I read some of the reviews and it's funny how different people's opinions are haha

    well as for me, i almost stopped watching the show because of her.

    i thought she just didn't fit in and all the stories involving her felt so awkward and forced. (for example, the one where she sprains her ankle all so awkwardly while racing Steve and then is carried down the mountain. I had no idea what that scene was supposed to do!!)

    I really missed Katherine! I didn't realize how awesome she was till she was gone and sort of replaced by Lori :(

    Steve and Katherine. that's what I call chemistry!

    well the gang is finally back! and that just means more awesome Five O time for me :D

  • So long, good bye!

    I liked this episode, the flashbacks and the way the story was pieced together. AO'L looks a bit lead and has done in the past couple of episodes, Chin and Danny were fantastic and Kono was back to her usual self. As for Lori, she won't be missed, and Im glad that Catherine was bought back.
  • Awesome episode, big mistake getting rid of Lori, hoping it's just a storyline

    Top episode, reminded me why I watch the show and hardly watch any English shows anymore, up until the point they got rid of Lori, I don'thttp://www.tv.com/shows/hawaii-five-o-2010/i-helu-pu-2261541/#reviews see why they built her up and made it obvious she had feelings for Steve, then got rid of her. I am a fan of Michelle Borth, but given the choice give me Lauren German anyday !, hopefully she'll be back and so Steve can make the right choice !
  • bring back "lori weston"!

    why "lori weston" need to be punished??????? bring her back. like "JJ" & "prentiss" brought back into the shows in "criminal minds"!!

    they should terminate the catherine character and move on with weston!!
  • Music form the end of this episode.

    I want to ask you guys is anyone knows the title of the song from the end of an episode ? It starts when the governer helps get out Chin from the Russian embassie.

    Buy the way the episode was very, very good. The only thing that wasnt right in my opinnion is about Lories removal. I really started to like her.
  • Why!!!???

    Why do they have to remove Lori? I started watching H5O because of her....I don't like Catherine....bring Lori back!!!! If not, well, they just lost a household of tv viewers.....
  • Good Episode

    The story of the episode was really good and it was something new. In the beginning I got really excited about the episode but the ending left me a bit underwhelmed. The fact that they got away with invading Russia and then just got left off was a bit weird. It would of been cool if 5-0 had been broken up or like punished because that would be a really interesting story arc for future episodes; but overall Hawaii 5-0 is one of the only shows that's good every week.

    I wasn't really bothered with Lori leaving but we never get to see Catherine so I was puzzled about her returning.
  • Finally

    I enjoyed this episode a lot. I was glad to see Lori go she never quite fit into the group and just felt like she weighed the show down. I was annoyed about the whole "My feelings for you" part. It made me roll my eyes so hard I was afraid they would stick that way. There has never been any kind of romantic chemistry between Steve and Lori, ever. It has always felt forced when TPTB tried to write it in. I will not miss it. Now on the opposite side of the scale I enjoyed seeing Catherine again and the little scene with she and Steve at the end. They do have romantic chemistry and it made the scene enjoyable.

    I liked the rest of the story too, I felt it was one of the better put together episodes of the season. A lot of them have felt rushed or poorly plotted so this was nice. I liked that Chin got a bigger part as he has been lacking this season. Danny too, but at least he got a big episode last week.

    Anyways, I'm done now. All in all a good episode. Keep it up H5O!
  • Loved it!

    Loved this episode! It was great to see Steve down for the count, at least for a little while, it's not often we see him get knocked down then jump straight back up again. The story line was good and you could so tell the guys were not going to be discrete lol!

    I'm glad Lori was the one that got fired, you could see it coming as obviously none of the main 4 were going to be axed so she was the next obvious choice. I will be sad to see her go as Lauren German did a fantastic job but I never really liked the introduction of a new member of the team. It threw off the team dynamics: Steve & Danny and Chin & Kono, no room for a 5th wheel.

    It was great seeing Cath again, it just proves a reminder that Steve does have a love life and mmmm mmmm loved him in the camo uniform at the end!

    Overall I thought this episode was great and I can't wait for the next one!!!
  • Bring back Lauren German!

    The episode was going great (besides the fact that Catherine was hanging all over Steve at the charity events like clingy drapes.) The action was intense and everything was awesome. I was about to freak out when Lori ran to a car-sticken Steve on the road and then as she stood by him at the hospital. When she told him about her feelings for him, I thought, "This is it! They finally get to be together!" Then i realized she was actually leaving and I was heartbroken and then very disgusted when Steve visited Catherine at her hotel.

    I am so upset that the writers seem to have written off Lauren German. I really liked her character and thought she was the perfect love interest for McGarrett. I don't like Catherine as his love interest. She is too distant (literally and figuratively) for us viewers to like or get attached to. Lauren German made this show much better and I hope the writers will give her a second chance. By the way I'm a girl, and I'm definitely straight, so I'm not biased to like German because of her looks. I just genuinely liked her character and thought she was great for the show.
  • Who is getting fired?

    I hope that Lori is the one getting the boot, I don't think I will ever be able to warm to the interloper. Lauren German is a great actress but Lori just isn't a likeable character.