Hawaii Five-0

Season 2 Episode 7

Ka Iwi Kapu

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on CBS

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  • Good halloween episode.

    First time I've really wanted to write a review for this show because it's been quite good so far. But this episode slightly annoyed me. I respect others religious views, but I expect them to respect mine (or lack of). And I felt Danny was getting treated quite badly for not being religious. And it was a crime scene, yes he could've been respectful but evil spirits didn't damage his car, a pissed off person threw a rock at a cop car! So what if this priest showed up and said the spirits said no? What would they just walk away, oh screw those victims the spirits said no...

    Like, he's a detective, it's his job to investigate and people don't really get a right to interfere with that, no matter the beliefs. It's nice to wait yes, but he still has right of way and his car was vandalised for doing his job and that should not be laughed at by Steve. It's an expensive car i"m sure that's serious damage costs. Rant over guys.

    I was glad the second time his car got hit though that they actually (mostly) took it seriously and went after the homeless man. If I threw a boulder at someone's expensive car and said "oh he pissed off my god", I'd get bloody fined and who knows what else not just "haha ok, he deserved it I guess". Other rant over ha.

    But overall I disliked the amount they put into the ghosts and the kind of shoving religion down Danny's throat. Like everything was explained away until that last thing with the the old lady being dead and yeaah... I'm telling myself the land lady is just getting back at him for trying to get a nice apartment cheap but yeah still..

    Did love Max dressed up as Morpheus? from the Matrix ha. I'm glad he's in the show more often now.

    Loving the chemistry between Steve and Lori.

    Good episode overall, liked the story, liked the twist.
  • Grimm should take notes: This is how you do a scary procedural. Hawaii Five-0's Halloween episode brought the horror and the mystery.


    Having just caught up with the Grimm pilot before catching up with this episode of Hawaii Five-0, I couldn't help but compare the two. And Hawaii is definitely the winner.

    Just compare the two opening scenes, for example. In Grimm, the jogger is running, she gets pushed off camera, she screams. That's it. There is no build up, no suspense, no tension--for example, like the foreshadowing of someone stalking her. And there is no climax. You don't see the attack, you don't even see a splatter of blood or anything, just an off-camera scream. It's over in a split second.

    In Hawaii Five-0, the atmosphere is much scarier. They're at a sacred burial ground at night, they're looking for legendary ghost warriors, there is rustling in the bushes, the girl is scared, the boy keeps filming in night vision, the girl finds something--and she screams, and keeps screaming, and the boy tries to get to her, then he's screaming too, then the camera goes wild.

    Also the procedural aspect was much better on Hawaii Five-0. There was so much mystery right until the end. They chased clues like a dead man's fingerprints on the girl's glasses, they interviewed witnesses like the crazy girlfriend, they went after suspects like the homeless man at the burial site. I never knew where it was going until they peeled back the layers of mystery to reveal an unexpected ending: a black market cadaver parts ring was using the burial site to dump the bodies. The mystery was intricate and unpredictable.

    Whereas with Grimm, the mystery was simplistic and predictable. To be fair, I know it was the pilot and they had a lot of setting up to do. Nonetheless, Nick catches the bad guy thanks to Eddie more than any detective work, and the ending was completely predictable. It wasn't even holding my attention by that point.

    In Hawaii Five-0, I also enjoyed the bits of humour and character stories, like Danny trying to turn a crime scene into his new apartment, or dissing the spirits and paying for it. Also, I'm liking the new character--I think her name is Laurie Weston; I'm getting there--a little more. Though I still don't like that she seems to be displacing Kono to some extent.