Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • Kahu introduced a future child star

    I think that was the purpose behind the episode. The kid was in almost every scene and it was written to display his full range of emotional states. It was a good episode and he was an attractive kid, but I'm betting that level of exposure happened for a reason: He or his future career is important to somebody connected with that show. NOBODY gets that level of exposure right out of the box on network TV without serious juice, and I DON'T mean the kind he tricked Michelle Borth into getting him out of the machine where he pulled the fire alarm!

    But I don't agree with those who didn't like him. I think he has potential. After all, if Keanu Reeves, who I believe is from Alaska, no? can make it, so can this kid. He's attractive, can follow a script, improvise around it (I don't think that puddle he side-stepped outside the truck at the grocery store was scripted!), find the camera and his marks. I think we are going to see more of him, for a lot of reasons, not least because he has powerful people behind him.