Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • hahaha I like this show beacuse

    IT IS FANTASY!!!! So many reviewers are complaining about no realism well guess what folks NOTHING on TV is real!!!! (If you don't believe me, watch the news!!) This is entertainment!!! The show sort of takes all the things we'd like to do to bad guys and does it lol Since I am not serious about actors or their abilities I can't comment, however I love watching these people act like a normal family with ups and downs and squabbles but ultimately there for their friends!! Sadly it is fantasy since we could use a whole lot more of this in real life!!! This particular episode isn't the best one I've seen but it wasn't bad and kept me watching ;)
  • Talk about getting feminist and stupid...

    Between superspy, marie-sue mom, a navy inteligence LT that wouldn't normally even carry a weapon (much less know martial arts) and 110-pound Kono beating an ex-Special Forces guy in combat after falling from a 35 mph vehicle...

    This show is getting ridiculously stupid and I loved the first two seasons (god, I miss Lori).

    It is like some bitches complained about having a Navy SEAL with no apparent love interest and made it customary to have a slut as one. Let's not even get into the plots themselves. If I see one more suspect start a foot chase because Five-0 are stupid enough to not change their approaches by making them less obvious...

    In short, get rid of Catherine: she was nothing more than a booty call (that goes bothways) and she adds nothing to the plot. The mom? Useless. I can see a plot in which she and Wo Fat slept together and Steve happens to be the son of Wo Fat as a result of infidelity. It will also explain why the mom let Wo Fat go. Seeing her mom reeks of whore, that might be the case. As I have said, plot recycling is killing this show and this last example is one of them (X-Files, anyone?).

    The kid? I would have gotten a belt and whipped the character good so he would stay still. He was worse than the episode himself. Can we go back to Steve, Danno, Chin and Kono with the occasional Grace, Rachel, Cath, etc? That formula was golden and adding all of these tramp characters is making this show suck.
  • Good actor

    I don't normally watch much tv, but I caught this episode of Hawaii five-0 and enjoyed it. I remember seeing a movie at the theater named Least Among Saints, in which the young man, Tristan Leabu starred. He was wonderful and from what I understand, he was nominated for a best actor award by Chambie. Seeing him on tv was a nice surprise and I truly enjoyed his performance.
  • Tristan who played Ethan was INCREDIBLE!!! Tristan Lake Leabu will be a Famous Actor Soon!!!

    Loved!!! The Best episode Ever!!! Ethan should be a main character on the show!!! and Anyone who can say a bad word about a VERY Successful child actor is just Jealous!!! The Whole cast and crew are INCREDIBLE!!!!! Best Show and Best Episode!!!
  • Least Favorite Episode!!!

    Couldn't even watch the whole thing. Ethan's acting on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 3 at best. His character was just plain annoying, and his acting left much to be desired. Did enjoy seeing George Takei though. He looked great.
  • McGarrett and Catherine cross paths with a young boy who's father has gone missing.

    There have been better episodes of this series. That does not mean that "Kahu" was a bad episode however. It is very mediocre, I agree with Watchdog 100%. I did not like the character of Ethan at all. The character was loaded with cliche and contrivances. Also, the actor who played Ethan, Tristan Lake Leabu, was pretty bad. He needs to find a new job. The cameo by George Takei was a highlight but also seemed contrived and totally unnecessary. Also, what exactly is the reason the the whole story of Kamekona buying a helicopter was included here? It seemed to me like the writers needed to fill up some time and threw that in. Considering the fact that he can't fly the thing and is nowhere near getting a license, won't that helicopter just bankrupt him? One positive thing to say about this episode is Michelle Borth. She had a chance to shine here and she did with a terrific climax in her fight with the villain (Though I am interested in knowing why she was not armed at the . Nobody is perfect. The same can be said for "Kahu".
  • Kahu introduced a future child star

    I think that was the purpose behind the episode. The kid was in almost every scene and it was written to display his full range of emotional states. It was a good episode and he was an attractive kid, but I'm betting that level of exposure happened for a reason: He or his future career is important to somebody connected with that show. NOBODY gets that level of exposure right out of the box on network TV without serious juice, and I DON'T mean the kind he tricked Michelle Borth into getting him out of the machine where he pulled the fire alarm!

    But I don't agree with those who didn't like him. I think he has potential. After all, if Keanu Reeves, who I believe is from Alaska, no? can make it, so can this kid. He's attractive, can follow a script, improvise around it (I don't think that puddle he side-stepped outside the truck at the grocery store was scripted!), find the camera and his marks. I think we are going to see more of him, for a lot of reasons, not least because he has powerful people behind him.
  • worth watching

    crime with a lot of personal reflections, getting to know the kid, etc. Funny in various places - Very entertaining. Good to watch.
  • Nice Episode, bad child actor

    I liked the episode including George Takei. Missing person, dead bodys all around and the obligatory hostage situation are classic themes,

    but the child seeking adult theme is really worn out, and I just hated the kid.

    And Catherine was great, at last she got some screentime.

    Did I mention I hated the child?
  • Lots of ties in in this episode.

    Did anyone notice anything unusual during the helicopter sale? Like TC's helicopter from Magnum PI in the background ;-)
  • Just okay

    The episode was okay. Nothing really great about it. I think George takei's guest appearance could have been better utilized though it was good seeing him on the show. I have to say that the show was depicting cops using reall excessive use of force. One perp gets his nose ring pulled out and another winds down the stairs to his death.

    there was so much use of excessive force in that episode. I almost feel like this